Design Tips for a Country French Bedroom

Introducing a specific theme to your bedroom is a great way to add character to your home and enhance your interiors. Your bedroom is a place where you should be able to wind down and relax, feeling at home and comfortable, so it’s important to design it in a way that reflects your personal style and tastes. Country French décor is a very delicate, tasteful décor style and really lifts the atmosphere within the room. There are key features within this décor design that make it as beautiful as it is, and following those will help you to achieve the exact style you’re aiming for.

Country French Décor

For many years, Country French décor has taken the interior world by storm. The delicate detailing, stunning colour scheme and bold materials make this décor style perfect for bedroom interiors. You often find that there is a little more room for change when it comes to the bedroom interiors, as you may stick to a neutral scheme throughout the rest of the house, but your bedroom can be a little more based around your personal style and tastes. Country French décor reflects centuries of different tastes and design styles, to create a stylish overall look that adds luxury and charm to your home.

Colour Schemes

The colour schemes used for Country French interiors are based around neutral palettes. You often find that the colour schemes combine yellow shades, with brighter touches of blue and grey. These colour combos create a bold finish that add character and style to the room, enhancing the French style and giving it a country edge. The colour scheme is very unique to this décor style, so it works really well when adding it to a certain room within the home. You do often find additional touches of browns, beiges and golds added into the finer details within this décor style, which is perfect for bringing more drama to the décor and bringing it to life.

Bold Beds

When you walk into a Country French styled bedroom, you will instantly notice a beautifully bold bed positioned in the centre of the room. The bed is a feature that draws the décor style together and adds the luxurious touch that it desires. Country French style beds are often designed with a head and foot board, and often even a draped addition to the headboard for added character. These extravagant features make the décor style burst with authenticity and character, which is perfect when you want to go all out with the décor style. You often find that the bold bed with it’s beautiful detailing is then complimented by light oak furniture to continue the delicate theme of the Country French style, without taking any of the attention away from the main feature that stands proud in the middle.

Authentic Accessories & Details

There is no denying that the details used within Country French interiors are bold and beautiful. The fine details make the furniture pieces stand out from the rest and bring a sense of culture to the room. Keeping the décor authentic is really important, as the Country French style is one that has been used for decades and enhances the traditional French style that has been used by royalty throughout the years. Features such as chandeliers, pillow shams and frilly edges are traditional Country French interior details, so incorporating these into your décor will really enhance the overall style.