Baby Shower Celebrations

If you follow me on social media you probably know by now that we had our baby boy on the 1st January 2017. Baby C is doing well and so am I. I have to admit though, I am missing being pregnant just a little. It’s a strange feeling, but I had a great pregnancy in all aspects. One thing that really did make it amazing was my lovely friends and family who got together to throw me not one but TWO baby showers! Seriously, talk about being spoilt. To be honest, I’d never even been to a baby shower. I’d heard about them and how demanding they can be but never actually experienced it before. Just as a little recap I thought I’d share some of the best bits of my baby showers and give you a few tips and tricks if you’re planning one in the near future.


Carnaby Street

Of course you need to take into account where the baby shower is going to be. You need to remember that the pregnant woman needs to actually get to the venue! My lovely friends did good. They did one at work and hired out a meeting room and another more intimate baby shower in a little restaurant in Carnaby Street. They had figured out how I was getting there and how I was getting home (especially with all the gifts!) and it meant I didn’t have to worry about a thing!

Fun & Games

Baby Shower Photo Props

So a baby shower isn’t a baby shower without some kind of fun and games. We had some fun baby shower photo props at my baby shower which made some great photographic memories! We also played baby charades (pretending your waters have broken is quite humorous) and what was even funner was pin the sperm on the egg. I kid you not. A little twist on the old fashioned pin the tail on the donkey game for sure! These don’t have to cost much (you could even make them yourself). One of the best things at my baby shower was the girls got to colour in a baby grow with fabric pens. It was a great way to keep people occupied, get conversation started between people and left me with some lovely keepsakes from those important people.


Baby Shower Gifts and GamesBaby Shower gifts for guests

Obviously, the attention will be focused on the mum to be and new baby. Thats the point of the baby shower, to celebrate them! But what was really nice at my baby showers were that everyone left with a little goody bag with a tag on to remember the date or a little bracelet saying thank you for coming. It was lovely that my friends who organised this thought of the people coming. The guests are all spending their time to be there and more often than not bring gifts or food. The fact they all got a little thank you was pretty special.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 20.55.52


Of course, if this is all too much or you want a bit of a helping hand; you can create any event with the help of an event management company. Letting someone else do the hard work for you is never a bad thing! I had two amazing baby showers and no matter what kind of shower you (or someone else) organises the important thing is that you have the people there that matter to celebrate this super special time.