Hybrid Stroller by Babystyle – What is it & is it easy to assemble?

Honestly, the world of buggies is a confusing one at the best of times. As a new mum, I was all over the place when it came to choosing one for Baby C. I felt like I was in a whirlwind every time I tried to do some research. There are SO many buggies and strollers to choose from. It really is an investment too (some buggies are easily a mortgage payment!) so I felt under a lot of pressure. Our first buggy was… OK. It looked nice and was smooth. But it left a bit to be desired. Once you get going with a buggy (or anything to be honest) you realise what it is you DO need, and obviously what the buggy hasn’t got. Well, we changed tack and are thrilled to be trying out this Hybrid Stroller by BabyStyle.

At first I was relieved we might have a buggy that filled more of our criteria (now we actually know what we want and need from a buggy!) but then the dread came in. The thought of having to set up a whole new travel system wasn’t appealing. I can’t lie, I HATE assembling anything. I’m good at it (yes I can float my own boat) but I just hate doing it. I know that most new mums don’t have time to shower let alone set up a new Hybrid stroller!

New delivery of the hybrid Stroller by Babystyle - pretty Big Butterflies

When the Hybrid stroller from Babystyle arrived it came in 3 large boxes. I was so excited! They weren’t heavy but they were pretty big. We left it in the hallway for a couple of days and I was planning to put a side a Sunday afternoon to assemble it. I assumed it was going to take a good few hours to put it together. Mr. C isn’t the best at assembling things. He has great attention to detail, but I’ve never fully trusted his man sense to put intricate things like this together!

Anyway, I went out for a couple of hours for lunch with a friend and when I came back…. ta da! The Hybrid was set up and ready to go in our front room! I genuinely couldn’t believe it. He had not only managed to do it by himself without me nagging him about bits and screws, but he did it in SUPER speedy time. What does this mean? It means I underestimated my future husbands skills, but it also means the Hybrid is exceptionally easy to put up. He said he did it in less that an hour, and that was with him having Baby C too. So in terms of setting up, have no fear!

Hybrid Stroller by Babystyle - What is it & is it easy to assemble?

I was a little confused at first as to what the Hybrid Stroller actually was. Being new to this whole mummy thing is confusing at the best of times. So let me break it down for you in baby brain terms! The Hybrid Stroller basically has one chassis (frame) and you can convert it into 3 different types of stroller depending on your needs.

Hybrid Edge

We are currently using the Hybrid Edge that has larger back wheels and smaller front wheels. It’s perfect for all different terrains and is a super stable buggy. In my opinion this is the basic function of all good buggies. So unless another buggy has some fancy technical super turbo button somewhere, all buggies are basically an edge.  I’ll tell you more about how we’ve used in in our next review. It can be turned into a tandem or city stroller with a simple change of the rear axis.

Hybrid City

The same look and design of the edge, but with smaller back wheels. The back wheels are super narrow so can weave in and out of city streets and small spaces. This is great if you go out and about a lot for lunches, shopping etc. as it maneuvers easier and quicker than the edge. But remember, it isn’t a brand new stroller; it’s just a change of the rear axis! So you can swap and change accordingly.

Hybrid Tandem

Once again, either the Edge or the City (depending which rear axis you’ve been using) can easily convert into a tandem. AKA – double buggy. This can be easily converted by adding the tandem axle and of course, a new seat or carrycot. Personally, this blows my mind and is SUCH a good idea! If you have plans or even just inkling that you might have another baby in the next couple of years, THIS is the big selling point for me.

The Hybrid Edge Buggy - Review - pretty Big Butterflies

Imagine how much money this will save if we have another baby? The tandem axle is currently £50. Which is a drop in the ocean compared to buying a brand new buggy! We already have the carrycot, so that will do for a while if we do have another one and then we just need to purchase another seat. Although, the multi car seat adapters are also great, so you could use your car seat if you only made short trips in the buggy. I haven’t personally seen a buggy that can convert into a double before. I know on my researching and checking out all the different strollers available, nothing like this was ever mentioned to me. If it were, it would have gone straight to the top of the list.

The Hybrid Stroller by BabyStyle - Pretty Big Butterflies

That’s why the Hybrid is amazing and unique. It allows you to choose what buggy style works for you and grows with your family, literally! For the price (which I would say is mid range) I think it’s a total bargain. This would have been our first choice if it was available and if we knew about it.

So far so good, easy to assemble, looks good and converts to the type of buggy we need now (or in the future) So far we’re winning. Watch out for the next post where I’ll talk about actually using the Hybrid and if it lives up to its expectations.

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