Organix Goodies Fruit & Seed Bites Are Buzzing

When I was weaning Cameo, the fear I had of him choking was real. I was so scared that he couldn’t chew & it was really hard for me to get my head around him not having teeth eating! As he got better at eating, the next concern I had was the food I was giving him. Especially when we were out and about. I wanted it to be child-friendly, relatively healthy and easy to carry. I can’t even tell you how much Organix Goodies saved the day on many an occasion. Now, Cameo is 20 months old, eats like a horse and Organix is still very much at the top of our list for snacks and lunch.

Organix Goodies Review - pretty big butterflies

Organix Goodies offer tasty food and treats for babies, toddlers and beyond. They’re made with organic ingredients and don’t include any junk. Baby corn puffs were Cameos favourite thing in the world when he was about 7 or 8 months old. The carrot sticks literally made their way into his hands almost every day! Then he started to love the Organix finger foods baby biscuits. He’s now heading towards being 2 years old and still loves them. He likes to help himself now though and he counts them out before taking one… or more often two!

Organix Goodies Review - pretty big butterflies

We’ll always try new Organix products no matter what Cameos age. They’ve done us so well in the past and he loves them. We were pretty excited to try the new Organix Goodies fruit and seed bites. The new organic snack comes in three flavours – Cocoa, Banana & Cocoa, and Coconut & Cocoa. They’re suitable for ages 12 months and upwards. It’s fair to say that Cameo loves them. They’re in perfect little squares so he likes to count them out and then eat them.

They’re soft and chewy with fabulous ingredients including dates, prunes and sunflower seeds. With absolutely no junk involved, I feel like I’ve got a parenting gold star! It’s not easy knowing what’s good and bad when you’re new to this parenting lark. So when a brand like Organix Goodies makes it easier, well, I think it’s great.

organic snacks for toddler

The launch of these tasty new fruit and seed bites works perfectly into Organic September and there’s no better time than now to experiment with your little one’s food! This is the cutest little Organix Buzzle Bumble Bee snack. It almost looks too good to eat. I 100% recommend Organix Goodies and we’ll be stocking up on these fruit and seed bites too! (Because this little bumble bee has gone down a treat!)

Prep time: 10-30 minutes


Makes 1 fun plate


Suitable for 12+ months



3 thin sticks of kiwi fruit
2 slices of red apple cut into 1 heart, 3 flowers, and one sliver of skin
1 thin oval slice of mango
6 Goodies Fruit & Seed Bites, sliced in half
2 blueberries, each sliced in half


Step 1 – Place the kiwi fruit sticks at the base of the plate to form 3 flower stems

Step 2 – Add an apple flower to the top of each stalk

Step 3 – Place the apple heart at the top of the plate. This will be the bee’s wings

Step 4 – Place the mango oval over the bottom half of the apple heart for the bee’s body

Step 5 – Arrange the fruit & seed bites on top of the mango to form two stripes

Step 6 – Add a blueberry half eye to the bee and a blueberry half to the centre of each flower

Step 7 – Finish the bee with the sliver of apple skin for the mouth.


Eat straight away!

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