Treat Yourself to Confidence This Christmas

You might have read my blog post a couple of weeks ago about finding the gift that keeps giving. I talked about buying things for other people that were a little outside the box and could spark something in them that could lead to them being the next Bill Gates or JK Rowling. But there’s one thing I missed out. What about that perfect gift for yourself? Yes, YOU! You’re allowed to treat yourself this festive season too you know.

The Very #LoveGiving campaign that I’ve been working on is all about what I’ve said above. Gifts that give a little something different. So this season, I’m challenging you to #LoveGiving… and give yourself the gift of confidence. Let me explain…

Treat Yourself to Confidence This Christmas

To cut a long story short, years ago I had zero confidence. I hated the way I looked. I’d constantly try and change myself. I used to hide away in baggy all black outfits. Some people don’t believe me, but I have the pictures to prove it. My confidence meant I was a quiet individual, but if you really knew me, you knew I had this fire that was burning inside me. I thought I had to be slimmer/prettier/taller/shorter before I could be happy and be THAT person in the room who could hold the conversation. Well, look at me now.

It took a long time but with the help of blogging, finding other women who look like me being confident and building a foundation of people around me who love me for who I am. I AM that person. Which is why this party season I opted to wear this absolutely stunning dress from the V by Very Curve range. It’s the plus size rainbow sequin dress of dreams.

plus size sequin dress - pretty big butterflies

It’s one of those outfits that you take out of the bag and have a little wobble about your decision. It’s bright, in your face and incredibly beautiful. But then you put it on and WOW! You suddenly feel like a million pounds. It’s a bodycon style dress, which I wouldn’t usually wear because I would have felt a little self-conscious about my belly area. But the magic of sequins is that the way it reflects the light is brilliant. It totally detracts the eye away from those bits of me and instead just draws your attention to the colours and the sparkle.

Another winner for me is that this dress has long sleeves. Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s winter. It’s cold! You could easily wear this dress with tights and it would look just a brilliant. The arms are a little snug, but the dress is pretty true to size with some stretch to it. It’s just a pull on and pull off style, so you don’t have to worry about asking someone to do it up for you – always a bonus.

how to be confident this christmas - pretty big butterflies

It’s a real party dress. It’s an in your face, I’m here, I’m fabulous and I look GREAT kind of party dress. One where everyone will ask where you got it and instantly feel like they should have made more of an effort. It’s available up to a size 28 too. It’s the perfect Christmas or party dress for boosting your confidence. Even if you’re a little nervous at first, it just has such a gorgeous look to it that you can’t help but smile.

Oh, and if you’re after some comfortable but totally party ready, look at my shoes. These burgundy velvet heels are pretty much heaven. I’m not a heels wearer very often, so if I can walk in these, anyone can. Plus, they’re wide fit and they fit my ankle easily. Totally winning.

comfortable wide fit heels - pretty big butterflies

V by Very Curve has a massive range of dresses if sequins aren’t your thing. There’s animal print, lace and floral dresses galore. There’s a tiger print dress with my name on it for the New Year. Take part in #LoveGiving and treat yourself this Christmas. If anyone questions it, tell them I told you to.


This post is a part of my ongoing campaign with Very UK