Bepanthen Soothe The Pregnancy Stretch

There’s a lot to be said for stretch marks. Some people hate them, some people see them as their ‘warrior’ scars or indicate their strength or journey through life (especially when they arrive during pregnancy). For me, I’ve had stretch marks on my tummy for a long time. At one, stressful point in my life I put weight on rapidly and ultimately my skin stretched. It’s one of those things. It took me a while to live with them, but now they are just a part of me. My life, my body and I’m OK with that. You can have stretch marks for a hundred different reasons in a hundred different places and believe it or not… they are normal! Pregnancy is obviously a time when your body STRETCHES! While I’m somewhat over the aesthetic issues of stretch mark (I have them, I deal with it) what I’m not enjoying so much is the couple of small ones I’m getting near my belly button that are a little sore and itchy. Thats skin rapidly stretching for you! So when Bepanthen let me know about their stretch mark cream, I thought I might as well give it a go.

Bepanthen Stretch Mark Cream Review

Bepanthen is all about supporting the skin and keeping it elasticated. I wish I had started this at the beginning of pregnancy but I thought it was all about trying to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, and like I said I didn’t see a point as I already have them. It’s only now the recent slight discomfort has come to light I’m kicking myself a little. But you live and you learn. And I’m telling you this now so hopefully you can learn from my mistake!

Bepanthen Review - Pregnancy blogger

You simply massage it into your skin morning and night. It’s super soft and I can feel the difference on my skin. It feels more supple and almost hydrated. I can’t lie; I’ve also used it on my thighs as strangely enough I’ve started getting an odd dry patch on one of legs since being pregnant! It’s a light white cream that leaves behind NO residue and NO grease. There’s no messing around. You literally need only a tiny amount (I’d say 3 pumps to cover my baby bump) and you’re done because it spreads so well. It also pumps out which is a lot less messy and makes me feel like I’d get more out of the bottle. It has a soft baby powder type fragrance, really light and almost unnoticeable.

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The Bepanthen cream consists of the tropical plant Centella Asiatica, which helps to stimulate collagen, and fibre production that in turn helps to strengthen the skin and make it more elastic. It also includes Provitamin B5 and glycerine, both are known to nourish and moisturise the skin. Another part of the cream is Pure olive oil and skin lipids that supports the skins barrier to the elements. So thing hard water, cold, rough fabrics… that kind of thing!

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After using the stretch mark cream for a little while I can say that my stretch marks have stopped feeling so uncomfortable, unfortunately nothing will stop them as I was already well on the way to the road map of life. But the cream is definitely soothing and I’m sure that in turn may prevent them from being as severe as they could be. I’d definitely use the Bepanthen nappy ointment cream on my little baby bean due in 8 weeks. if it’s anything like the stretch mark cream its super skin friendly, effective and safe.