Never Forget The Importance Of Making Time For Yourself

In today’s modern, fast paced society, it can often seem as though ‘time to ourselves’ was simply a thing of the past. If we’re not working, we’re doing housework, if we’re not doing housework we’re looking after the kids… sometimes it really can feel like an endless cycle. But although we might pass it off as if we don’t mind, time for ourselves is actually really important. We are so much more than just employees, mothers and wives/girlfriends – everyone deserves to have a bit of time to chill out! But what do you do when you feel as though time is against you? Read on and find out just a few ways you can make spending time with yourself a more regular occurrence.

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Get all your shopping out the way

If there’s one thing we spend more time doing than any other thing, it will be shopping. Whenever we need something new – be it clothes, gadgets or things for the house – we tend to spend ages shopping around for very precise items. If we are shopping in person, this can meaning spending an entire day trailing around various malls in an effort to find all the things we need. One of the best ways to free up time for yourself is to get all your shopping done in one place, and preferably online. It doesn’t need to be expensive either – look out for vouchers on sites like  where you can find regular discounts.

Make a date with yourself

Notice how you write everything you need to do for the week in your diary? Well, start writing time for yourself in there too! If you schedule it into your weekly routine, you will feel more obliged to follow through with it – even if it is something as small as watching your favorite TV show for an hour once the kids are in bed. Another way to utilize this mentality of ‘if it’s planned, I have to do it’ is to make plans with a friend a few weeks in advance. That way, you can deal with the everyday happenings of life around the event, and change them if you need to. Having a friend you’ve planned something with will also hold you accountable, too. But whatever you do, don’t cancel the event itself – commit to it and you’ll end up being glad that you did so.

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Join a group

Time for yourself doesn’t just have to mean time at home, or time spent pampering yourself. Pursuing your interests is still something you should take time out to do – just because you are a mum or because you have a full time job doesn’t mean you need to lose your identity. Scour the internet for some local groups you might be interested in joining, whether it is a walking group, a book club or even a sporting team. You are just as entitled as the rest of your family to some time out, and getting active is a great way to burn off some steam.