Beauty Tips And Tricks Every Mum Should Know

Let’s be honest. When you become a mum, any kind of ‘me time’ is almost non-existent. Put it this way. I put makeup on the other day and I’m sure my 20-month-old son didn’t recognise me! But it’s important that we find time to treat ourselves and make ourselves feel good. We can easily forget about ourselves when little ones and families are so demanding. So here are my beauty tips and tricks every mum should know. Because we’re all in it together right?

  1. Fake it

Ok, so let’s just throw it out there and say there is nothing wrong with faking it. Finding yourself a semi permanent makeup professional could be the time-saving trick you need. Think high definition brows, and a blush lip, without you even having to lift a finger. That’s the ‘just got out of bed’ look I don’t mind having. It’s all about doing what makes you feel good. For me, having my eyebrows neat and tidy is the one thing that makes me feel like I’ve got myself together.

  1. Gel Nails

If, like me, you hate having naked nails then always opt for gel polish. Whether you do it at home or in a salon. Gel polish is long lasting and is less likely to chip. There’s no point in using basic polish. After 2 baby baths, it’s almost gone and there’s nothing like chipped nail polish to make me feel rough around the edges.

  1. Dry Shampoo is your friend

So we all know that dry shampoo helps to get an extra day out of unwashed hair. But the best way to use it is to apply it before you go to bed. Yes! Put it on your roots at night, keep your hair down and in the morning your tossing and turning will turn your locks into clean looking super on trend bed hair! Winner!

  1. Easy Wave

If you need something doing with your hair in super quick time, this is my favourite trick. Brais dry hair into pigtails and run your straighteners over them a few times. It sounds crazy but it works. Leave the braids to cool down for a few seconds and then undo. Tada – wavy hair in a flash.

  1. Triangle Bags

We all need a little concealer under them tired eyes. It’s a mummy must have. But the secret for really helping those dark circles is to draw a triangle shape under the eye to brighten the area and not the usually curved stroke. It makes a massive difference and can make you look less tired in a second. Pass me the concealer now! If you need help getting your little one to sleep through the night this is a great article to read.

Those 5 tips should help you feel a little more you and a little less Mama, Mama, Mama! (As soon as they can say Mama they just don’t stop do they!) I wish you well on your beauty journey. If you have any time-saving tips and tricks then let me know in the comments below.