My Urgent Summer Wishlist

I feel like I’ve been stuck in time for the last few weeks while I’ve waited for Baby M to arrive. It’s been so hot in the UK that I’ve hardly left the house and have has zero energy. So that means my online wish lists are bursting at the seams. The problem is that I haven’t had the energy to implement what needs to be done before buying what’s on my wishlist! For example, tidying up the garden! It’s been way to hot and I’ve been far too pregnant. But now Baby M is here, I’m going to crack on with my wish list purchases and slowly but surely get my life sorted. We moved into this house in March and it really needs finishing off now. These are my urgent wish list must-haves for summer – including a little treat or two for myself. Because I’m totally worth it!

My Urgent Summer Wishlist

First up are these absolutely gorgeous Monokel acetate sunglasses from Reiss. I absolutely love the design and the colours are scrumptious. The round shape is super stylish and I honestly can’t decide on which colour I prefer. I’m leaning towards the champagne but the pink is just as pretty and the green is a definite style statement. These are a simple way to jazz up any outfit.

Because I’m now a mummy of 2, organising is at the top of my agenda. This bookcase is on my list and I’ve found one on eBay that has some storage boxes attached to the bottom too. This needs to be my next purchase because the front room looks like a burgled toyshop.

The same goes for the Little Tikes Trike. Our 19 month old really needs something like this. It’s the perfect option for him as he isn’t a fan of his buggy for too long and if left to his own devices he literally runs for miles. So this will hip tire him out but if he gets too tired we can push him along. Perfect!

Next up is the house stuff. We are in desperate need of a new dining room table and chairs set. The one we have at the moment is wobbly and a mitch match. We just haven’t got around to buying one yet. They’re not cheap but more to the point most of them need assembling which we just don’t have the time to do. But this set is definitely on my list but I can feel it being pushed further down each day. Help!

The same goes for the garden furniture. It isn’t old and is actually quite nice but the chairs just aren’t sturdy. I don’t feel safe sitting on them so I can’t enjoy our new garden yet. I’ve found this gorgeous hanging garden chair. Isn’t it a dream? A little pricey for just one chair but I’m totally here for this.

Last but not least is really simple nail and cuticle oil. When I had my son I had to remove my gel nails along will my nail polish. I haven’t had time for nay pamper sessions since and my nails are suffering. So I need to spend a little time and TLC making my fingers feel pretty again. Starting with this!

Those are my summer wish list items currently pending in my baskets. What about you? Have you got something you need or want urgently?