How to Get Rid of Heartburn: What You Need to Eat (And Avoid)

If you have had heartburn you probably want to find ways not to just avoid but to also stop heartburn when it happens. A lot of people first will reach for tums or Pepto, but this often doesn’t really help and in the long term can be harmful. First to help reduce the likelihood of heartburn and get it to stop make sure that you wear clothing that isn’t restricting around your stomach area. Next, use good posture and use a pillow to help keep your upper body elevated when you sleep.

How to Get Rid of Heartburn: What You Need to Eat (And Avoid)

Different food can trigger heartburn and sulphur burps for different people, so pay attention to what you are eating and what triggers an attack for you. It is a good idea to avoid high-fat meats like ground beef and chicken wings. Stay away from those snacks that are high in fat like potato chips and you probably also want to avoid chocolate too. Coffee, tea, soda and alcohol can also trigger heartburn as well as fruit and vegetable juice. This means when you are looking for a refreshing beverage and don’t want any heartburn to go with it you will want to reach for water.

You will probably also want to avoid dairy as well as pasta, especially ones with cheese or marinara sauces that can trigger your heartburn. If this sounds like a recipe for a bland, no-fun diet, it is, but this is usually preferable to the heartburn that can be so intense it feels like a heart attack. If you can’t always adhere to this monk-like diet, there are some fairly effective home remedies that will help out for those occasions where you do get that unmistakable burn in your oesophagus.

First, if you are having a meal that you know might trigger your heartburn chew some gum afterwards to help dilute the stomach acids. Add some ginger into your diet to help combat and prevent a heartburn attack. You can also add liquorice supplements and/or start sipping a little apple cider vinegar. If that doesn’t prevent an attack you can mix a little baking soda with some water, it won’t taste great, but can help to reduce the acid and stop the burn. If all of this fails you can still go for one of the many over the counter remedies for heartburn or talk to your doctor about medicines that can reduce stomach acid and prevent heartburn from even happening.