The New George at ASDA Plus Size Range & Discount Codes

Over the last couple of years plus size fashion has really come on strides in terms of availability. It’s still not where I’d like it to be. But there’s definitely more available right now compared to when I was younger. What’s not to be sniffed at these days is the ranges available in supermarkets. They’re really on point with fast, affordable fashion. The fact you can pick up a top along with your milk is a winner in my eyes! This week I’ve collaborated with George at ASDA to see what their plus size range is like. I was really quite impressed for numerous reasons!

George at ASDA plus size range review - pretty big butterflies

plus size supermarket ranges - review - pretty big butterflies

Firstly, let’s talk about sizing. Their range goes up to a 24. However, their jeans and jackets go up to a 28. I’m a size 26 roughly (currently sporting a 25 weeks pregnancy bump too) and both of these tops are a 24. They fit like a dream. This indicates to me that their sizing is generous and comfortable. Not something you get too often is it? Their jeans are really generous and I’m wearing a 26, which actually became loose after one wear, so may be worth sizing down on the jeans.

plus size uk blogger - pretty big butterflies

What’s even more impressive is that the shoes aren’t narrow either. If you usually wear wide fitting shoes like I do, you’ll have no problems at George. Especially when it comes to the trainers and shoes. I can’t vouch for the sandals, but everything else I can wear without any problem. Thanks to the lousy spring weather we’re currently having I also bought one of their shower resistant parkas.  I’ve just seen that it goes up to a size 30. Fingers crossed they expand their whole range to go up to this size too.

Next lets talk about price. Considering the pieces are actually really on trend and versatile the prices are such a bargain! Especially compared to other plus size brands. Both of these tops are perfect for summer and the whole festival vibe that starting to trend. Everything was under £15, even the jeans!   That’s pretty impressive considering the great style and the fit.

festival fashion from George at Asda - pretty big butterflies

cheap plus size fashion - pretty big butterflies

I guess the lesson here is not to underestimate brands like George at ASDA and to ignore what the dress size says (to a degree). I ordered my bits online, as the bigger sizes tend to run out in the stores very quickly. There’s much more on offer online generally speaking in most places.

If you fancy having a little look around George at ASDA, here are some fab discount codes and bargains to help your bank balance.

You can check out the plus size range from George at ASDA here. Let me know if anything catches your eye.