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  • Holiday Cocktails at Home

    Holiday Cocktails at Home
  • Introducing BC30 & My Busy Breakfast Morning Routine

    Introducing BC30 & My Busy Breakfast Morning Routine
  • Easy Breakfast Recipes For Busy College Students

    Easy Breakfast Recipes For Busy College Students
  • The Most Practical Gifts for Coffee Lovers

    The Most Practical Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Your guide for creating bath bombs 

Making bath bombs is a great indoor activity for any age group, especially as a way to keep kids busy on a rainy afternoon. Creating them makes for great mental stimulation, with added elements such as decorations, flowers, colours and even scents.  Bath bombs also make the perfect gift for a loved one, or even just for yourself! Once you have established the main ingredients, it’s super simple to adapt the recipe to whatever you want.  Follow our handy guide to find out how you can make the perfect bath bomb.  Ingredients  There are two main ingredients that you will…

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5 Foods That Help With Hair Growth

Having long, healthy locks seems to be on a lot of peoples wish lists. But did you know what you’re eating could be the cause of the slow growth? Or adding some select foods into your diet could actually help you with your hair growth journey? Here’s 5 foods that can help grow some extra inches.  Fatty fish  Introducing fatty fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel into your diet is beneficial for a range of reasons. The main one being the release of omega-3. As your body can’t make these healthy fats naturally, the body needs this to grow…

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Find The Right Bean Bag For You

We’re moving house soon and I can’t wait to start afresh in the house and make it ours! I want fresh but cosy, fashionable but comfortable. That’s not too much to ask, is it? I’ve already started looking at things we can add to the front room and the boys’ room to make them versatile and make the most of the space we have. One thing that’s on my list of must-haves is a giant bean bag chair! I’ve wanted a huge one for ages but we haven’t really had the right place for it. But, I’ve found some amazing…

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Kids Easter Crafts With Plasticine

Life can be so busy sometimes. Between working, running a house and looking after two kids, it can be tough to remember to have fun with the little ones sometimes. One of the things I love about Plasticine is that it gives us some quality time together, getting creative & having fun! It reminds me of being young again and it’s just a simple but great activity that really does last and last. (Plus, Plasticine doesn’t dry out so you literally get hours of fun!) We made some Easter-themed items this week & I think Marlo’s Easter chick gets 10/10.…

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What Mum’s Really Want For Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day who doesn’t love chocolate and flowers? They’re key gifts that always go down well. Right? Yes! But, yes there is a but, sometimes it’s nice to have something a little different. Something that we, as mums, really want. A treat, a pick me up, something we wouldn’t usually buy ourselves because it seems too indulgent. That’s what we want. I know it’s hard because I guarantee if you ask your mum what she’d like the response will be ‘You don’t have to get me anything! Save your money. But we all know that’s not quite true. But…

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