21 Weeks Pregnant – Update & Pretty Dress Alert

Can you believe I’m 21 weeks pregnant?! That means I’m officially half way through my pregnancy! I can’t quite believe it either. Well to cut a long story short I’m finally starting to enjoy it. The seriously anxiety (oh the anxiety!) has calmed down and I’m starting to feel the little bean move around. (It’s a mixture of small taps, a rolling motion and something that feels like bubbles) If I didn’t know it was the baby I’d think I had some serious tummy trouble! We have had both of our scans now (Which I’ll go into more details about in another post as I think it’s really important I share my experience with you as a plus size woman) but we still don’t know the sex as the little bean is being rather coy about the whole thing, that or just naughty! I’m actually starting to show properly now, to the point people have noticed a little AND my favourite jeans are now a bit too snug on my belly so the wardrobe is having a little change. This weekend I went to afternoon tea with the girls and it’s the first time in ages I put myself together, I have been feeling a bit rubbish so it was nice to make an effort. What’s more I finally had a reason (well 2 reasons!) to wear this gorgeous maternity lace dress!

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Plus Size and Pregnant - Maternity wear

When I say maternity, it actually could work for anyone who just wants a bit more comfort and space around the tummy area. What’s lovely about this is the little bow in the middle that sits perfectly on my little bump. There’s so much space for a growing belly and once the baby is here the dress will still be a perfect occasion wear outfit. So it won’t go to waste! It’s from the Bump It Up range available at Yours Clothing which is all about plus size maternity wear. Hooray! Do you know how rare it is to find this stuff!? It’s actually really frustrating! So Bump It Up is a bit of a legend in my book to be honest. I get that leggings are comfortable but I don’t want to wear them for the next 4 months!

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Plus Size Maternity Dress Review

This particular dress has a beige underlay and there is another version which has a black underlay making it a tiny bit more dressy. What I want to shout about is that this dress is PERFECT if you’re plus size and going to be pregnant at Christmas. This is the perfect festive dress to show of your bump and make you feel amazing. It’s so easy to just put on as it’s super stretchy. No effort at all. It’s available in sizes 16 – 32. As you know I have quite large arms and this was OK for me. A tiny bit snug because of the last but very comfortable. The whole dress was really comfortable and let my belly expand with the cake I had during the afternoon tea! (I also wore a black bra underneath and it blends in – just so you know!)

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I genuinely felt lovely in this dress. Considering I just about put some make up on and didn’t do my eyebrows, oh and my ankles are swollen from the heat… I think I have a little pregnancy glow about me in this outfit! Thank you Bump It Up for providing plus size maternity clothes that I want to wear and are STILL wearable once the baby bump has gone!

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