The Perfect Baby Shower Gift From A Brand I Trust

The first baby shower I’d ever experienced was my very own! I’m not sure if they’re a new thing over recent years or if I just didn’t know any new mummies! Either way, not only was it incredibly emotional and an absolutely amazing way of celebrating this life-changing event, but it meant those closest to me really spoilt me and the new baby with things I didn’t even know I needed. Plus, the things I didn’t know that I DIDN’T need! Every single gift I got at my baby shower meant the world to me and of course, being a new mama we bought everything and anything. Now, being through the worst through a world of experience I have a decent idea of what we do and don’t need. Plus, when I next go to a baby shower I have an idea of what to gift too. Winning!

Nuby Baby Shower Essentials Gift Set and Keepsake

One thing I’ve learnt over the past year is that you do or don’t trust a brand when it comes to baby products. There’s no in-between. You literally give a product a green light and think this is amazing or it gets a big red cross and an ‘ergggh what rubbish’ sticker attached. One brand that got a green light from me on more than one occasion was Nuby. Not only are their products really affordable but also everything is so practical. I’ve yet to come across a Nuby product that doesn’t serve a real purpose. Some baby products I’ve had over the last 16 months have just kind of got lost or left behind because they weren’t necessary or literally served no purpose. So far we’ve leaned towards Nuby products on more than one occasion. From water bottles to bibs, they haven’t let us down so far.

So, when Nuby offered to run a giveaway with me for my Bump it Up Maternity collaboration (follow #HolliesPregnancyDiaries for more info!) I was over the moon. I thought they might want to support the collaboration in a small way, but they were so generous. They offered to giveaway this absolutely epic Nuby Baby Shower Essentials Gift Set and Keepsake. It’s genuinely a gift that covers SO many essentials and comes in a gorgeous box that you can keep all your baby memories in when your little one is here. They sent me one so I could see what was in it and I can’t tell you enough. If you’re planning a baby shower this is PERFECT! It’s just under £100 but worth much more and think about it… if 10 of you put just £10 in, it’s covered! So, what’s included? That’s the big thing huh?

Well, here’s what is included in the Nuby Baby Shower Essentials Gift Set and Keepsake and my little opinion of each one

A premium nuby rucksack which comes with changing mat – This is not only a gorgeously cool looking rucksack that mummy or daddy can wear, but it has so much storage and compartments on the inside you’ll feel super organised. I’ve realised over the past few months that a rucksack is a great alternative for a changing bag. It can be worn and forgotten about or tucked in the buggy basket. It’s just so much more convenient for days out and you can fit loads in.

A premium nuby rucksack which comes with changing mat.

So many compartments in the changing bag!

Super comfortable baby carrier – I was so intrigued by this from the day Nuby launched it. It matched the rucksack and looks so comfy and lightweight. It’s a front and back carrier so you can choose what suits you best. This is worth £40 alone so you can see how the gift box is such good value for money. It has an extra-wide waistband to support the lower back and I’m pleased to say it fits me even with a bump. I tried it today and there is plenty of space for a plus size mama to wear this.

Matching bottle bag – I didn’t realise how much a bottle bag would be needed until a couple of months into being a mum and actually venturing outside. So you shouldn’t keep milk for more than 2 hours but a bottle warmer is great if you’re in a rush. Heat up the milk, head out and feed when you get to your location. Baby C, even now, prefers warm milk.

6 natural touch easy latch anti-colic bottles – The one thing I did regret and will be rectified with this baby, is not trying the Nuby milk bottles. This fabulous gift set comes with 6 natural touch easy latch anti-colic bottles. This means whether you or your new mama friend are planning on breastfeeding or not, you’ll be prepped for feeding time. They’re great for transition from boob to bottle and the anti-colic makes a world of difference. We lived on Infacol for a bit, so I’m pleased we have anti-colic bottles this time.

6 natural touch easy latch anti-colic bottles

Soother – because nothing works quite like a dummy to settle an unsettled baby. That’s my opinion anyway!

A special keepsake frame – The soft clay lets you take prints of your little one’s hands or feet. How amazing will that be for them to see when they’re an adult! I love this idea. Those tiny hands and feet get bigger so quickly it’s nice to remember just how small they once were.

I told you, it’s an amazing collection of essentials for any mama to be. Not just a new mum, as these are essentials you’ll need for each new baby. It really is a lovely bundle and I can’t believe in a few weeks’ times we’ll actually be using all this stuff! Crazy! Don’t forget, if you’re getting a lovely gift like this together, you have to get the luxury packaging to go with it! Think about the packaging as a part of the gift too!


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