5 Things No One Told Me About Pregnancy

These last few weeks have been an eye opener for me. Seriously, I feel like it’s been a whirlwind of mixed emotions. I’m now 25 weeks pregnant (just in the 6th month!). I haven’t had time to sit and write and in depth post about certain things yet (like scans) because it’s so personal I want to give it the time it needs. BUT I’m telling you, there are some things I’ve learnt about pregnancy this week that no one has mentioned before – and well I thought I’d share them with you. There may be too much information shared, but that’s the disclaimer right there! (Also, this is my perspective from being plus size and pregnant, this may or may not relate to ‘straight size’ pregnancies)

#25weeks pregnant & plus size.

#25weeks pregnant & plus size.

1. Crusty Nipples AKA dried colostrum

Now after a bit of research I realised I didn’t have some weird infection or that my nipples were falling off. I just had these tiny little flakes almost embedded in my nipple and it felt pretty sore. My boobs feel sore in general, but I’m used to that now. Basically, colostrum is the very first bit of milk that your breasts produce and if you leak a tiny drop and don’t notice in the day, it will inevitably go dry and a little…. Crusty! It sounds gross and it kind of is. But it also made me happy that my boobs may actually have some milk in them hills!

2. Not sleeping on your back is hard. Very hard.

Almost impossible! I was never a back sleeper, more of a belly sleeper. But since I read numerous articles warning against sleeping on your back because of the weight on your nerves etc., it’s like I naturally roll on to my back every bloody night! You know the moment someone says don’t you can’t help but do it! I’ve been using support cushions to prop me up but twice now the Mr. has had to wake me up and tell me to roll over. Both times I’ve thought he has just told me he loves me and I sleepily say it back before he cracks up laughing and we’re both wide awake. Delirium.

3. People will blame your hormones and they are half right.

OK, when your pregnant your hormones are all over the shop, I can put my hands up and admit to that. But seriously, I am currently unable to let anything go. At one point I literally thought I was surrounded by morons. I just couldn’t believe what people were doing, saying or how they were behaving. From colleagues to traffic wardens and it was to the point I had to check with people that this was in fact not just I. But alas, I guess that super sensitivity really does kick in and you just have to give it up and admit it for an easy life. It’s OK. You’re pregnant.

4. Appointments. Appointments. Appointments.

It’s not a secret, but because of my BMI I am classified as a high-risk pregnancy. That’s’ just what it is. A box I’ve been put into and I’m OK with that. I’m high risk based on a flow chart literally based on the size of my body. It is what it is, just words on paper which means certain procedures have to be followed. You can be high risk based on age, size, heritage, medical history and living conditions. It does not make me a bad person, a bad mother or unhealthy. It DOES means I have appointments coming out of my ears, but you know what. It means the baby and I get checked every couple of weeks and IF they did find anything to be concerned about at least they’d pick it up sooner rather than later. Seriously though I have 4 more scans, bi weekly blood pressure checks, numerous consultant checks. That being said (especially with the people who will say big is not healthy etc.), so far my blood pressure has been described as perfect and all scans are fine. Things could change yes, but right now things are good. So yes, it is a tick box exercise rather than it being on an individual basis. But the extra vigilance is not a bad thing. I realise that.

5. 100% doesn’t exist.

I’m someone who wants to be told everything is fine, relax, it’s all-perfect. 100%, A OK, totally on point…. You kind of catch my drift. But NO ONE will say it. My midwife even confirmed. That no one will give you the all clear and say your baby is 100%, your pregnancy is 100% everything is 100%. I’m not usually an anxious person but seriously this has pushed me to the edge. But now, finally, at 25 weeks, I know all my tests are fine, my baby is growing in line with normal stats and so far so good. But I guess you just need to relax. It’s hard. I’m trying. But I’m getting there and I’m starting to enjoy pregnancy. Nothing is guaranteed in life and pregnancy is such a natural phenomenon that no one can be 100% certain about any aspect of it, no matter how much we might want it.


That baby bump fashion

That baby bump fashion

So that’s that! My 5 things that no one told me about pregnancy. I hope that if you’re going through or experiencing any of the above it makes you see you’re not alone and no pregnancy is ‘normal’. I have to say writing this need make me laugh and feel a bit emotional at the same time…. Those damn hormones!