Bored of Your Style? These 10 Tips Will Make You Fall In Love With Fashion Again

Stuck in a style rut? There’s no reason to say goodbye to your stylish self just yet. Here are 10 ideas to freshen up your wardrobe and get you falling back in love with fashion all over again.

Unique21 plus size range - pretty big butterflies

  1. Get Inspired

The world wide web is there for a purpose — and right now, that purpose is to get you out of your style rut. Browse Pinterest or Instagram for fashion inspiration, or read up on current catwalk trends. You don’t have to replicate what you see, but looking at creative ways other people style their wardrobes can spark ideas about how to freshen yours up. The one thing that always get me inspired is when I come across new brands.

I’ve just come across Unique21 who have a new plus size/curve collection which they’ve named Hero! Available in sizes 16-26 in great to have somewhere else to browse when I’m looking for style inspiration. This gorgeous knitwear is from the Unique21 Hero Curve collection and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a bright patchwork jumper and it’s something I haven’t seen anywhere else. So it was of course top of my list.


  1. Organise your accessories

Just like your clothes, your accessories should be easy-to-get-to and easy to see. There are lots of creative ways to display jewellery and other accessories; buy a jewellery stand or browse the internet for some DIY fixes. Once you’ve got everything visible, picking out the perfect accessories becomes much more fun.


  1. Learn to love layering

This season is all about layering — you can even layer your coats if you want to be daring! Layering is also the perfect way to freshen up your wardrobe without spending a penny, as you can combine old pieces in new ways. This jumpr from Unique21 is perfect for layering over multi coloured polo necks. The perk of wearing something so colourful is that it goes with pretty much anything and everything.

 10 Tips Will Make You Fall In Love With Fashion Again

  1. Go vintage shopping

If you’ve fallen out of love with high street fashion, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The antidote is to vintage shop. Charity shops are a reliable (and inexpensive) source of unique, one-of-a-kind garments which can spice up your style and zing your wardrobe up a notch. Be a trendsetter!


  1. Don’t save things for later

If you’re like the rest of us, the back of your wardrobe is full of clothes that you love so much, you only wear them on the most special of occasions. If you feel stylish, every day can be special — bring your best clothes out into the light, and let the compliments roll in. I feel like this jumper should be kept for a special occasion because it’s bright and almost festive. But NO! I’m going to wear it right now!


  1. Clothes swap

You don’t have to go shopping to get some fresh style into your wardrobe. Find a clothes swap near you, or host one yourself, and swap your unwanted garms for someone else’s hidden treasures. I love a good clothes swap. I know for a fact, my friends will be after this pieces of knitwear! haa!

How to love your plus size clothes

  1. Buy Sustainably

Fast fashion gets old and tired quickly. When you go shopping, think carefully about what you need, and invest in good-quality clothing that will stand the test of time, and you’ll find yourself loving your wardrobe much more.


  1. Make do and mend

Get crafty with your clothes to create stylish garments that are unique to you. Dye faded clothes, put funky patches on worn knees, or create cutoff shorts from old, much-loved jeans. Do whatever you feel like to express your own personal style, and fashion will feel much more fun.


  1. Clear out your wardrobe  

If your wardrobe looks like the aftermath of a natural disaster, chances are that you’re going to feel just as much of a mess. Clear out the clutter, and organise your clothes so that it’s easy for you to see what’s in there — it’ll make your mornings much nicer!

How to mix up your wardrobe - prettybigbutterflies


  1. Mix things up

That silk sundress you bought for a summer wedding years ago? Layer it over a jumper for an elegant everyday autumn look. Your old school satchel? Use it to inject a dose of old-school cool into a casual outfit. If you like something, find a way to wear it. Be creative!