My Batch Cooking Promise For 2018

We’re moving house and things are going to be on a budget. I’ve decided I’m going to become a frugal housewife. Well, almost! One of the main things I’m going to do is to not waste food. I feel like we waste so much, which isn’t helping the purse strings at all. It’s a bit annoying because Mr C isn’t a fan of vegetables but tough luck. When we move house I’m going to batch cook my way to money saving joy! I’m going to slow cook my way to savvy spending, freeze my way to financial freedom and give out leftovers some serious next day love. Before we move I’m making a list of a few things we need to get our batch-cooking journey off to a great start.

batch cooking promise

The Big Freeze

We’ll already have a standard fridge freezer in the kitchen, but is it me or does it never seem big enough? The aim of batch cooking is to freeze stuff for a later date so we’re going to get another bargain fridge freezer and keep it in the garage. Genius right?

Box it up

Tupperware, food storage boxes… whatever you want to call them are vital in my batch cooking promise. We’ll use these to store left over food or extra portions in the freezer. I always lose these so I’m going to be extra careful about storing them away when they aren’t in use. I’m going to have some super basic ones, but also a couple of fancy ones so I can just pop big dinners on the table and dish straight up from them. Saves on washing up!

Take it Slow

I love my slow cooker but don’t use it anywhere near enough. I’m going to invest in a slightly bigger one and research all the tasty slow cooker recipes I can find. If you know of any, please shout! I want to make the most of leaving things to cook by themselves. It saves time and money. Nothing better really.


From cookbooks to cook bookstands, these little things are going to help me keep things spicy in the kitchen. I get bored so quickly so I need new ideas and little things to help me enjoy what I’m cooking. If you have any favourite cookbooks or kitchen accessories let me know!

Of course I’ll keep you updated and if I come across any epic slow cooker recipes I’ll be sure to share!