Let’s Discuss The Marks & Spencer Curve Range

There’s one thing I’ll never do. I’ll never slate a brand for expanding their sizing or creating a curve range. Even if it isn’t as good as I’d like it to be, the fact high street retailers are realising that we have style, bodies that need to be clothes and money to spend is a good thing. Plus, with feedback from customers I’ve seen brands grow and get better over the past couple of years. One of the newest brands to launch a curve range is Marks and Spencer.

Good old M&S have been around for ages and they’ve done well to last this long with the up and down economy. They’ve gone up to a 24 in lots of their pieces for a while, but this M&S Curve range is a little different. I had the chance to preview the collection a couple of weeks ago at a lovely breakfast, I was super surprised and I’ll give you my honest opinion.

M&S Curve Range Review - Pretty Big Butterflies

Plus size blogger pretty big butterflies

I’ll start by saying if you check out the collection online it looks a bit…. bland. I totally get this. But when you see the collection on different people, styled differently and a little more fitted. It actually looks really good. Plus, it’s currently stocked in 30 stores across the UK so you can go and take a look at it in person. Give the clothes a feel too. The fabrics are great! I know when I asked my Facebook followers what their initial thoughts were it was along the lines of bland, boring, average. But I really hope that by having a little more knowledge on the range and seeing different women wearing it, you’ll love it as much as I do. I love that it’s a casual range that you can dress up if needed. The big selling point for me however is the quality. I feel like these pieces will last a LONG time and considering the prices aren’t horrendous; it’s a big win for me.

#Curvemands review - pretty big butterflies

Marks & Spencer curve range jeans review - pretty big butterflies

The thing about the M&S Curve range is that they’ve really tried to think about the curvy figure. They’ve done everything from using plus size mannequins (hooray!) to fitting the range on bigger sizes (which makes a huge difference in fit). There are little touches to each item that help it adjust to curves and how the larger body moves. Things like the stretchy panel on this faux leather biker jacket. It doesn’t stand out and make me feel like I’m wearing a makeshift jacket. It’s a discreet panel and the level of comfort it adds is shocking. Seriously. Have you tried driving in a faux leather biker jacket before? It’s pretty hard work on the arms. But when I wear this jacket, I feel like I’m not even wearing one. Thumbs up M&S (plus it’s a style which is NEVER going out of fashion!)

Clothes made for the curvy figure - pretty big butterflies

There are lots of these little tweaks to make you feel and look your best. From modesty panels hidden under the buttons of shirts to stop the bust gaps to slightly longer length hems on the back of the tops so they don’t ride up when you sit down. Oh and before I forget, the sizing is generous too!

I also wanted to applaud their denim. I was apprehensive. I find jeans hit or miss. I have a few faves that I always go too but finding a good pair of jeans can be a tough task. I’m really impressed with these. They’re pretty basic but with a distressed hem (one of my fave style of jeans) and they fit like jeggings but look like jeans. The stretch really is there plus they come in 3 lengths and have a high waist! Winning!

M&S plus size clothing - pretty big butterflies

The new Marks & Spencer Curve collection, thoughtfully designed for curvy figures is available in sizes 18 to 32. I hope seeing the range on me makes it seem more wearable. I’ve seen it on other bloggers and I think it brings the pieces to life. So ignore the flatness of the website, give the range a go and let me know what you think.