What To Do When Chickenpox Strikes

When you become a parent it’s like this whole new world opens up to you. Mostly good, and some not so good. But there are some things that you just don’t know how to handle. Our eldest, who is now 20 months, had croup a few months back and it became so severe he ended up in intensive care. So you could say since then, I’ve become a somewhat overprotective mama! One of the things I’m prepping for now is the inevitable chickenpox attack. We’re making arrangements for him to possibly go to a nursery and a couple of new playgroups. So there’s no doubt that our time will come.

 Care ViraSoothe Cooling Gel and Spray Gel

Strangely enough, I’ve never had chickenpox, I’m no I’m basically not human right? So I’m pretty clueless when it comes to treating it. Apparently, almost all children under 10 get it and the incubation period can be up to 3 weeks before a spot even shows itself! I am dreading the day my boys get it! Chickenpox is caused by the highly contagious virus, varicella-zoster. There are a number of symptoms including an itchy rash, spots and fluid filled blisters that can be very uncomfortable. It must be so hard for little ones who just want to scratch!

But thank goodness for brands such as Care who has a junior range of remedies for babies and children and they’re trying to spread the message of how to treat chickenpox and help support parents when those pesky spots arrive. For me, being a relatively new parent, it’s quite nice to have this information in the back of my head for when it does happen.

Care offer a range of junior products for kids and babies, including Care ViraSoothe Cooling Gel and Spray Gel. A chickenpox treatment suitable for little ones over 6 months old. Basically, it helps to cool the skin and to prevent scratching. We all know that the scratching equals the risk of infection so it helps to break this cycle. In turn, that helps to prevent scaring. I think the fact it comes in a gel as well as a spray is so helpful. I know my little ones hates me rubbing anything on him when he is poorly!

What To Do When Chickenpox Strikes

Of course, it’s not just the kids that suffer when chickenpox arrives. Lack of sleep can be hell on earth for parents. I mean, we experience it enough without adding the virus into the equation. Agreed? So there’s a few things I think parents need to take on board to help them through this tricky period.

  • Giving your child a bath in cool water and pat the skin dry (don’t rub). Add a few bath toys to keep your little ones amused. I always find that just sitting in the bathroom while Cameo is in the bath gives me a few minutes to just breath! If your little one has chickenpox this should give you a few minutes of respite from scratch watching.


  • We have a great book where the character has chickenpox. Not only do most little ones love a little story, but they’ll be able to relate to it. Something like this might help them relate and understand. Always worth a try.


  • It’s so hard to relax when your child is poorly. Let alone with something like chicken pox. But you need to try and create a restful environment at some point for you and your little one. So when you do get some time to yourself, probably at bed time. Think about getting some relaxing scented candles, have a relaxing warm bath yourself and try (I say try) to get some rest.

Care ViraSoothe have an online hub on their website with information on chickenpox and advice on how to manage it. It’s a really helpful page with lots of advice for parents. You can take a look here: http://allthecareyouneed.co.uk/self-treatment/virasoothe/


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