Scarlett & Jo Selfie Competition

As you should know by now Scarlett & Jo have launched a stunning new collection and I was super lucky to be a part of it. I did a post on the new collection and photo shoot which if you haven’t seen already you need to go and take a peak. Yes, Scarlett & Jo have given us a beautiful new collection with stunning dresses and now they are being even more generous! They are giving away a luxury weekend for two including spending money and some other treats. Super generous right?

Scarlett & Jo competition

It’s really easy to enter, just post a selfie of you in their new collection tagging Scarlett & Jo and using #scarlettandjocomp. The competition ends Midnight 05/04/15. For T&C’s: - You can follow Scarlett & Jo on twitter and instagram.

These are a couple of selfies I took at the new collection shoot a few weeks ago. I love the prom dresses and of course my fan print dress is my fave! I also wore a gorgeous black lace dress which has just been launched.

Bathroom selfie in the new Scarlett & Jo prom dress coming soon!

Bathroom selfie in the new Scarlett & Jo prom dress coming soon!

I love this lace dress and the entire look made me want to paint the town red!

I love this lace dress and the entire look made me want to paint the town red!

So go and try on your faves from the collection and let me see your selfies!

I Get My Denim On With Simply Be – #SBDenim

A couple of weeks ago I had one of my best blogger moments to date. I was flown on a private jet – oh no sorry wrong dream. Ok, so seriously. I went to Manchester with some gorgeous blogger babes and had a huge amount of fun shooting for Simply Be and their new Denim Campaign. I’m super excited to say that the first video of the campaign launched yesterday and it really is pretty cool. I had so many laughs and I think it shows through in the video.

Like I said, Simply Be has a huge Denim range now and we were all about celebrating it. As you’ll see in the video, Simply Be has a pair of jeans to suit all sizes and shapes. From different colours, cuts, lengths, transitional pieces and at least one of them will be a wardrobe staple for you. Trust me, I have the Sadie jeans and they are so comfortable you wouldn’t believe me until you tried them. (Review coming soon obviously!)

Anyway, a huge thanks to Simply Be for a lovely time but also for using a range of women in their jeans campaign. We knows that fashions isn’t a one size fits all and jeans are notoriously hard to negotiate. But they’ve sussed it and we prove it!

There will be lots more videos coming your way, let me know what you think! (Yes I did take control of the selfie stick!)

PS. Follow #SBDenim on twitter for lots of laughs, blogger babes and random denim fun!

Stripy, Scuba, Skater, Style

A little while ago I was browsing LOOK magazine and I saw this gorgeous black and white skater dress that just stood out on the page. It was a Simply Be dress and I instantly knew that no matter how, what, where or when… this dress would be mine. So I waited, kept checking the New In page until I spotted it. A zebra in a field. This skater dress is made from scuba material which I love. It gives the dress structure and shape but it’s soft against the skin.

Plus Size Striped Dress

I know this is one of the first pieces of my summer wardrobe and I really go AGAINST the myth that ‘fat girls shouldn’t wear stripes‘. I believe that it’s the biggest load of junk ever! I love stripes and actually I think they work pretty well against curves especially when the pattern changes direction like this dress. So yes… if you’re plus size then PLEASE give stripes a go. Forget the rules that people try and make about fashion.

Plus Size Black & White Dress

Plus Size Scuba Dress for WeddingI know that in summer when I have a healthy glow, bright shoes and big sunglasses this is going to make me feel like a million pounds. It’s simple but oh so effective. It’s available in sizes 12-26 and is quite generous around the hips and tummy, with the bust area being very true to size and it has a small amount of stretch. This is just a FUN dress!  Roll on the sunshine!

Plus Size Blogger - Pretty Big Butterflies

Clutch Me Baby

I love a good clutch bag and there is no conversation starter quite like the ‘Ooooo ma gawwwwd – where is that bag from?!‘. After doing some online window shopping after slipping in the bathroom and putting my back out (I kid you not!) I’ve found some pretty awesome eye catching clutch bags.

Perfect for any season, any occasion or just as a bit of fun. I think these are the ideal quirky accessory for any outfit and the prices are pretty good too!

Clutch  Me1.  Moo Milk Essentials Bag2. FUN Clutch, 3. Skinny Dip Snap Clutch Bag, 4. Unicorn Mini Bag, 5. White #Celfie Box Clutch, 6. Yellow Banana Clutch, 7. Yes No Slogan Clutch Bag

What do you think? Which is your fave?


Love Your Curves? Want to win a £250 shopping spree?

It’s no secret that starting this blog was the start of my own body confidence and self-acceptance journey. As I always say, it hasn’t been easy and I’m very much still on it. However, compared to where I was a couple of years ago, I have come a long way. In the past 18 months I’ve worn bright colours, bared my arms, dabbled in playsuits, worn a bikini and even done a bit of modelling. If you had asked me to do any of these 2 years ago I probably would have laughed in your face and run to the nearest lose weight quick’ advert. Because I always thought my curves were a bad thing. But I’ve learnt to embrace them, work with them and love them.

It’s helped meeting some amazingly gorgeous women along the way. Yes… plus size women have had the biggest impact on my because it isn’t often you see curvier women in the media looking fashionable, looking gorgeous and being happy. But finding the plus size blogging community and with it some really special friends. Well, it’s literally changed my life. (Cheese ball moment) But it isn’t just the plus size community. Looking further afield there are SLOW changes that are happening with women embracing their curves and embracing all bodies, no matter their shape or size.

Daxon - Love Your Curves

Daxon – Love Your Curves

One of the best things about accepting my size is that I’ve magically found places that actually sell fashionable plus size clothing and I’m not forced into hiding myself. Why should I?! I really do admire brands who attempt to offer all sizes. It is difficult and while it isn’t perfect, there are some brands that are trying. Daxon are one of them. They offer clothing in sizes 6 – 32. It’s a brand that’s relatively new to me but this makes embracing my curves even easier… another place to investigate!

They are currently running a competition where they want you to embrace your curves and be as confident as you can. It’s actually a really nice message which is why I want to help support the competition. There is a £250 shopping spree up for grabs and you can enter on the Daxon Facebook page.  All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself looking and feeling fabulous! I’ll be entering too so fingers crossed for everyone! Let me know if you enter and I can pop on and like your picture!

Scarlett & Jo SS15 Shoot – Dresses & Cupcakes

You may have see the excitement creep though various social media channels over the last week or so but in the unlikely event you haven’t, I’m sharing the news! After being kept under wraps, Scarlett & Jo have launched their new collection and I was privileged to be a part of the photo shoot.  The photos are now making their way in to the public eye (I can now share them with you!) and they are stunning! Scarlett & Jo have really played a part in building my body confidence, their dresses have made me feel super feminine and the cuts are timeless.I feel like they have really thought about what I want from a dress. You know just those KEY things that YOU want… well for me it’s 3/4 sleeves, a not too obvious fit and flare plus something that makes it a little bit different but versatile. You might have seen the post I did a little while ago on their cowl neck dress which says exactly what I think! Perfect for work or play, their dresses tick all my boxes, So the fact they wanted me to model for them… (and partake in an amazing cup cake party!) well… speechless sums it up.


The shoot took place at the ever glorious Home House and it really was a glamorous house party. Myself and the other gorgeous ladies had free reign with the hair and makeup artists, how we styled the clothes and generally how we mingled the whole day. It was completely stress free, mainly due to how perfect the Scarlett & Jo range fits (no pins or alterations though out the entire day!) Being a complete novice, Nicky Rockets the photographer was a star. He made me laugh in front of the camera and I felt 100% comfortable. The other bloggers helped me grab some instagram shots and I returned the favour. We swapped outfits, shoes and accessories. It was a lovely day… one I will never forget. (Plus it ended with the most mouth-watering lemon meringue cupcakes I have ever had in my life!)

Red Fan Print


I met the man behind Scarlett & Jo, an interesting gentleman called Gifi who has a treasure trove of stories and memories that could entertain for hours. He was the host of the party and (I’m still thrown by this) he decided to create a dress for me. Yes I’m serious. He used a classic Scarlett & Jo design and revived a gorgeous fan print that he used in 1978. The dress fits like a glove and literally makes me want to sway as I walk like a 40’s star.  The colour is bright but versatile so it can move through all the seasons and as always the sleeves are perfect for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better fit.


Overall, every single one of bloggers I worked with on that day looked beautiful and the new collection will be slinking into Evans between now and around April time. You can find out more about all the gorgeous ladies I worked with here, they really brought the collection to life and every one looked  literally perfect in the outfit choice. The lovely ladies are Georgina (The face of Scarlett & Jo), Nancy, Elena, Mayah,Betty, Becky and Gloria. Nancy & Gloria have both done some great behind the scenes videos so go and check them out!


It’s Here… Frizz Immunity #HairRevolution

You might remember I told you a little while ago that a #HairRevolution was coming. Well, I wasn’t lying… It’s Here! John Frieda have THE innovative product that really is going to shake up your hair care regime. The Forever smooth Anti Frizz Primer is here. Frizz immunity is upon us.

Launched yesterday it’s a new product that really claims to be a revolution. I generally love John Frieda anyway, like I said before the frizz ease range and volume range are staples in my bathroom. This looks like another breakthrough product to go on my shelf!

#FOUNDIT- Easy Valentines Gifts For Him

 It’s almost THAT day. You know, the hearts and roses one. Some people like it, some people hate it… I LOVE it! I know we should take the time to pay attention to our loved ones every day but if there is a day where you can make a super special effort then why not! It’s once a year. I’m in! I have to say though, I think men are harder to buy for. So, with the help of Debenhams, I’ve created an easy Valentines Day Gift List for the special men in your life. All budgets and something for everyone. No excuses now!

Easy Valentines Gifts For Men - Debenhams

1. Converse Black All Stars – Super cool, trendy and versatile these trainers are a BASIC wardrobe stable. Seriously, I guarantee any guy would be chuffed with a pair of these. If not, I’d take them back and buy them in MY size. Thanks.

2. Joop! Jump Eau De Toilette Gift Set – Not only does Joop! smell gorgeous but this gift set is perfect for Valentines Day. With a cheeky gift box you know the man in your life will be smiling. Plus, fragrance is the MUST have accessory for any outfit.

3. Armani Exchange Silver Stripe Watch – If you want to really treat him, this sexy watch oozes sex appeal. Plus it tells the time. He will have NO reason for being late again. Ever!

4. Red Herring Slim Fit Shirt & Tie – Bringing sexy back in this super cool short and tie set. This takes the effort out of work or play for any men’s outfit. It comes nicely boxed too so it’s a a great little gift.

5. Legends Of Boxing DVD – This 12 disc DVD set is a bargain and will keep him entertained and out of your hair for hours. It’s a different little gift that looks great but doesn’t cost the earth.

6. Calvin Klein Underwear - A ‘familiar’ gift no doubt. An oldie but a goodie. Men need decent underwear and if it looks good and feels good then all the better.

7. The Loo Companion Book – Last but not least let’s bring a little humor to the day. This book will grab a laugh and I bet he actually reads it while locked away!

Whatever you’re doing on February 14th make sure you have a lovely Saturday and if no one will do it for you… treat yourself! 

Bestform Vs Fantasie

It’s really quite simple, I have 2 underwear sets that I’ve had waiting for me to try. I thought as it’s close to Valentines Day and my post on the gorgeous Elomi set from Yours Clothing went down well I thought I’d do a doubly whammy. I’m going to somewhat compare a Bestform Lingerie set against a Fantasie lingerie set. Why? Because I can… plus you never know how good a piece of underwear is unless you compare it against the others.

BestForm plus size lingerie

First in the ring is the really pretty charcoal grey ‘Tokyo’ balconette bra set from Bestform. It’s polyester and cotton but has a super smooth feel to it making the material really comfy against the skin. It a super pretty spotty print with lots of little detail. The silver ‘B’ is a pretty eye catching detail (stands for Bestform not boobs…. I presume!). The lace detail is sexy and feminine plus… a massive plus it has a 3 hook fastening!

Plus size lingerie review

In terms of the support it felt great, wide straps and side panels. The back size was great (40) but I found the cup size to be on the small size. I didn’t feel like the bra lifted by my boobs and if I had the next cup size up it would have been much more comfortable and flattering. I think you can see that from the picture too.

BestForm bra review

The shorts are really pretty with a bow and lace on the front and a cute keyhole cut out on the back. I have a 2XL and they are really quite small, but very pretty and again, feel great against the skin.

Plus Size Short Knickers

Next up is the ‘Melissa’ Fantasie set. A pretty, sheer bra with light pink embroidery that has elements of metallic threading throughout. It’s a polyester and nylon bra but it doesnt fell as nice against the skin as the Bestform. The side panels are not as big and it only has a 2 hook fastening. (tut tut).

Fantasie Bra Set Review

 But all is not lost because this bra is a perfect fit back and cup wise and it really does lift. I love a bit of lift and I think most women do. the bra gives my boobs a pretty nice shape and considering there is no padding and it’s pretty full coverage, they still have a great shape.

Plus size bra reviewIt is a really pretty bra with great coverage and shape. It would be perfect if it had a bit more back and side support. The matching knickers are just as pretty with a sheer panel and matching embroidery. Once again the 2XL was too small for me, although bigger than the Bestform briefs.

Plus size matching underwear

So who wins… well I’m not going to entirely wimp out but there isn’t an actual loser. They both win depending on what you’re looking for. In my opinion the Bestform lingerie set is the prettiest and the most comfortable. It feels and looks great with some really gorgeous detail. In terms of sizing the Fantasie bra wins and if sexy is what you after it’s a little bit more ooh la la than the BestForm set. However, if I upped the cup size in the Bestform it might just nip the finish line a millisecond quicker.

It’s coming… The #HairRevolution

I have something pretty exciting to share and it’s a secret….  but I’ll give you guys a little heads up because I love you so much. You know I go on about John Frieda and that their hair products are pretty awesome? (In particular the volume range and frizz ease range). Well…

On the 12th February 2015,  John Frieda will be revealing a breakthrough product to help eliminate frizzy hair. It’s not just any hair product its going to be a #hairrevolution. Just watch this space.


See you on the 12th February where I’ll show you what all the fuss is about! You know you want too!