Cape That

Sometimes you get really high fashion pieces that catch your eye and basically you can’t get it out of your head. Usually this happens and  I’m in a state of despair as I realise whatever beautiful item it is, isn’t plus size. Stopping at a size 14 or 16 like a door slammed in my face. Well, when I saw this striped cape blazer from Lavish Alice, I was like oh hello! Then when I saw that it was available in plus size from Simply Be I was like OH HEYYYYY CAPE… COME TO MAMA! No, I’m not exaggerating.

Plus Size Cape Blazer - pretty big butterflies

Cape Simply Be Review

Theres lots I love about this cape blazer. Firstly. It’s a cape blazer, available in sizes 16-26. (Yes I would have liked bigger sizes – let me just pop that in there). But I feel like having items like this above a size 16 really is stepping up. I was actually going to wear this to the Curve Fashion Festival last week. But, decided against it. I’m kind of glad I did as there were some gorgeous ladies wearing this jacket on the day, and although I love it, I’d like its first outing to be a unique one. You know what I mean?

Lavish Alice Striped Cape Review

pretty big butterflies - Plus size cape review

The other things I like about this jacket consist of the face Lindsay Lohan helped design this. Did you know this was part of her collection for Lavish Alice? No? Well you do now. Can you believe it? Lindsay Lohan making a plus size range, bet even she’s surprised. The super sharp, bright stripes are so eye-catching it really feels like an epic piece and the fit is actually really good. It’s one of those pieces that when you put on you feel a little daft, I felt like  bird with my wings out. Bu when you check yourself out in the mirror, you realise it’s an epic piece and your arms don’t stick out at all!

Lindsay Lohan for Lavish Alice Review

pretty big butterflies - Simple Be Cape

The question is, what to wear with these rather epic display of fashion. I saw a couple of lovely ladies rock it with a plain black body con dress. I wanted to give it more of a casual appeal if you like. So I wore a black ZIZZI shirt from Navabi and ripped jeans from ASOS Curve. I plan on wearing it with a white vest and blue jeans too. It’s pretty versatile considering it’s pretty in your face.

pretty big butterflies - Cape Blazer Review - lavish  Alice at Simply Be

I’m chuffed with my cape blazer. Something I never thought would be in my wardrobe has definitely made its place and I feel pretty epic in it! good going Simply Be!

Dorothy Perkins New Curve Range

So word on the street is that Dorothy Perkins are launching a Curve range on October 8th! It’s going up to a size 28 (fingers crossed they increase this) and I’m pretty pleased about it I have to say. I’m a huge fan of Dorothy Perkins (have you seen their wide fit shoes!). I love their feminine fabrics and gorgeous colours. They are super casual but with a real work edge. I can’t wait to update my work wardrobe put it this way. Here are some of my fave bits from the new plus size range…. what do you think?

dorothyperkins_824484232450959 dorothyperkins_824484332639324 dorothyperkins_824484417077364 dorothyperkins_824484473855427 dorothyperkins_8244841726555632 dorothyperkins_8244842099711536 dorothyperkins_82448419560626941 dorothyperkins_8244841067895045 dorothyperkins_8244841303302467

It’s very simple but I do think that’s something that is missing in the plus size market at the moment. I’m interested to know if the price points will be the same as the standard range and I can’t wait to try the clothes for myself!

You can be the first to find out about the new Dorothy Perkins Curve range by signing up here.

Save Money without Compromising on Having Fun this Winter

Most people these days have to be more mindful about the amount they are spending but this is especially true during the winter months, which are now fast approaching. With school holidays and the exciting but expensive Christmas and New Year periods coming up, money can be tight for many individuals and households.


This is a time of year when many of us tend to go out more than usual due to the festive season as well as spending more on things such as gifts, clothes, food and drink. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can help to cut costs this coming winter yet still enjoy having some fun with your family or friends.

 Some of the ways in which you can do this

 You will find a number of ways in which you can save money this winter without having to cut back when it comes to having fun and enjoying yourself. For instance, you can save money on the cost of buying new clothes for the season by revamping old clothes from your wardrobe to give them a fresh, new look. This is something that you can even get your friends or family members involved in, which makes it all the more fun and with fashion season now over until February you can look forward to creating your own unique fashion in the comfort of your own home and at minimal or even no cost.

 Another big drain on finances during the winter months can be going out to various functions over Christmas and New Year. You can make big savings by enjoying entertainment at home and getting friends and family over instead. Rather than going for meals out, get together with your loved ones and enjoy cooking and hosting dinner parties at one another’s homes in true Come Dine with Me style. Rather than a night out at the casino, you can host a casino party in your own home where you can enjoy playing a host of games online such as slots and Blackjack on sites like Lucky Nugget Casino. New Year’s Eve can be a very expensive night to go out so arrange something exciting at home instead such as a themed party for you and your friends with everyone bringing along some food or drink as a contribution.

 One thing to bear in mind when it comes to winter is that once Christmas is over, it’s time for the boxing day sales and January sales to begin. Make the most of your money by resisting the temptation to make purchases beforehand and waiting until retailers slash the cost of everything from electrical items to clothing, jewellery, and furniture – this can save you a huge amount on items that you are looking to buy for yourself of your home.

Crimson City Dressing

I love fast fashion. The types of dresses that I put on, wear loads and then pass on. But sometimes, it’s nice to have a special dress that you feel amazing in and you keep it for that special occasion. This IGIGI dress from Curvety is one of them. It’s a really great quality material and feels gorgeous against the skin. It’s lined and fits like a dream. It’s one of those dresses I put on a just feel beautiful.

Curvety Dress review - pretty big butterflies

pretty big butterflies - Evening dress reviewNow, usually I don’t agree with the whole ‘saving it for best’ idea. I believe if I have something that makes me feel great, I’m not going to waste it by wearing it once or twice! But this dress, it’s waiting just a while. I want to go to an amazing restaurant and wear this with bright heels and lipstick. I love that fresh newness of a first time dress. Then I’m going to wear it to work until it falls apart.

pretty big butterflies - plus size evening wear

pretty big butterflies - Curvety Dresses

For me the  wide elasticated waistband works really well and you can’t really see it! It adds some structure to the dress and I think that really gives it the quality impact. It doesn’t feel like a corset but definitely adds a little extra to your posture and shape. The array of crimson, pinks and blues in this dress is super pretty. It is vibrant and bright, one of the reasons I love it. Curvety have lots of high quality plus size dresses in size 16 -36, perfect for special occasions or for when you want to up the quality game for a while. Yes the price does come with it, but with how this dress makes me feel when I wear it, It’s worth it.

pretty big butterflies - plus size uk blogger

It makes me want to sashay down the hallway before I’ve even left the house!

Display Your Deco Rings Like A Unique Piece of Art

One of the most beautiful design eras to emerge in our recent history is undeniably the influential styling of the Art Deco era. You may recognize it, and be familiar with the terminology, but one thing is for certain: you admire its clever beauty. It was introduced in France post World War I, and gained a following in popularity worldwide, throughout the next three decades.

Think of it this way: without the origins of the Machine Age visual arts imagery of Deco, there would be no such thing as Steam Punk. The Deco period pieces were heavily influenced and embraced by technology. That period between the world wars is referred to as the “interwar period” and is characterized by the quick growth of mechanised living and industrialisation. This beautiful style was immediately translated into pieces of jewellery that remain extremely popular and collectible.

The Independence of the Avid Collector

Who says you have to wait for Art Deco engagement rings from to be gifted or presented to you? You don’t! If you have the appreciative aesthetic for an Art Deco engagement ring and have a desire to become a collector, there’s little to stop you, save your own budget.  It has been said that Art Deco was the very definition of “luxury, glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological progress.”

Start Here

There’s no better place to begin your collection and search than at Kalmar Antiques, either the actual shop or at their comprehensive online shop. A recent search for “Art Deco Rings” yielded a whopping 31 pages of results.


You were probably told to either never show-off or to stop it. But as you’re amassing a collection or just starting one, consider showing off your Art Deco rings. It may seem easier and safer to hide away, but if it is feasible for you, you can create a gorgeous display of jewellery art.

Let’s Get Creative

Start at Pinterest. There are many truly creative types who’ve thought up some very cool display ideas.

Seed of An Idea

Invest in a quality silk plant, one intended to mimic a Bird of Paradise or thick reeds, or even narrow “sticks” of a succulent. Use the tips of faux plant to put the rings on.

Hang it Up

You will need:

  • a heavy quality wood hanger
  • 10 to 20 cup hooks
  • black vinyl spray paint
  • a small drill
  • a large glass-less wooden frame (one that is at least ½” wider than your hanger
  • a swatch of black velvet fabric
  • fabric glue
  • a stapler

Do This

  1. Making sure you’ve covered the ground well with newspapers. Lay out the cup hooks, and spray with the black vinyl paint. When dry, flip over so both sides are coated. You can also use a small jar of vinyl paint to “dip” cuphooks. Thoroughly dry.
  2. Use a ruler for even markings on the underside of the hanger. Install hooks closer together for more, further for less.
  3. Hang the hanger up on a secure rod or hook. For further security and hold, use packing tape to hold the hanger in place.
  4. Drill holes on markings, only as deep as the screw of the cup hook is long.
  5. Screw in painted cup hooks securely.
  6. Take the frame backing, attach the black velvet (solid colours work better than prints). Use fabric glue or spray to adhere fabric to board. Pull taut and staple at the edges, which will be covered by the wooden frame.
  7. Secure a single painted cup hook at the top centre frame front, where the hanger hook goes.
  8. Hang display proudly.

Displaying your Art Deco Rings Where to Begin

That 60′s Hairspray Feeling

The 60’s and 70’s are taking over the fashion trends right now and I actually love it. Are you feeling a little daunted by the Twiggy endorsed styles?  Well don’t, because fashion is all about making it your own and there’s something about bringing in a 60’s vibe that shouts confidence. After all, it wasn’t called the swinging sixties for nothing! There’s this ‘stigma‘ about plus size fashion which I think is finally disappearing. That plus size means hiding away in oversized, dreary and drab clothing. Well, that’s a joke. After looking back through some of my outfits I’ve realised that I do like to channel a little bit of 60′s style in my own way.

60s fashion in 2015 Just taking a little look at the fashion thats available at the moment, well it’s screaming bright 60′s prints, gorgeous high neck dresses, bold colours and shorter than short skirts. Yes in plus size. to prove it to you, here are a few of my faves -

Hairspray The Musical

If you want to add some more swinging 60′s confidence into your life, Hairspray The Musical is  touring the UK and you need to go and see it. It’s full of fun, music and actually celebrates people being happy the way they are. It’s a feel good kinda show that will get you dancing. Everyone needs a little Hairspray in their life!

Mole Love

If you’ve met me in person, or checked out my selfies close up, I’m covered in moles and freckles. They are more apparent in summer and are an array of sizes! I’ve never really thought about them before until a few months ago I took some professional pictures and my moles were airbrushed out. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the pictures and the brand that the pictures were for. But it had me thinking for a brief second. Are moles ugly?

Happiness Boutique - Statement Necklace - Pretty Big Butterflies

In my opinion. No. I like my moles. I think they give my face a little distinction and they just make up me. But, I did a little research and the amount of questions on the Internet from young girls about moles and freckles – in a negative light is enormous! E.g.  Do guys think my moles are ugly? How can I get my moles off my face? Are moles pretty?  The list goes on.

Elvi - Statement Necklace

This scares me. I have moles on my face that are noticeable, but they are a part of me. What I do want to say is that obviously confidence has to come from within but remember what makes you unique too. It’s your own unique body that has its own unique look. Nothing is uniform unless you’re baking rolls on Great British Bake Off. (Even then it’s a struggle!)  If you’re really sick of your moles (I know mine are pretty small compared to some) I completely understand you wanting to change it and that’s OK. But do it for yourself, not because of what you think people think about you. You are amazing the way you are!


If you do really want to get rid of your moles or you’re concerned about them go and see your GP. If you can’t do that go to a professional skin clinic that can give you some real advice before you make decisions that you can’t change.  These people are professionals. They can talk to you about the changes and then you can decide if you think it will make you more confident.  If you are EVER concerned about a mole make sure you get it checked out. It only takes a few minutes.

From one mole covered face to another – you’re beautiful!

I’m So Fancy #GirlGangGoals With ASOS

When I was asked by AccessAllAsos to get a girl gang together and show off what’s new in the ASOS Curve collection… I was like… hell yeah! Not only do I love a bit of girl power but also have you seen the new in stuff that ASOS have right now? It’s like a 70’s autumnal heaven. Lots of fringe, suede and shades of mellow leaves. I got together my partner in crime Katie from Toodalookatie and the beauty that is Michaela from CardifforniaGurl and we had an absolute amazing time trying on our new bits and putting together a girl gang style video. If you haven’t seen it yet you need to check out the ASOS #GirlGangGoals video which showcases all the new season trends that’s going to have us filling our wardrobes up at super speed.

Well, we thought we’d have a little photo shoot and then decided to go one step further because we felt pretty epic in our luxe suede and stripes. We created our own version of the #GirlGangGoals video and had such a giggle. We felt like we could take over the world in our ASOS pieces and we kind of took over the street. I can’t lie! I reckon the whole girl gang thing is based on confidence and lifting each other up. Support and motivation goes a long way in friendship.

#GirlGangGoals - ASOS Curve bloggers

#GirlGangGoals - ASOS bloggers

ASOS Curve Plus Size Model - Blogger

The suede tan fringe jacket that Katie and I are wearing feels amazing. It’s a statement piece that will last ALL season. I wasn’t keen on the red skirt at first but once I put it on with some ankle boots, in the words of the girls, my ‘Angelina leg’ came out to play! Then there’s Michaels’ maxi skirt. She has an amazingly curvy figure and this dress just looks wow on her.  So we thought how can we show how much fun we have when we’re together. (We really do!) You’ll catch us drinking cocktails at the London cocktail club and having some serious sushi in Soho. Rocking out to Iggy Azalea and always laughing way too loudly. I love the fact that these girls allow me to be myself and vice versa. We all have different styles and somehow we just work together. ASOS is one of the leading retailers in plus size fashion and we love that they really

So…. the question is… do you want to be part of our girl gang and WIN two ASOS pieces of your choice?

You have 2 ways too win – enter the rafflecopter below and head over to Instagram to repost my giveaway picture!
WINNER : catrionapaganxx 

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UK Plus Size Fashion Weekend – What I Wore

My earlier post about UKPSFW  told you about the catwalks, the models and how fab the event was. It had looooadddds of pictures of the amazing fashion the plus size retailers are offering at the moment and I hope it gave you a little inspiration of what’s out there. Well, as this is my blog of course I had to show you what I wore on the Saturday and Sunday! If you follow me on Instagram you have probably see them already but you know I love a good outfit.. or 2!

UKPSFW - Pretty Big Butterflies Outfit

Day 1 was a floral affair. I picked this up from Simply Be a couple of weeks ago and I loved the vibrant print plus the gorgeously soft texture is super stretchy and comfortable. I was a little unsure of the length, it’s a bit longer than I would usually wear but after putting it on for the first time I was in love. My feather necklace just added a bit more texture and thats also from Simply Be.

UKPSFW - Pretty Big Butterflies Outfit UKPSFW - Pretty Big Butterflies Outfit

Top Plus size bloggers

The 2nd day was a relaxed affair. Because of the British Bike ride happening through London at what point I didn’t think I was going to make it. This was the social of day with stalls, panels and general chit chatting and networking. Never a bad thing I tell you. I didn’t really plan this outfit, I just opted for two things that still had the tag on and that I would feel pretty good in. thats the thing for me, if it makes me feel good then thats the main thing. For day 2 I opted for a fit and flare netted skirt and a textured pink top with a statement necklace. I do love a bit of pink.

Pretty big Butterflies selfie IMG_1585 IMG_1596 IMG_1597 IMG_1592I really loved both my outfits and it shows that sometimes you don’t need to outfit plan, you can just go with how you feel on the day and it usually goes well. I love these shoes from George at Asda and the necklace is from Happiness boutique. 

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#GeorgeousDresses (Not a Typo!)

I can’t shout loudly enough about how much I love George at ASDA. They really do super fashionable pieces at a really affordable price and they have so much selection. Their main range goes up to a size 24 and they also have an additional plus size range. It’s really upped its game lately and I just wish they didn’t sell out so quickly! I took part in their #GeorgeousDresses challenge (aka gorgeous dresses!) and opted to style 1 dress 2 ways – but, the dress was so versatile I styled it 3 ways. Because I actually love the dress THAT much. Plus, at an amazing £12.00 this Dandelion print dress is going to be my autumn best friend. It’s a super soft material, close to feeling fleecy so fab for autumn and the off brown, grey and dusky pink colour goes with everything. I ordered a 24 and as you can see it’s a perfect fit. I’m in love with it.

#GeorgeousDresses - Plus size blogger review

George at ASDA Blogger

George at ASDA Pretty Big Butterflies

As it’s getting a little chilly (I know we are still in double digits but I’m feeling the cold guys!) I’ve decided this year to try and grab the art of layering. Being plus size, I’ve always felt a little too frumpy when layering, but this light weight mixed cable knit sweater is seriously a great way to begin. it’s super stretchy and really generous in size. It’s a lovely neutral grey so not only does it go with the dandelion dress but it will go with pretty much anything!  It’s also available in cream, so yeah, that’ll be on my list!

George at ASDA 1 dress 3 ways

Pretty Big Butterflies - how to layer when you're plus sizeLast but by NO means least I went a little different and matched the dress with some grey skinny jeans. Another winner from George because they are really stretchy and a great fit. If anything a little big so if you are in between size, size down. These have zip detail to the pockets and i basically just folded the dress up and made it a top. Because it’s that soft fleece like material it stayed and didn’t fall down. I mean how easy is this! it’s a change in outfit in about 3 seconds!

George at ASDA Blogger Review

George at ASDA Blogger denim  Review

George at ASDA Blogger Review

I also want to say the gold shoes are from George and a great fit and really comfortable considering they are not wide fit and the fringe bag (very on trend!) makes the outfit. I feel like this is a little Autumn capsule wardrobe on a serious budget. Just think, the dress is only £12.00 and I’ve created 3 outfits that I genuinely love. Good going George!

Tassle bag and cut out trainers - Pretty Big Butterflies