Choose The Right Olive Oil For You

There are a few simple ingredients in life that I can’t live without, I use them all the time and in so many dishes but I know I don’t use them to their full extent. Olive oil is definitely one of them. I use it for so many things and it’s a cupboard essential. But to be honest, I know about the different types of olive oil but I don’t understand how they work differently with food. I know when I eat out; the olive oil tastes AMAZING when they serve as a dip or over a salad. But how do they get it to taste so good? I just assumed it was a super expensive brand. But NO! Actually, different olive oil works wonders with different foods. This Olive Oil buyers guide from the great Jamie’s Italian Restaurant chain is brilliant for explaining what works with what. It’s a great little guide to get the most out of an ingredient that can be used throughout so much of your cooking.



From Visually.

I’m not sure I’ll be doing the olive oil tasting, but I’ll definitely be matching my olive oils for the best cooking experience. My mushrooms will now be pan fried in pure olive oil, my bread will be dipped in extra virgin (with a touch of balsamic vinegar – yummy!) and I’ll be rubbing some light olive oil over my chicken before roasting it! Knowing what oil is used in the best way gets the best out of the oil. It’s the simple things that can make such a difference. Don’t you agree?