My Home Office Wishlist & A Little Safety Chat

I’m currently on maternity leave after working in an office for almost 7 years and it’s nice to be away from a desk for a bit. I’m still attached to my laptop and phone (tell me a blogger who isn’t) but it’s nice to do it in comfort. Don’t get me wrong; looking after a baby full time is almost harder than my normal office job so it’s not a walk in the park. But there’s a lot to be said for being in your own environment and it makes you think about the hidden dangers of working in an office a bit more. Especially when you ask yourself how you managed to sit for 9 hours in a badly air-conditioned room, little sunlight with the plugs over loaded!

This interactive graphic about hidden dangers of working in an office made me laugh a little as it reminded me of all the annoying things that happen at work over time and how they’re actually pretty dangerous. (When people spill water over the kitchen when they’re making tea is the WORST!). While I was thinking about work I’ve decided I need to create my own little office space at home. Something as safe as possible because Baby C is on the verge of crawling and I can spot the dangers a mile off already!

In my true style, I’ve done some window-shopping and these are some of the bits in my wish list for when I finally get my home / office space together.

Obviously a desk place has to be pretty and would you even be a blogger if a touch of rose gold, leaf print and a succulent weren’t hanging around your desk somewhere? Talking about the safety of the place too, I need a desk with curved edges so that it would cause less damage if Baby C were to full against the table. Plus, the surge protection extension lead is a real gem with an at home office and this one has two USB cables which is a winner. I’m actually going to buy this right now! We have so many plugs we need to make sure it’s all secure for when Baby C gets moving. Makes me wonder how work manage it with an office of over 1200 people!

What do you do to keep your office space? Especially if you work at home with a baby around. Give me your hints and tips on problems and solutions!