A beginners try of spiralizing

I’ve seen so many Instagram posts and Pinterest images of spirilazed vegetables, (Is spiralized even a word?) and I’ve always been intrigued in this rather fancy way of prepping vegetables. The thing is, with a new baby I don’t have time to mess around with fiddly kitchen utensils and I don’t have the space to put loads of little bits and pieces away. So I guess I’ve just admired the Spiralizer trend from a distance. Until now. So I’ve tried the Cookworks Spiralizer from Ideal World (which is currently only £10.00!) I was a little concerned when I first saw it, it looked a little complicated but I was pleasantly surprised!

Cookworks spiralizer from Ideal World - Pretty Big Butterflies

Cookworks spiralizer from Ideal World - Pretty Big Butterflies

The instructions that come with the Spiralizer put my mind at ease slightly, I browsed over them and just wanted to get started. The first major positive of this Spiralizer is that it’s all assembled. Can I get a MASSIVE hooray!! I honestly thought I’d have to spend an hour assembling bits, but nope, it came ready to spiralize. The unit itself has suction cups that makes it stay in position while you twirl your vegetables around, so make sure each corner is pressed down well. Then it really is as simple as choosing your blade, popping your food of choice on the little metal ‘prong’ and turning the handle. You can breeze through a corgette in about 20 seconds and an onion in even less. I am never going to chop an onion again. It was SO easy. Seriously. I just had to put a bit of pressure on the handle to push the courgette towards the blade and turn the handle. It’s that easy.

A Spirilizer Newbie -  pretty Big Butterflies

Spiralize Vegetables easily - pretty big butterflies

This Spiralizer comes with 3 blades. Small grater/noodle blade, large grater/noodle blade and a ribbon blade. The ribbon blade is my favourite because it’s pretty. The blades are stored in the unit neatly and effortlessly; you just take it out and slide it in place. Literally no effort required. Another major concern was cleaning it. I have yet to find any kind of kitchen aid that doesn’t require fiddly cleaning. Well, I’m being honest. The blade and base need a wipe over, that literally is it. I sound so blasé but it’s true. If I knew how little effort went into using a spirilazer and creating pretty, easy and quick vegetables, I would have bought one aged ago! When I first got the spirilazer I was a little lost as to what to use with it. My mind was blank. I experimented with an apple. (I know, an apple of all things) then an onion and now I just want to try everything. (I’m going to try cheese tomorrow… why not!) But thankfully I have the Spirilaze book that has 40 recipes to help change the way you cook. It really does open your eyes to new ways of using the spirilizer. From a simple stir-fry to mango noodle deserts! It’s from the same place as the spirilazer – Ideal World and actually if you buy the two together right now you get a discount. I’m still really impressed at how affordable this spiralizer is.

Cheap Spiralizer - pretty Big Butterflies

Spiralize book - 40 recipes - pretty big butterflies

home made spiralized food - pretty big butterflies

I can’t wait to start experimenting. The dinner I made with my spiralled veggies was lovely and fresh, it’s definitely a way of me incorporating more vegetables into my diet. Which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a little while now. If you have any unusual spirilizing ideas or recipes, let me know.