Summer Bathroom Wish List

With a few changes happening in my life and plans afoot to move house, it’s got me thinking about what I would really love my living space to be like. Although I love my flat, we moved in a rush and never REALLY got around to making it perfect. It’s light and bright which is a must but those little details make a difference don’t you think? We were really lucky that our bathroom was pretty gorgeous to be honest and we didn’t have to think too much about it, and that’s a big thing for me. When we move I want it to be clean (obviously) fresh and pretty modern. So I’m allowing my mind to wonder and this is the wish list on the list… probably the first of many. This is my summer bathroom wish list…

summer bathroom wish list

  1. This freestanding bath is just gorgeous. One of my friends used to have a freestanding bath and it did feel like luxury. This particular one I found on the main page of Superbath and it’s simple but effective.
  2. Sometimes, my bedroom floor acts like a laundry basket (and the boyfriend gets pretty irritated by it!) so this lovely laundry sorter would fit beautifully in the corner somewhere. I feel like it has a little Parisian chić to it.
  3. Adding a tiny touch of colour are these ochre floral towels. Simple but oh so pretty and I think they’ll look super fresh in the bathroom.
  4. So I’m looking at the little things and these Grohe Showers (& Grohe Kitchen Taps) are simply stunning. The way the water jets out of them full on is a bit like luxury in itself. I don’t want anything to fancy for fear of it breaking but they simply elegant mixed taps will work for me.
  5. Last but not least, (and to match the towels) some Molton Brown hand wash and lotion. Not only does it work with the colour scheme but it smells amazing and you only need a little as it goes a long way!

Well I’ve made a start at getting some summer bathroom inspiration. Although I’m so tempted to get them towels now before we’ve even moved! Hmmm we’ll see. On to the next lot of window shopping!