BringIt at Lunchtime, Dinnertime or Anytime!

If there’s one thing that my office loves, it’s a good lunch. Seriously, people talk about it from the day before sometimes, making plans and deciding who gets the short straw of going to collect the food. (As I’m pregnant I’ve been let off this duty… #winning) When I found out about the new food delivery app BringIt, I instantly thought about me work colleagues. This would go down a storm… and trust me… it did!

BringIt Food Delivery App Review

BringIt works with independent restaurants and grocers, as well as the big name stores, delivering everything from coffee, to lunch, to your full week shop. Seeing as it was the first time I was going to use it, I thought I’d spoil the team for looking after me over the past couple of weeks. There were some lovely local restaurants we could have chosen from to bring us some tasty fresh food. Literally everything from Greek Meze to cream filled doughnuts can be delivered and you can choose from your nearest outlets or choose by food type. Quick and easy, the way lunch should be. Well, I have to be honest. There are other food delivery services that do the same thing, but there’s something different about BringIt that the others don’t do. It’s sweet, simple and some may even say disgusting… but when my team found out that they would collect and deliver MCDONALDS… well. It was game over!

BringIt Food Delivery App Review - food Blogger - London

So that’s what we did! Literally, on the app it has the McDonalds menu (or menu of your choice if you’re more upmarket than us!) and you literally pop what you want in your basket. Ours consisted of one too many Big Macs but I think the excitement of getting good old McDonalds delivered was pretty overwhelming. There is a delivery fee of £2.95 but that’s really cheap considering we’re in central London and we ordered over 4 meals – PLUS (of you’re a Londoner you probably know this already). But it makes no difference if the delivery driver (ours was on a motorbike) goes through the congestion charge and currently Tower Bridge is closed making central London a traffic nightmare. But surpassingly, our delivery guy AKA our ‘Bringer’ Connor was super quick. When we ordered, we were shown on a live map where his location was, giving us time to make the most of our lunch break, a notification came up with his name and number and there was a countdown timer of how long it would be. It’s like the best virtual customer service you could get.

Get McDonalds Delivered - BringIt food delivery app

So it gets better. I pushed my luck by texting him and asking if he could bring ketchup. I felt super cheeky. Getting our lunch delivered and daring to ask for ketchup AFTER I made the order. But Connor replied saying sure thing and indeed, he brought ketchup, straws and napkins. Seriously, the excitement is real. A delivery service delivering food from companies that don’t deliver. It sounds like a riddle, but it’s a long time coming that’s for sure!

Get Fast Food Delivered With Bringit

Our food arrived warm (when is McDonalds every hot!) all in one piece (pretty good considering those drink trays are AWFUL) and the order was completely spot on. Plus, Connor was cheerful happy and actually a genuinely nice guy. I almost felt guilty that we didn’t get him some lunch! What’s nice about this App is that they recognise this is technology and in the unlikely event something goes wrong, they actually have a contact number where you can call and speak to a person. It’s just nice to know you’re not just trusting an app with your money, and your colleague’s hungry tummies. (You can also order food in advance if you want to look extra organized)BringIt Food Delivery App Review - Pretty Big Butterflies

I feel like this is a service that you could almost get into a routine of using because it’s so easy and convenient. This could be a good or bad thing depending on how you see it. I see it as a terribly good thing. It’s convenient, quick, gives you lots of choice and lets lots of you order at the same time. Plus, if you need a professional reason… you can spend more time working while your lunch is being delivered! (You can also get KFC delivered… seriously I will become the lunch queen in my office!)

You can find out more about BringIt, locations and more here.