Review: Tweaking your meals the right way with Tweakd

There are so many food subscription boxes these days it can be hard to know which once you need to go for. Generically they come in a few different categories. You might find a healthy eating one, a family one or a speedy meals range. But there hasn’t been a way to get a meal subscription that’s for a specific goal or meal route that you’re looking to go down. There are lot’s of Vegan and Vegetarian options now so I’m not talking about those. I’m talking about achieving goals where food plays a part and not just weight loss either! Well, recently I tried Tweakd, a meal subscription service that helps you achieve your specific goals.

Tweakd offer meals and juices that are tweaked to give you the helping hand you need with your performance goals. Nutritious meals that are tailored to your individual goals in mind. Whether your focus is immunity, endurance, building muscle, or recovery, they can support your journey by bringing you meals and juices that are tasty, substantial and quick. Some of their meals can be cooked from frozen in 10 minutes! Now that’s good going right? It’s a bit like having your own nutritionist who preps your meals and you just have to heat them up when you’re ready!

You can choose from 3, 4 or 5 meals per week. The meals are delivered frozen for freshness and can be cooked in the oven or microwave from frozen. You choose your meals and a drink is also provided! Everything gets delivered and you’re good to go.

I recently tried the Butternut & Lentil Lasagne with roasted red peppers and chargrilled tender stem broccoli. This is a low-calorie dish and is aimed at helping anyone with Endurance, Immune, Muscle and Recovery goals. I was surprised at how large the portion was if I’m honest! I wasn’t expecting it to be so large. It’s suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians and took just over 10 minutes to cook from frozen. It tasted great, with really fresh ingredients. It looked like a lasagne which is quite unusual for something shoved into the microwave.

I’d love to try some of their jerk chicken dishes to see how the flavours can really kick, but I’m super impressed by how they’ve managed to tick so many boxes, especially when it comes to microwave meal. Great for people with specific performance goals or those that want healthy and quick food – that don’t have the time to cook from scratch at home.