9 Pastel Trainers For Spring & Summer

I know I’m sitting here in a hoodie and a blanket wrapped around me, but trust me, spring is coming! The sun is starting to appear but the mild weather WILL be coming. It better be anyway. I keep seeing all the gorgeous spring and summer pieces working their way into the shops and I just cant quite bring myself to get anything because it’s just too cold! One think I’m really lusting over right now though are all the gorgeous pastel trainers that are appearing. What’s even better is that it doesn’t have to be warm to wear them! Winning!

I don’t know about you but when I was a teenager, trainers were ridiculously expensive. Like, so expensive that people would get their trainers stolen! (Maybe that’s a south London thing, I don’t know!). These days, apart from the fact I’m an adult with my own money, access to the Internet makes a huge difference. For example, I loved JD Sports when I was younger, I still do. But now I always look for a discount code before I go shopping. I’m sure most people do, if you don’t than more fool you really. If I can get a trainers discount I am totally there for it.



On that note, just to help purge my need to shop for all things spring and pastel related. These are my top 9 pretty crepes that may find themselves walking into my wardrobe. The impulse buy guilt is dramatically decreased when there is a discount code used. Remember that!

I have to say; my current nude pumps and Converse trainers are in desperate need of an upgrade. I’d quite happily swap them for ANY of the options above. (All available from JD Sports) But the ones that are really calling me are the peach Puma ribbon lace ups (top left) and just under that are some pastel mint coloured Vans. I love that pastel colours are so neutral. You can wear them with almost anything! Plus those pink Reebok high tops with the ribbon; they’d look gorgeous with a floral dress this spring.

So decisions, decisions. Which ones should I opt for? Which ones would YOU opt for? I think they’re all pretty beautiful to be honest. I’d quite happily take them all. Trainers really are the way forward. Heels literally add nothing to my life other than 5 hours of pain. We have to be thankful that trainers these days are pretty and easy to wear. Finally it’s fashionable to be comfortable.