Create Those Good Morning Vibes

Good Morning! How are you today? I for one am super happy you’re reading this and I hope you have a lovely day! – How nice is it when you get greeted like this in the morning? Sometimes those little things make such a different. Someone letting you get on the bus ahead of them, the barista that tells you to have a great day when you grab your morning coffee or simply a smile from a stranger as you just about make the train. They really can make a difference to your day and in turn I bet you pass on that little bit of sunshine to someone else. This isn’t just me guessing or talking about how I feel. BelVita (the brand who are all about Good Mornings) did some research and not surprisingly 93% of Brits believe enjoying a good morning can positively impact those around them and 39% said they’re more likely to wish someone else a ‘good morning’ if they’ve already been wished one themselves. The research indicated that breakfast is one of the key things to this cheery disposition and I have to agree!

how to eat belVita breakfast biscuits- Pretty Big Butterflies

Based on the BelVita research, those who skip breakfast claim that they are more likely to feel irritable (well that explains it!) and not eating breakfast results in two fifths of us being more likely have a bad day. I recently gave birth to my lovely baby boy and he is 3 weeks old now. It’s been so hard to eat at all, let alone find time for breakfast. In between feeding and changing him, trying to catch up on sleep and general real life. Breakfast doesn’t seem to happen until around 2pm! (If I’m lucky!) So these are the things I’ve put in place to help me fit in breakfast in the morning and to help me make a great start to the day.

How to have a good morning and fit in breakfast - Pretty Big Butterflies

1. Obviously BelVita is the breakfast choice right now. It’s a super quick, on the go, wherever you are kind of breakfast. It’s healthy, filling and actually tastes pretty good. (Especially with a cup of tea!) The variety of flavours mean you won’t get bored and generally this is the easiest way to fit breakfast in with minimum effort. Winning.

2. This might sound a bit daft, but I decided to get myself some glass bowls and glasses. Why? Because it just looks nice. There’s a lot to be said about making food look appetising and obviously making it Instagram worthy (well you know what I mean!)

3. One thing I’m struggling with at the minute is to drink enough liquid, even more difficult is keeping my precious morning cup of tea warm! With a baby, I come last, which means my cup of tea goes cold far too often. By investing in a thermal mug like this cute Kate Spade version, it will keep my tea warmer for longer and means even if my breakfast is a little later than it should be, it hasn’t gone completely to waste.

4. & 5. This is a hard one. Especially as I’m running on baby time. But getting up 10 minutes earlier (or in my case giving myself a ten minute break once Baby C has gone to sleep) fitting in a quick breakfast is completely manageable. especially if it’s something as simple as BelVita. If you can’t bare the thought of getting up any earlier, than get your stuff ready the night before. Grab a quirky lunch or snack box (remember what I said about enjoying the look of your food) and lay your breakfast out. Get your cup ready with tea bags already in. Any little thing to save you a couple of minutes will make for an easier breakfast time.

6. Dr Stuart Farrimond, a trained medical doctor, author and qualified teacher who has been working with belVita Breakfast says:“Even though they might not come as frequently as we might like, all of us like to have great mornings, and we have always been told that breakfast sets us up well for the day.I was keen to find out whether this is true and, if it is, why breakfast seems to be so good for so many people. New scientific research, funded by belVita Breakfast, gives us the most up-to-date look at British people’s breakfasting and gives fascinating insights on just how incredibly powerful breakfast can be in helping us have a good morning and a great day.”

So even if I don’t have time for a full on breakfast, I’m going to at least try ti grab some fruit to get me started. Plus, berries and BelVita is one of my fave combinations!

What do you to do fit breakfast in and have a Good Morning?