I’m a #SadieJeansGirl Thanks to @SimplyBe

You might have seen on my social media recently lots of excitement and talk about a shoot I did with Simply Be. I did a post on the first video they released a couple of weeks ago and you were all AMAZING with your comments and feedback. It was super exciting for me and an experience I will never forget. But now it’s been stepped up a gear and Simply Be have launched our own individual videos! Yes! So exciting! It’s all about Simply Be and their new denim range. They have jeans to fit every style, shape, event or mood. I always say denim can be hard for a plus size girl like myself, but Simply Be have got it covered.


The jeans I’m wearing and SWEAR by are the SADIE jeans. They are a relaxed skinny fit style- the below video tells you why myself and all the other gorgeous bloggers love the jeans they are wearing.

These are the top 3 reasons why I love the Sadie jeans

Super stretchy & high waist – Yes! They move with me. I don’t feel restricted in them or like I can’t bend my knees. They are super flexible without looking baggy.


They can be turned up like in the video but can also be turned down and worn full length. Don’t you love making 1 item into 2 different outfits!?


They are really fashionable and go with anything. Because of the medium blue colour they go with brights or darks, pastels or primaries the choice is yours. Whatever you do you’ll great and feel comfortable.


Simply Be are running a great competition…. 1 person will WIN a pair of these gorgeous Sadie jeans… to enter just tweet  that you’re a #SadieJeansGirl don’t forget to include @simplybe in your tweet and drop me a line too @pbbutterflies. Good Luck!

Dressy Denim From Curvissa

Denim is a bit hit and miss if you’re a plus size girl like me. It’s either too tight, uncomfortable or just a bit… drab! Well, I was really quite impressed when I tried this Curvissa loose fit denim dress. I sized up because I knew any ‘shirt’ style can an issue and the size of arms and the bust is always touch and go. I’m pleases I sized up and it really is a great fit. So it may not be as ‘loose’ as intended but I really like the fit. It skims over my shape, is casual but feminine and I feel great in it. (It’s also available in sizes 14-32)

Curvissa Denim Dress
Curvissa Plus Size Denim Dress

I’ve wanted a denim dress for quite a quite but I wanted one with sleeves. As I always say, my arms are my little insecure area so I like to feel comfortable in what I wear. I tend to go for either having my arms or legs out. I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable doing both and I really like that these sleeves can be turned up or left full length. It’s a through the year piece. Matched with tights and ankle boots, leggings and converse or just bare legs in the summer. Worn as a shirt, dress or jacket it’s definitely a holiday item too, if you’re only taking hand luggage then hello!!!!! Versatility in one item is priceless. It’s a real put on and go piece. My fave type of wardrobe essential!

Curvissa Denim
Plus Size Denim Dress

Like I said, I sized up and would recommend anyone to size up if you are big on the bust, arms or hips. It’s a little short but who cares! It’s a perfect layering piece too because of its colour, style but also its stretch so you won’t feel like an exploding sausage.  So get your vests jumpers and leggings out. I have to say the buttons were super hard to do up so I won’t be in a rush to undo them, wish also means they shouldn’t fall off any time soon. It’s a pretty good quality denim dress I must say.

Plus Size Shirt Dress
Curvissa Denim Dress

I have to give this dress 4.5 stars out of 5. It’s almost perfect. Just a little bit longer and it would be a 5 for sure!

Curvissa have a really great ‘New In’ Denim range at the moment and while I think this is one of the best pieces take a look at some of the gorgeous bloggers below who are showing off the other great denim delights!

Toodaloo Katie








Where to start with making your own party dress

Are you making plans to attend an elegant party or special occasion? If so, you’ll want the perfect party dress — something that is both visually stunning and a good fit for the occasion.

It can be challenging to find the right dress in stores based on the size, the fit or the style. Why not make your own party dress? If you do, you’ll be sure to have a unique dress that fits your personal tastes.

Of course, you’ll want to get started right away to ensure that the dress is done in time for the party. So we’ve put together a few tips to tell you where to start with making your own party dress.

dress making

Decide on a style

The first thing you’ll want to do is find the right style. This could be a style you see on social media, a style you have dreamed up in your mind or a style you see in a department store. Consider how easy it will be to make the style you have in mind, and whether you are experienced enough to create the pieces of the garment on your own or whether you want to work from a pattern.

If you want more help with where to start with making your own party dress, you can go to a fabric store and look through the sewing patterns shelved away for countless dress configurations. You can browse through catalogs, look at sewing samples and flip through hundreds of patterns until you find the dress that’s right for you.

If you have your own ideas about how you want to customize the dress, you can decide if they can be incorporated into the pattern or if you want to create the dress without a guide.

Choose a fabric

Now that you know what your dress will look like, you can choose a fabric that will work seamlessly with the dress. There are many fabrics to choose from, so take your time as you look at fabric colors, textures and weight. Decide if you want to include a sheer layer of fabric in your dress, in which case you might want to use two separate fabrics that work well together.

Consider the practical side of the fabric that you choose, too. If you want your party dress to stand out, make sure you choose a quality fabric. You can select a fabric that will be easy to hold as you sew. You may also want to consider the suggested uses, the price per unit and the washing instructions, so that you come home with a fabric you love.


Start working with the pattern

If you choose a pattern for where to start with making your own party dress, then sewing the dress will be easy. All you have to do is follow the instructions that come with the pattern.

Give yourself plenty of room to start working on the pattern. Spread the pattern pieces out on the table or floor, and start assembling the pieces of your garment. Don’t forget to create any embellishments for the dress that you wanted, like a sheer layer of fabric or a certain type of neckline.

Before long, you’ll be ready to take the fabric to the sewing machine and attach the pieces together.

Now that you know where to start with making your own party dress, you can begin. In no time, you’ll have a unique party dress that was created with your vision. To make your dress even more stunning, start with a great line of fabrics, and shop the fabrics at UK Fabrics Online.

For The Mum That Taught Me To Cook

Maybe it’s just me but the first 3 months of the year seems to have so many events and celebrations. My birthday was only a couple of days ago but already I’m focused on Mother’s Day which is on the 15th March, just days away! To be honest my mum is pretty easy to buy for. She is a beauty hoarder like me so lotions and potions to the trick and the kitchen is her domain so anything related to cooking ticks the right box. But it’s always nice to find somewhere that has it all and make Mother’s Day shopping fun but easy. Time is a luxury right!? Well it’s lucky that Debenhams have a fab Mother’s Day page as well as selling my face nearly empty foundation. I love multitasking!

Growing up my mum taught me some really important tips and it’s quite funny how as I’ve grown up I’m not the one giving her tips and tricks. The main thing my mum taught me was to cook alongside her. Not religiously or strictly, but I’d just stand in the kitchen with her picking up the way she does things. It’s only after moving out a few years ago into my own place that I realise just how much she has taught me! I can pretty much cook anything and I have yet had a mega disaster. (Although I still need to cook dinner tonight so hold that thought!)

Mothers Day Inspiration From Debenhams - For The Mum Who Is The Boss Of the Kitchen.

Mothers Day Inspiration From Debenhams – For The Mum Who Is The Boss Of the Kitchen.

I had a look on the Debenhams Mother’s Day page and they have everything from make-up, jewellery, quirky gifts and lovely kitchen bits. I’ve chose a few to give you an idea. Kitsch kitchen stuff is what I like; I obviously get that from my mum. It’s pretty but useful and I know these are things my mum wouldn’t buy herself. I wouldn’t suggest you going and buying your mum a roasting tin or spatula unless she definitely asked for it or you might find she never actually cooks for you again! Remember it has to still be a GIFT!

What are your ideas for Mothers Day?

Black Lace

I just wanted to share with you a little ‘new in’ item that hit the rails on the weekend. It’s a gorgeous Scarlett & Jo dress which is exclusively at Evans and it one of the items I wore when they shot their new collection preview. The reason I love this black lace dress is because it’s so simple but does everything I need it too plus a little bit more.

Scarlet & Jo New Collection lace black dress

First up it’s a block black dress, black is classic and is great for when you just want to get up and go, want to wear that epic statement necklace you have or when you want to be understated but fashionable. Let me reinstate that black is NOT always boring. The shape of this dress is fit and flare but without being too obvious. It skims over the body and has been cut to have a little shape, it doesn’t cling meaning you can wear your best or worst shape wear and it won’t make a difference (so don’t bother making yourself feel like an exploding sausage!)

The sleeves are also a super winner for me. They are lace but not too sheer so I don’t feel too overdressed. They are elbow length and means for those of us that have a little hang up about the tops of arms, well, these erases that hang up all together. Trust me.

Scarlett & Jo Prom skirt

I also took another little take on it to show how you can still make dresses versatile in your wardrobe. So the fabric of this dress isn’t too heavy, so  it can be layered without you feeling like the Michelin man. I decided to wear it underneath another Scarlett & Jo prom skirt. I love the fabric and sleeves of this lace dress so much it would work amazing as a separate top. You wouldn’t know would you?!

Get fashionable without spending a fortune

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Follow the fashion trend – Activewear the new style mantra


The fashion trend has changed and you will be surprised to know it. Activewear has entered the mainstream of fashion and wearing activewear has not remained limited to gym and exercise sessions. Fitness inspired clothing has gripped the minds of fashion centric people and you can see people wearing stretch pants and hoodies to offices.  You can also see people sporting activewear in bars and restaurants. The sale of activewear has increased in last two years and you can see steady decline in sales of jeans. Market experts believe there are many reasons for this fashion trend catching up with the masses. There have been several innovations in activewear in terms of style, comfort and fit. You can see many leading brands offering active wear and labeling them as gym-to-office, après sport and lifewear. The active wear trend is likely to continue for a year or two as leading sportswear companies like Nike, Adidas are launching their own designer activewear to cash on the fashion trend.

Stylish Activewear at discounted prices


The Hut is the best online store to purchase activewear. The store has a different category specifically dedicated to activewear. You can find wide range of activewear that includes Joggers, Hoodies, Sweat Pants and accessories that go well with such clothing. Women can also purchase activewear at this store; just visit the website and shop for stylish hoodies, tops, bottoms and hats. This activewear can be worn alone and it offers many health benefits such as increased muscle performance and improved blood flow. The activewear is made of extremely durable fabric which is blend of spandex and polyester. The Sphere Compression Tops Long Sleeve fits perfectly and withstands regular use. The clearance sale can help you get quality activewear at discounted prices from VoucherBin’s website. The discounts offered at clearance sales are up to 50% which means huge savings. Badboy offers free delivery service for order value more than £30. The store also offers rewards point scheme that allows you to get more discount on future purchases.  You can also get activewear for your kids such as Hoodies and Joggers. The loyalty scheme gives you one reward point for every £5 spent at the store. If that is not enough, the store also holds special bonus weekends that help you save more on stylish activewear.

Three’s a Crowd – Bottoms Up

 I window shop all the time online and I create tabs, wish lists and random screen captures of new pieces that I love. I rarely do much with them (unless it’s a really fab piece and then I go back and buy it!) So I thought whenever I do this I’ll pick my top three and share it with you guys. I’ll be calling it Three’s A Crowd and a subtle, cheesy pun will usually accompany it I’m sure. Anyway, on to the first!

The ‘new in’ sections of clothing websites are slowly introducing bright colours and big patterns as the days get lighter and the urge for warmth gets stronger. I really want to try and go for trousers this year during spring and summer, but regardless I want Bright and structured. These are three of the best separates / bottoms that have just come on to the market.

Pretty Big Butterflies - Three's A Crowd - New Plus Size Bottoms

Floral Slim Leg Trousers  – These striking Yours Clothing floral trousers really float my boat. Matched with a white or black peplum top and I’d be ready for anything. Work or play! Available in a size 14 -26 they look so striking I know these will be in my wardrobe soon.

Midi Tube Skirt – This stretchy body con skirt is calling my name. Simply Be also have this in a maxi length but I really like this style. Sandals and a vest top and kimono. Summer is seriously sorted and it’s a bargain at £18.00 and it’s available in a size 12-36.

Digital Print Trousers – These silky crepe trousers from the 3rd Cut For Evans collection are straight out of the future but perfect for summer days that are soon on their way. They have an almost mermaid appeal and I love the pastels.

I have to say I love them all. The fact they are all plus size is pretty awesome too. So versatile with so many colour tops that I could probably just live with these for the next few months. (yeah right!)

Which one floats your boat?

Scarlett & Jo Selfie Competition

As you should know by now Scarlett & Jo have launched a stunning new collection and I was super lucky to be a part of it. I did a post on the new collection and photo shoot which if you haven’t seen already you need to go and take a peak. Yes, Scarlett & Jo have given us a beautiful new collection with stunning dresses and now they are being even more generous! They are giving away a luxury weekend for two including spending money and some other treats. Super generous right?

Scarlett & Jo competition

It’s really easy to enter, just post a selfie of you in their new collection tagging Scarlett & Jo and using #scarlettandjocomp. The competition ends Midnight 05/04/15. For T&C’s: http://scarlettandjo.tumblr.com/ - You can follow Scarlett & Jo on twitter and instagram.

These are a couple of selfies I took at the new collection shoot a few weeks ago. I love the prom dresses and of course my fan print dress is my fave! I also wore a gorgeous black lace dress which has just been launched.

Bathroom selfie in the new Scarlett & Jo prom dress coming soon!

Bathroom selfie in the new Scarlett & Jo prom dress coming soon!

I love this lace dress and the entire look made me want to paint the town red!

I love this lace dress and the entire look made me want to paint the town red!

So go and try on your faves from the collection and let me see your selfies!

I Get My Denim On With Simply Be – #SBDenim

A couple of weeks ago I had one of my best blogger moments to date. I was flown on a private jet – oh no sorry wrong dream. Ok, so seriously. I went to Manchester with some gorgeous blogger babes and had a huge amount of fun shooting for Simply Be and their new Denim Campaign. I’m super excited to say that the first video of the campaign launched yesterday and it really is pretty cool. I had so many laughs and I think it shows through in the video.

Like I said, Simply Be has a huge Denim range now and we were all about celebrating it. As you’ll see in the video, Simply Be has a pair of jeans to suit all sizes and shapes. From different colours, cuts, lengths, transitional pieces and at least one of them will be a wardrobe staple for you. Trust me, I have the Sadie jeans and they are so comfortable you wouldn’t believe me until you tried them. (Review coming soon obviously!)

Anyway, a huge thanks to Simply Be for a lovely time but also for using a range of women in their jeans campaign. We knows that fashions isn’t a one size fits all and jeans are notoriously hard to negotiate. But they’ve sussed it and we prove it!

There will be lots more videos coming your way, let me know what you think! (Yes I did take control of the selfie stick!)

PS. Follow #SBDenim on twitter for lots of laughs, blogger babes and random denim fun!

Stripy, Scuba, Skater, Style

A little while ago I was browsing LOOK magazine and I saw this gorgeous black and white skater dress that just stood out on the page. It was a Simply Be dress and I instantly knew that no matter how, what, where or when… this dress would be mine. So I waited, kept checking the New In page until I spotted it. A zebra in a field. This skater dress is made from scuba material which I love. It gives the dress structure and shape but it’s soft against the skin.

Plus Size Striped Dress

I know this is one of the first pieces of my summer wardrobe and I really go AGAINST the myth that ‘fat girls shouldn’t wear stripes‘. I believe that it’s the biggest load of junk ever! I love stripes and actually I think they work pretty well against curves especially when the pattern changes direction like this dress. So yes… if you’re plus size then PLEASE give stripes a go. Forget the rules that people try and make about fashion.

Plus Size Black & White Dress

Plus Size Scuba Dress for WeddingI know that in summer when I have a healthy glow, bright shoes and big sunglasses this is going to make me feel like a million pounds. It’s simple but oh so effective. It’s available in sizes 12-26 and is quite generous around the hips and tummy, with the bust area being very true to size and it has a small amount of stretch. This is just a FUN dress!  Roll on the sunshine!

Plus Size Blogger - Pretty Big Butterflies