How To Have 10 Minutes Of Relaxation

Even though Baby C has just turned one, I still feel like a new mum! It’s hard work and trying to fit everything into one day is almost impossible these days. Oh, and the fact I’m pregnant AND we’re moving house means that we don’t relax. Ever. So I’ve decided I need to have 10 minutes a day to myself to just compose, breathe and relax. Even if it’s at 4am before everyone wakes up. Just having those view minutes will make a huge difference. (Plus, it’s my birthday soon so I might have a look for extra special ways to relax – hint hint!)

  1. At Home Facial

Something like this super cool facial steamer is the perfect way to have a quick relax. It’s basically a spa at home; you can’t get easier than that. It takes 6 minutes to hydrate your face and apparently works as an amazing make up primer or remover. I’m totally here for this kind of technology because I feel like I’m drowning if I do it the old fashion way.

  1. Sing it out

This one might not be for everyone. But I love nothing more than have a chill out music session. This ones usually done when everyone is out the house and I can do it while multi talking so perfect. I simply pop on some of my favourite old school tunes and start belting them out while having a little dance around the kitchen. It’s amazing how much stress it releases.

  1. Tea & Toast

This is a bizarre one but before I had my son my little treat was simple. Of an evening I’d curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a slice of marmite on toast. If I get to do this now, at a decent time, I feel like it’s such a treat! I have my lovely Emma Bridgewater ‘Mummy’ mug that I use and it really is one of those 5 minutes of pure indulgence. It only happens if my mum has Baby C or if I manage to stay up once he is tucked up in bed. Ahhhh heaven!

  1. Tidy Up

I hate cleaning and I hate not having enough space for stuff. All kinds of stuff. Clothes, plates, make up. The list goes on, which is one of the reasons we’re moving. To have more space! But I know a lot of my stress comes from the mess around me. So take 10 minutes to tackle something small. The washing up, shove a round of washing in the machine, sort out your paperwork. Those 10 minutes soon add up to a little less stressed out you!

  1. Shower it up

I don’t do baths apart from when I’m heavily pregnant but I always feel good after a shower. So even if you’ve already had your morning shower, there’s no rule that says you can’t have one at 2pm or 11pm or even 3am! The secret to a relaxing shower is the light. Lower the lights, add a candle. Jo Malone are my current faves. They burn for ages with a really high fragrance, so you only need to have it on while you’re in the shower for he fragrance to fill your home. Plus it gives a gorgeous little glow while you’re zoning out under the warm drops of water from the shower. Seriously relaxing!