Beauty Tips To Look Less Tired

I can’t even tell you how tired I am 95% of the time. With two kids under two getting any sleep is a bit of a miracle. What has been rather nice is that people have said I still look refreshed. I try not to laugh in their face, because you know, a compliment is a compliment. But I feel like I’m sleepwalking most of the time. I’m sure this is normal for mums. I mean when I was a teenager I could function normally on a couple of hours rest, let alone sleep.  These days I definitely give myself a little help when I’m out an about. Especially with makeup! That’s what it’s there for right? So, here are my beauty tips on how to look less tired than you feel.

Eye Creams

I’ve been trying to find the best eye cream for dark circles.  It’s all about experimenting to find what works best for you. So far it’s really helped in reducing those tired bags from under my eyes. There are loads available so it’s all about finding one that works for your skin tone. Using an eye cream is the foundation of any makeup routine to help you look bright and awake. It’s a great way of helping to repair the skin too. When you’re lacking in sleep your skin needs some TLC and using a daily eye cream is just the thing.

Bright Lip

I love a bright lip, tired or not! But it definitely helps draw attention to the mouth and away from tired eyes or dull skin. A lovely bright lip colour makes the face pop and brightens it up a bit. Stick one in your bag and apply it whenever you need a pick me up. I always opt for a red or coral. But any colour that catches your eye will do the trick.


Add a skin illuminator or highlighter into your foundation. Just a few drops. You don’t want to look like a disco ball! By adding a drop or two to your normal foundation it will help give your skin a natural dewy glow with no extra time needed. This is the perfect way to stay your day looking fresh, even if you don’t feel it.

White Eyeliner

Don’t freak out! I’m not saying to apply a wing or anything like that! But adding a subtle white line as eyeliner will make your eyes look bright and awake. It won’t let you get away with sleeping at your desk but it will help with the day after the night before look.

Hydrating Mist

This is one of my absolute favourite things to use on a daily basis. A hydrating mist spray is perfect for everything from refreshing the face, set makeup and even to cool you down during the warmer weather. A spray of hydrating mist will instantly plump up the skin and keep that dewy look going throughout the day. It’s easy to do and takes 1 second. Winning!

What tips do you have to help beat that tiredness look? Obviously, more sleep should be number one, but we all know that’s almost impossible! Let me know in the comments below.