Plus Size and Pregnant – Announcement & 16 Weeks Update

If you follow me on social media, you’ll see that I recently announced that I’m pregnant! It’s seriously crazy and I am over the moon! Since announcing the news I’ve had so many (lovely) comments and questions from mums to be and plus size women looking for a source of information, familiarity and comfort. Believe me, you’re not alone. So yes, I’ll still be blogging about plus size fashion, beauty and basically everything I usually blog about, I’ll also be talking about pregnancy! (There’s a new family section on the menu at the top!).

pretty big butterflies

I have SO much to talk about considering I’m 16 weeks and in my second trimester. From what weight I started at, how long it took to conceive, scans, midwives, appointments, constipation (yes… constipation!)…. the list goes on! What I want to say is if you have any questions email me, tweet me, Facebook me, DM me on Instagram or comment below. I know what it’s like to have a million questions and to look for some inspiration. A huge inspiration to me lately has been Tess Holliday (plus size model) who recently gave birth to a healthy, gorgeous little boy. So if I can do or say anything to help with YOUR journey then that’s amazing.

Pretty Big Butterflies

So this is just an introduction post, announcing that I have a lovely bun in the oven and this is my FIRST bump post /picture. Now, I’m a size 24 so I have a generous belly anyway, but over the past 2 weeks I’ve noticed (as has my partner and mum) that my belly has got a little rounder and smoother and I’ve noticed my comfy trousers getting a tiny inch bit snug. Now, this could be bloating but as I do have a human growing in there, it could also be the fact I’m getting a bump!

Mummy blogger

So first up, plus size maternity wear. The one place that seems to be absolutely rocking it right now is Bump It Up from Yours Clothing. Seriously, I haven’t done a huge amount of research yet but my Google search results tell me plus size maternity wear is somewhat of a taboo. So if you have any brands or places that you know of let me know. If not I’m going to attempt to do my own research. But to be honest, if Bump It Up continue at this pace, they’ll be all I need.

plus size

As I haven’t got a huge bump at the moment, I’m starting to get things that will stretch and be comfortable. I can’t help but love this maternity logo t shirt. (You know I’m a fan of these anyway!) Keel Calm and Bump It Up is exactly how I feel right now! This top fits so well, its level fabric and has elasticated ruched sides for stretch and comfort. It will last though-out the 9 months for sure and is great for declaring you’re bump to the world! It’s available in sizes 16-32 and it’s lovely to have something fun and playful to wear at such an exciting time!

keep calm and bump it up - blogger

So, this is me at home chilling out, I have some more great pieces from the collection which I’ll be showcasing over the next few weeks as my bump grows and needs a bit more space. This is my 16 week baby bump! There will be another update super soon! 🙂