National Picnic Week – Our first picnic – sort of

National picnic week is in full swing. Talk about good timing. It’s been the hottest week of the year so far and it really does feel like it.(We’re melting!) I’m so happy that my parents now have a garden and just in time for this massive heat wave. With Baby C not being a big fan of the sun, it means we can have picnics outside and pop back in whenever the sun get’s a little too much. It’s the first time we’ve been able to have picnics in our own garden. It’s also the first time I’ve had a picnic with my own baby. So we needed the right equipment for a picnic and this picnic bag and dinnerware set from B&M was perfect.

National picnic week - B&M picnic bag - pretty big butterflies

The super light picnic bag has loads of space and comes complete with:

  • 4 x plates
  • 4 x knives
  • 4 x forks
  • 4 x spoons
  • 4 x napkins
  • 4 x plastic glasses
  • 1 x multi-function pocket knife
  • 1 x spice bottle

What’s crazy is that all the above is hidden neatly in the front pocket of the bag, so the inside is totally free for a lovely and soft picnic blanket and of course the nibbles and drinks. It reminds me of the Mary Poppins bag. Things just keep coming out and you wonder where it all fitted.

The perfect picnic - mummy blogger - pretty big butterflies

Dining Alfesco - b&m - pretty big butterflies

We had a lovely Sunday chilling out in the garden; we’ve just bought some new garden furniture (I act like this is MY garden right?) so we had dinner al fresco. Using the picnic bag contents to dish up a roast dinner was fun and entertaining. (Whose idea it was to have a roast I’ll never know!) It was a double Father’s Day as well as the start of National Picnic Week so we timed it well, and Mr C took time off from his reselling blog to join us.

Baby C Summer Hat - pretty big butterflies

I actually posted a picture of this gorgeous summer drink I made yesterday and had people ask what it was. It’s SO easy to make. Just crush some fresh raspberries, add lemon juice, a teaspoon of raspberry jam and mint. Mix it up. Fill with lemonade and add lemon slices and lots of ice. I used these reusable ice shapes. Give it all a stir and just keep topping up with lemonade when you need a refill. It’s so delicious in the warm weather. Sweet and refreshing plus its super cheap to make!

Home made raspberry lemonade - pretty big butterflies

To be honest, we’ll be having picnics and eating Alfresco all the time now that we have outdoor space. Baby C loves the breeze (he tries to taste the wind!). With this picnic we can take the essentials wherever we go!