Baby Proofing with Milton

We’re not at the stage yet where we need to baby proof the rooms as such because Cameo knows what he should and shouldn’t be doing (It’s going to be hilarious when Marlo is is crawling, we’ll literally just have bare rooms I’m telling you!) Something I didn’t think that much about was cleaning…. I know… why would you when you have a new baby right!? So when Cameo was born I was adamant that everyone had to wash their hands or use antibacterial gel when they held him. (A second baby in and I’m a little more lenient but not much… I know its good for them to build up their immune system blah blah blah). But do you know how strong those hand gels are! seriously, they could knock me out let alone my sons.

Then there are the moments when Marlo spits his dummy out. So I’ve seen people pick it up, pop it in their own mouth. I used to look down on those people, and then I had Cameo and realised how hard it is to keep a dummy off the floor. Then there’s the cleaning their changing area whenever they decide to wee over themselves during change time. I just thought I’d use normal wipes or sprays until I saw the ingredients. Maybe… MAYBE you might think I’m overreacting. But better safe than sorry I’ve found an easy solution to all the above. Milton Hygiene products. I’m seriously impressed. I thought they were just another range of ‘sensitive’ cleaning products. Nope. Let me explain.

Baby Proofing with Milton

Firstly, I knew Milton was a range I could trust when it came to baby products. My mum said she had a Milton steriliser when I was a baby. That’s 30 years ago! So if they looked after me then, I’m pretty sure they’re even better now. The best product I’ve used from Milton so far are these Antibacterial surface wipes. I have a packet in both little ones changing bags and a packet on their changing table. I thought they were just standard wipes. The real special thing for me about these wipes is not only can they be used as you usually would (e.g. – wiping down a changing area in public, or your buggy etc) but that they are safe for use around babies. Even better is that they can be used to wipe dummy or bottle teats and still be used by the babies. This makes me feel so much more at ease when we are out and about. If we drop something by accident, it’s fine. These have to be one of my must-have products since having a baby. They are thick, pretty wet and don’t fall apart.

Baby Proofing with Milton Spray - Pretty Big Butterflies

UK Mummu Blogger - Pretty Big Butterflies

Then there’s the Milton antibacterial spray which is great for cleaning the whole house but especially for things that are around the terrible two. His plastic toys, his bath, changing area and that kind of thing. What’s great about this disinfectant is that it actually foams up so really does remove dirt and grime. It doesn’t just ‘sound’ the part, it plays it too. I’m also a fan of the hand gels from Milton because they don’t smell like super strong alcohol bottles and once again are safe around the babies. (Another great thing to pop in your changing bag for when you’re out and about or to put on your changing table).

Baby safe cleaning - pretty big butterflies

All of these products kill 99.9% of germs in seconds, are great household cleaners but also safe for my new baby and for the toddler. It’s a small thing to make those adjustments from my old brand favourites but something I’m glad I’ve done. Peace of mind over tiny things makes a huge difference when you’re a new mum, tired and generally learning as you go along.