Caketoppers Review & Discount Code

There’s something special about personalised products and that doesn’t stop when it comes to food. Especially cake. Opening a box of cupcakes is always a treat, but when you open the box to find cupcakes with your face (or logo, message, picture) on, it makes it even better! When these cupcakes arrived from Caketoppers I was firstly impressed at how clear the picture was of Baby C and I but also that each cupcake was individually wrapped and completely intact. No dents, marks and like I’d just picked them up from the shop. It’s all very well and good getting cake delivered but pointless if it arrives like mush – so this was really impressive.

So, the cupcakes look good. But did they taste good?


Yes they did. So much so I ate them both. instead of sharing with Mr C, I ate them both in a moment of pure, selfish indulgence when Mr C & Baby C were asleep. I had a HOT cup of tea (That’s rare these days) and sat quietly having a very precious moment to myself. The cakes were delicious. Moist, tasty and fresh. The icing was on top of a layer of buttercream and it was sticky but soft in my mouth. My mouth is watering as I speak. The chocolate was just as moist as the plain sponge. Real cake. It definitely was real cake.

Caketoppers provide everything from personalised cupcakes with your own photos or logos to edible cake toppers that you can use on your own cakes. Big cakes, small cakes, batches of 6 to 300 and beyond. incase you need the hint, my birthday is in a couple of weeks… so I may just have to treat myself to a giant personalised cake of myself. I’m sure Mr C would love that! ha! (They also offer next day cake delivery if you need an emergency cake!)

If you fancy giving them a try and getting a personalised cake delivered to your door, you can use this Caketoppers discount code for 10% off! Just enter – PBB10 at checkout!