Keeping Snug With a Shaun the Sheep Sleeping Bag From Slumbersac

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that the worries you have when you have kids are things that never even crossed your mind before you were a parent. I knew I’d worry, I mean, that’s natural. I just didn’t know that I’d be worrying about things I’d never thought of before. One of the biggest concerns I had when I first had Cameo, my now two-year-old, was when he was in bed. They say you shouldn’t really put blankets on babies when they sleep but if you do they should be tucked right underneath the mattress so that they can’t wriggle underneath them. I had many a sleepless night waking up checking that the blanket hadn’t gone over his face. Then as he got older and could move around freely and take the covers off or pull them over himself, another problem occurred. He would always, and still does, throw the covers off himself at night.

Keeping Snug With a Shaun the Sheep Sleeping Bag From Slumbersac

When it’s winter, he literally sleeps in the freezing cold. Even if we go into his room 5 times in the night to put them back over him, by the morning, he’ll be coverless again. I know I’m not alone with these concerns. So you know one of the best product’s I’ve found and I wish I found them a lot sooner? Baby sleeping bags! I use them all the time now with Marlo who is 5 months old. But they’re not just for babies. Cameo has a Shaun the Sheep sleeping bag that he loves and so do I!

Shaun the Sheep Sleeping Bag From Slumbersac

The  ‘Shaun the Sheep’ sleeping bag with feet, is created in association with The Children’s Sleep Charity and ©Aardman Animations. For every Shaun the Sheep Sleeping Bag that’s sold, Slumbersac will donate £1 to The Children’s Sleep Charity, a national, award-winning charity supporting children with sleep issues. It’s always worth knowing when a product supports a charity if you can help someone indirectly, why wouldn’t you?

The Shaun the Sheep sleeping bag is from Slumbersac which is a name I know and trust. Of course, that’s important to me when it comes to something as important as sleep. It’s super soft and if they did it in adult size I would definitely have one. What’s great about this sleeping bag is the option to cover your little one’s feet is optional. So with Cameo, although he toes literally freeze at night time, he hates having anything on them. Socks get pulled off and sleepsuits make him cry. So it’s cold toes I’m afraid. But at least with this Shaun the Sheep sleeping bag we can pull the feet down and keep his feet snug. Then when he wakes up, his feet can pop out again and he can go running around! Finally, a good night’s sleep.

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I’m not going to lie, when Cameo runs around in his sleeping bag he looks like a little sumo wrestler ready to jump around. But it looks so so so cute and I know he is being kept comfortable and warm at the same time. Winning all around!

The sleepsuit is approx 2.5 togs in weight, suitable for general year-round use in room temperatures between 15 and 21 degrees. It’s available in 5 sizes

  • 12 – 18 months / 80cm (measured from shoulder to the feet)
  • 18 – 24 months / 90cm (measured from shoulder to the feet)
  • 24 – 36 months / 100cm (measured from shoulder to the feet)
  • 3-4 years / 110 cm (measured from shoulder to the feet)
  • 5-6 years /120cm (measured from shoulder to the feet)

You can find out more on the Slumbersac website here.