7 Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends You Need To Know For 2018

Autumn is approaching fast, and with cooler weather comes a change in wardrobe. (I love autumn fashion!) But what styles are hot to trot, and what’s going to be on trend in 2018? From animal print to tartan and extreme layering, here’s your guide to the top seven autumn and winter trends you need to know this year.

7 Autumn and Winter Fashion Trends You Need To Know For 2018

  1. Eighties club kid fashion is back

Expect to see nightlife fashion dominated by neon, shiny fabrics, and this season’s standout trend of animal print. Leopard spots and zebra stripes will be especially important and graced runways across the board in this season’s fashion shows. Expect to see lots of wild prints in daywear too. I’m a massive fan of animal print and I love that it’s pretty much everywhere right now! This animal print wrap dress/top from Pink Clove fits this trend like a dream!

  1. Layers are in

Yes, layers have always been a trend for autumn and winter dressing. But 2018 sees this trend taken to new heights — expect to see coats layered one on top of the other, huge scarves coiled over hoods, and chunky knit dresses worn over jeans, skirts and jumpers. No silhouette is too big, which is good news for those of us who can’t decide which coat to wear! Wearing all your clothes in one go is now endorsed by high and high-street fashion alike. This is why this Pink Clove wrap dress is perfect. It can be layered over polo necks or underneath the junkiest of cardigans. It so stretchy and comfortable that you can definitely put a jumper or two underneath.

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  1. You can wear a blanket

Fashion collections this season include a number of suspiciously blanket-like garments. Giorgio Armani’s version was carefully draped in catwalk shows earlier this year, but other designers (such as Roksanda) sent models down the runway nonchalantly draped in massive snuggly blankets. Not bad if you’re the type that likes a daytime snooze.

  1. Covering up is cool

Fashion is having a modest moment. Necklines are high, and the most fashionable skirt length is a midi cut to just above the ankle, as seen on the catwalks of Valentino and Erdem. It’s sensible, practical and will keep you warm come the season’s darkest months. I can’t say I’m a massive fan of the ankle length but I’ve just tried a dress that fits this bill perfectly and I love it! More to come on that later this week.

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  1. Heritage fabrics

Timeless style meets street style this season as tweed comes in in a big way — think Balmoral shooting attire and you won’t go too far wrong. Checks are also a big trend, from Versace’s multi-coloured tartan to Calvin Klein’s all-American red and black plaid. I feel like we’ve all got a bit of check floating around in the wardrobe somewhere. A check shirt is a great way of layering two – just like #4 mentions.

  1. Live your cowgirl dreams

Dust off those cowboy boots, check dresses and blue jeans — cowboy style is another of the more surprising trends this season. Expect to see Western themes creep into clothing choices, whether it’s a pair of bootcut denim jeans or a modest collared dress. It’s easy to wear and if you’ve got those denim dresses floating around then you can layer them up for a cosy on-trend look.

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  1. Brown is better than black

This summer’s obsession with terracotta is set to morph into 50 shades of autumnal tan — in particular, a 70s shade of brown. Layer different hues for a pulled-together look, or use brown as your neutral shade and pair with a brighter colour. I’m opting for more mustard and yellow tones, like this top, but it’s still not far off the autumnal tan hues that everyone shouts about so I’m still winning. Also in this season are another 70s staple, white ankle boots. I’ve yet to try this myself but I’ve seen some banging white boots floating around. I’m just not sure I could handle all the mud and leaves making their print on new white boots. Arghhhh the struggle!