How To Boss It On Instagram As A Beauty Icon

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Becoming successful on Instagram was once a mission. You had to dedicate countless hours to the task. 

However, today, we’re getting much better at knowing what works – and what doesn’t. We’re learning the anatomy of a successful account and then applying it. 

There are now more than a billion active accounts on Instagram, meaning that competition for attention is fierce. However, if you can rise to the top, then you can net yourself a good income. 

You don’t have to be beautiful to become a beauty icon. In fact, many Instagram users are crying out for regular people who use powerful tactics to improve how they look and feel. 

In this post, we take a look at how you can boss it on Instagram as a beauty icon. Check out our advice below: 

Create A Brand

If you want to excel on Instagram, you’ll need to do more than just look pretty. You’ll need to create a brand – something that people can latch onto that sets you apart from other Instagrammers. 

The shape your brand takes is very much up to you. The general advice is just to be yourself and pick something that fits your character. Decide on the story that you want to tell. Perhaps you want to focus on the idea that anyone can look great or maybe your account will be video or tutorial-based. 

Whatever you choose, do something distinct. Try to be predictable but also innovative so that people know and understand what sort of content they can expect from you. 

Apply Yourself Consistently

Sometimes, it might feel that you are rehashing the same content over and over again on your account, and that can feel a little awkward. However, when it comes to building a following, consistency is generally more important than novelty. People do like variation, but they also enjoy consuming your content for the known value that it generates. 

You can be more consistent by creating a content calendar for yourself. This way, you can plan out precisely what content you will produce and how often you will post. You can also design your posts to naturally flow from one to the next so that your account doesn’t appear too messy. 

Network With Other Creators

If an opportunity arises, you might want to start networking with other creators outside of your niche but who appeal to a similar audience. For instance, you might discover that people who consume your content are also much more likely to browse accounts that address environmental issues. In which case, you might want to learn how to repost an Instagram post so that you can build lateral relationships.

Once you start doing this, you can begin leveraging other accounts to get your name out there. The moment you begin networking with other influencers, you grow your potential audience. 

Use Hashtags

The next step is to use hashtags that are most likely to improve your reach. Hashtags are helpful because they tell Instagram and other users more about your posts. If somebody searches using keywords related to your hashtags, they are much more likely to find you. 

As a beauty Instagrammer, you’ll need to be careful about the types of tags that you choose. For instance, if you’re just purely interested in posting on Instagram, then you’ll want to choose hashtags with general appeal. However, if you are a beautician operating in the local area, then you will want to include geographically-relevant tags as well. This way, you can appeal to people who can actually schedule appointments with you. 

Use All The Features

Unsplash – CC0 License

Instagram today is a different animal from a few years ago. In the past, you simply posted images and then used them to garner attention. However, today, there are so many other features you can use to get your message across. 

For instance, you can use “live,” “stories” and “highlights” to draw people to your account. You can also use these features to become more interactive and personalised in how you approach the platform. Polls and stickers are also great options to keep people engaged. For example, you might ask people what topics they would like you to cover next or whether they prefer one brand of makeup over another. 

Be More Engaging

The trick to social media success is to show your humanity. People want to be able to see themselves in you. 

For that reason, it pays to be as engaging as possible. The more you reveal that you’re an active human being behind the facade, the more likely it is that your audience will warm to you.

It can be challenging showing your flaws – particularly if you are a beauty Instagrammer. But, remember, the value you offer other people isn’t your perfection: it’s how you reflect how they feel about themselves. Being candid about the way that you look and why you do what you do can make a massive difference to the overall level of success that you have. Simply being down to Earth is a massive advantage and something that many influencers don’t have. 

Engaging with your follower’s content is good etiquette. If you support them, they are much more likely to support you and promote your channel. You can also do things like leave likes and comments with other users to create a positive rapport with them. 

Once you identify accounts associated with yours, start regularly supporting them. Don’t just spam with likes and comments all in one day. Instead, spread out your interactions over time – perhaps once or twice a week. 

The more you drip-feed your interactions, the more they will notice you as the days and weeks go by. Eventually, they will feel naturally inclined to return the favour. They may even actively promote your account if they feel that it is helpful to their audience. 

So, in summary, if you want a successful beauty account on Instagram, you need to do the following: 

  • Post often
  • Find top hashtags for your niche and use them
  • Use additional features
  • Reach out to your audience and create a network