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If you follow me on social media you’ll see I went to Wales last week and stayed at Bluestone Park in a beautiful wooden lodge. (Review coming this week once I’ve filtered through the hundreds of pictures!) I had such a relaxing week, but prior to the trip I did wonder how we would work out the food arrangements. It was a last minute change and I ended up going with my parents which was really lovely, spending some quality time together. But, going self catering I did think that we’d either spend an awful lot of money on breakfast, lunch and dinner every day or we’d end up eating junk. Both weren’t my ideal situation and it would have been a shame to not have amazing fresh food while in such a fresh location. Well, let me introduce Farmison & Co who basically saved the day with a holiday meat box. Seriously, I’ve never had such amazing meat BUT it’s SUCH a good idea for a self catering holiday. Let me explain…

Farmison & Co Meat Box Review

Farmison & Co are all about eating better meat. In their words ‘ To deliver the finest Heritage Meat
from the Dales & Fells to your door‘. They work ethically with farmers to bring us the best meat, with not artificial stuff, the best farming methods and fair pricing all around. Plus, they deliver the meat fresh, not frozen within 48 hours. When my meat arrived it was packed INCREDIBLY well. First off it was in sealed polystyrene boxes so they don’t leak, and the ice packets inside were almost unmeltable. The chicken was seperated from the red meat too. The meat was super fresh on arrival, individually packets ready to cook or freeze. use my dates were on each item and seriously, if you’re a meat lover like me, the meat was red and the fat was creamy white. The freshest meat I’ve probably ever seen.

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Our idea was to take the meat box on holiday with us so we could create home made, fresh tasty meals for all of us on a budget. You can choose the various meat boxes that Farmison offer, such as the BBQ meat box or the Meat Larder box, but you can also choose to build your own items from a huge selection of meat and cuts. We had a selection of meat including breakfast items such as Ripon Cathedral Collar Bacon and some gorgeous dinner items like Native British Swaledale Lamb Barnsley Chop. By taking the meat with us, we had planned some lovely meals and we knew we’d be eating good food. We popped the meat in the fridge and the next day packaged it back into the delivery boxes and put it in the car along with our cases. After a 5 hour drive, we arrived safe and a little tired, but the food arrived just as fresh as it was when we received it.

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I’m so impressed with the quality of the meat. The spatchcock chicken literally blew me away. I’m a chicken fan and I have it ALOT! But, this chicken was so fresh and buttery. It was so fresh and the meat was incredibly tender. This is the perfect meal for a self catering holiday because you shove it in the oven and thats about it. But this chicken wasn’t dry and it was actually more than enough for 4 even 5 people. So of course we did the traditional thing of cold meat sandwiches that night. Who wouldn’t!?

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On day one we had the BEST breakfast. I mean waking up in the heart of Wales, looking over green fields, fresh crisp air and absolute tranquilness. The smell of bacon in the morning while in the lodge was a little bit of heaven. I did wonder what we would have done on that first morning. A bowl of cereal just doesn’t seem to cut it when I’m somewhere like that. Knowing we had some serious quality sausage and bacon in the fridge meant we didn’t have to think about it! We bought some basics with us like eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms. Breakfast was a success. Super tasty, seriously meaty and I think you can see the actually quality of the meat.

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I will definitely be ordering from Farmison & Co again. Whether it’s a self catering holiday or a special BBQ the meat box is a bit of a life saver but the taste and the quality of the meat is SO noticeable. I think I might order a few essential every month and then I know my family are getting real meat and it might make my roast dinners that little bit better! Plus, there’s some mouth watering pork pies I have my eye on!