The All In One Party Dress

It’s Christmas which means party season, but we all need THAT dress in the wardrobe that you can put on in a second, feel amazing and be red carpet ready. Well Elvi have a gorgeous fit and flare dress that has made glamorous effortless.

Elvi Perfect Black Dress

Elvi Black Dress, Simply Be PU Jacket - Plus Size blogger

Whether you’re not 100% confident with choosing the right jewellery, worried about things being too boring, safe, cheap…. Whatever! Elvi have managed to put a full on party dress in a bag. Literally. This fit and flare dress is the perfect cut for me. It nips in at the waist and then glides over my hips and tummy. I’m realised that this is a great shape for me (although it doesn’t mean I’m restricted to just this style don’t get it twisted!) It’s also generous sizing, because it’s so stretchy and the fact that Elvi have this dress in sizes 14 – 26 is great.

Elvi Plus Size Fit And Flare Dress

Elvi Plus Size Perfect Black Party Dress

The dress is really stretchy, super comfortable and a perfect length. (I’m 5”6 for reference) Everything from the half-length sleeves to the perfect round neck. This for me is my safe dress, but in the best possible way. What makes this dress an absolute winner is that it comes with a beautiful statement necklace. It’s not attached to the dress so you can of course where whatever necklace you want to. But the fact Elvi have joined the two together just takes all the effort out of it.

Elvi - Statement Necklace

I went to a work colleagues birthday get together a while ago. I needed something simple and smart for work but a quick way to dress it up in literally 2 minutes. This dress was a winner for that. I popped the necklace on, some red lipstick and simple, I was ready to party. Elvi have some great items, pieces that are amazing quality and are wardrobe staples. For me, it’s a perfect work wear brand too. Trying to find smart but fashionable plus size work wear can be a littler trying but Elvi have some great pieces. Including this dress!

Dress & Necklace – Elvi, Bag – ASOS - Wide Fit Shoes – New LookJacket – Simply Be

Monochrome Magic At Christmas

I’ve lived in my flat for 2 years now and it’s NEVER been chilly. Put it this way, 24 months and I haven’t had the heating on once. In winter it’s great, because I can still walk around in a vest top and shorts being all comfy and carefree. In summer though, I think I might melt in the middle of the floor it’s that bad. However, this past week I have started to feel the chill just a little. It’s an odd feeling believe me. I’m actually writing this blog post wearing a jumper. That’s alien to me! You might have read recently about me starting to re-furnish my flat now we’re settled. So now it’s time for me to get thinking about how to make my front room cosy, warm and of course this time of year it has to be festive… but I need my furnishings to last all year round, not just Christmas! It’s a task but gives me a great chance to create a wish list. I’m keeping it Monochrome Magic at Christmas and all year round with these home ware pieces.

Monochrome Magic  Christmas Homeware

1. Champagne Fragrance Diffuser- My home has to smell nice. It’s just a must have. This gorgeous diffuser not only looks chic but I bet it smells divine.

2. Monty & Mabel Penguin Cushion – Let me just say that before THAT advert went viral, I’ve actually always loved penguins. This cute cushion will always fit into Christmas but it’s a pretty cool talking point all year round.

3. Marta Wiley Living The Dream Print – There is something amazingly relaxing and peaceful about this picture. It evokes warmness and I love it.

4. Geometric Luxe Throw – This gorgeous throw is not only an amazing centre piece but it’s soft, a little stretchy and oh so comfortable. It’s one of those smooth type throws that makes you want to snuggle up with a hot chocolate. How do I know… because I already have it but it HAD to be included in this list. It’s so sumptuous you won’t leave it alone. 100% cotton and machine washable, it’s my new best friend.

5. Wood ‘Smile’ Sign – I’m a fan of quirky wall plaques and little hanging things. Sometimes sayings and quotes can give you a little perk when you need it. Especially if it’s something that really rings true. This Smile sign says it all.

6. 2 Black Wood Lanterns – How cosy are these? Just amazing. Big, chunky and cosy. They can go anyway from on the floor, table, and window ledge. What a real master piece for Christmas or any time of year.

Well there you go, my Monochrome Magic pieces for a cosy but rather fashionable Christmas…. And whole year of course! What do you think? Have a monochrome piece that fits the bill? Let me know!

How Far Will You Go To Avoid The Doorknob?

It’s party season time which for me means drinks after work, dinner with friends and so many different social gatherings I can’t quite keep up. But it does mean I am left with little choice but to use the rather groggy bathrooms that I’m sometimes greeted with. Even in the nicest of restaurants I’m convinced that handles and doors are filled with those little green monsters that are biting away if I looked at them under a microscope. I’ve actually just got over a nasty flu type bug, So I thought it was quite funny when Dettol released this video. How Far Will You Go To Avoid The Doorknob?

It actually made me chuckle because I am the Alien unless I’m wearing a dress which makes it impossible, or if the door is open a smidge, I turn into some double joined, yoga teacher kicker trying to tease the door open. It’s a funny sight I tell you. I must say, I’m not sure I would carry a spray bottle around with me but I’m pretty tempted to store some of those Anti Bacterial wipes. Have you seen the film Contagion. It definitely makes you think!

Anyhow, just something amusing to share.  Which one are you?

The Debenhams Christmas Jumper Party #Foundit

It’s Christmas party season and there’s no party like a Debenhams Christmas Jumper party! Believe me when I say this, the Debenhams flagship store team really know how to throw a party, especially when there’s bloggers involved! Last week I and my fellow plus size blogger friend Katie were invited to party with Debenhams and celebrate all things festive.  Of course when they told me they had a jumper and mulled wine waiting for me, plus all sorts of festive treats, I was first at the door.

Debenhams #Foundit blogger event

Debenhams Christmas Jumper Party

Greeted by a huge snowman, the entire room was decorated to an epic degree. Not only were there brie and cranberry canapés, chocolate Santa’s and hidden candy canes but they had made a life size Christmas Jumper Sleigh! The mannequins were showing off the gorgeous array of festive knitwear (obviously my sequinned robin sweater  from The Collection at Debenhams was the best… but I did love the H! by Henry Holland polar bear jumper, and the Quiz reindeer print jumper… and the… ok maybe they were all pretty awesome!). There was a huge jar of jelly sweets where we had to do the traditional guess how many in the jar game. Katie and I thought we would use skill over luck and work out the weight of the jar and see if we could divide that by the sweets we could see. We thought it was great. But it was a FAIL. We were out by 7! Close call but obviously we didnt take it too seriously (maybe just a little!)

Debenhams Christmas Jumper Party #Foundit

Christmas canapes from Debenhams

We were seriously spoilt with a blogger raffle where we all took something away (even after the 3rd number!) We were also given an individual #foundit gift bags that came straight from the Debenhams Elves I’m sure. Not only did it keep my jumper safe but the bags were filled with goodies from chocolate to Phase Eight jewellery and a perfect little Christmas stocking which I’m going to pop next to my tree this year. I have to say it was lovely meeting the other Debenhams bloggers, some who I already knew and it was lovely getting in the festive spirit with them, and new faces who looked gorgeous in their Debenhams Christmas jumpers.

Debenhams Xmas Jumper blogger party

A huge thank you to the Debenhams team that arranged the blogger party. I had a great time, gingerbread latte in hand keeping my self-snug in my new knit wear. I well and truly have the Christmas feeling ready to go.

Picture Credit - Debenhams

Picture Credit – Debenhams

You can keep up to date with all things Debenhams from the fab team over at the Daily Debrief and don’t forget its Christmas Jumper day tomorrow (12th December) so grab yours quick!

Debenhams Snowman

Here’s What I Would Have Spent = #1 Missguided

Being a lover of clothes (if you hadn’t noticed!) It’s always a little bit frustrating when you see a gorgeous piece that’s not available in your size. It’s not even like you can go on the waiting list or check in another store, it’s because that brand simply doesn’t do my size. I was about to write a paragraph going into the politics of sizing etc but I don’t want to go THAT deep although ti would be incredibly easy. Anyone would think Weight Watchers pay brands to not size up as a business pact or something. No! I’m not doing politics.  Anyway, the lovely Debz came up with an idea where we should write about particular pieces that we would have bought, if they were available in our size. I thought this was a great idea so myself and some other fab blogger babes have joined in on a little fun post with a slightly serious undertone.

First up is Missguided. Now, I have to give props to Missguided as they have recently launched a plus size range. So a BIG round of applause, because not only is it plus size but the range is pretty awesome too. The only issues I have are that the plus size range only goes up to a 24, this is fine for me, but I know lots of other plus size fashionistas where this will simply not do. As well as the fact that a size never always rings true, so I may well need to size up! Also, as usual the range is a fraction of the ‘straight’ collection. Regardless, this is what I would have spent… if they were in my size!

Missguided - Wanted in Plus Si

1. Jenzine Pleated Skirt Lace Dress 2. Bugsy Pussycat Blouse 3. Plus Size Paint Splash Skirt 4. Monochrome Tux Dress 5. Zip Detail Check Shift Dress

I love all of these pieces, especially number 5! They all go up to a size 14 or 16, apart from number 3 the plus size splash skirt. Now, my gripe with this is that I love it! I ordered it and there was a mix up so it didn’t arrive. Now it’s out of stock in the larger sizes. Yes my heart is crushed! I have ordered a few bits from Missguideds plus size range and I will definitely be a returning customer. I just want more… more I tell you and lots in stock please!

Take a look at the other bloggers ‘What I would have spent’ posts. It makes for interesting reading!


Dreaming Of My #Nextmaswishlist

Christmas is coming! It’s official, there’s no hiding it and no stopping it. It’s going to be my second Christmas in my own place and I’m hoping to really give it a really festive atmosphere. From lights to tableware I always have a wish list as long as my arm for Christmas. I do wonder if one day I will end with everything I need (and want!) or if the urge to splurge just comes around every December. If I’m honest it’s probably the latter.

Well NEXT have challenged me to create a Christmas wish list and I wasn’t going to deprive myself of some festive window shopping. Here are my wish list picks that will pop the cherry on top of my Christmas day.

#Nextmas wish list

1. Grey Cosy Robin Pyjamas – Being honest, you’ll be lucky is I get dressed on Christmas day so these festive pyjamas are perfect for comfort, style and of course the obligatory Christmas motive.

2. Golden Frankincense Diffuser - I do love a candle but I like how easy diffusers are to move between rooms. Plus, there’s no risk of me dropping my christmas hat on an open flame with one of these! You need  a bit of festive fragrance in the house over Christmas. Just thinking of it now, opening presents around the tree with the soft smell of frankincense floating around. It’s enough to give me goosebumps. Not only will this diffuser smell good but it looks pretty glam too.

3. 12 Piece Lily Dinner Set - I’m planning a Christmas feast let me tell you! I have just purchased some new table and chairs and I really want them to look as seasonal as possible. This dinner set is crisp and clean with a little detail on the edges. Perfect to dish up my roast turkey, turkey sandwiches, turkey curry….. you get the point.

4. 12 Red Heart Crackers - I’d pop some of these on the tree and keep some on the table. I love these christmas crackers because they look so festive. Each one comes with a hat, jokes, trinket and name game. Perfect!

5. 6 Rustic Decoupage Baubles - These match the crackers and the general theme perfectly. The fact they look hand-made add to their charm and I may be inclined to actually have 2 sets of these to really fill my tree out.

6. Luxe Faux Fur Bean Bag- Last but not least after a hard day of opening presents, cooking and eating dinner plus singling along to some carols, I’ll need somewhere comfy and cosy to plant my bum. This bean bag is the perfect bit of luxury for the host to relax on. Of course that’s me!

I can’t wait for the big day now! You can check out everyone’s NEXT wish lists on twitter searching the hashtag #Nextmaswishlist. What would make your day perfect?



Christmas Gift Ideas For The Girl That Has Everything

I did this last year and it was quite fun. You know those friends you have that have EVERYTHING and you’re just stuck when it comes to Christmas presents? Well I like finding fun, quirky and even useful things which might just be the one thing they haven’t already got.

I found these Christmas Gift Ideas and they are the type of thing that would genuinely be a surprise if I opened them on Christmas morning. Maybe little things that I wouldn’t have chosen myself, BUT I’d love them all the same.

Christmas gift Ideas For The Girl That Has Everything

1. The Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream sets are always a winner. They look pretty, smell amazing and work! Plus this gift set looks super stylish and actually pretty well thought out.

2. Her Ladyship insulated mug is so quirky and funny but such a useful thing to have, especially if you are stuck in an office like mine. Perfect for the chilly season, this will pull a smile on Christmas morning.

3.  The little book of earrings is a pretty awesome idea if you ask me. I’m always losing my earrings because it’s so hard to store them, but this handy book lets you keep them all in one safe and orderly place. It’s the little things!

4. His and Hers piggy bank is quite a tongue in cheek one. Perfect for me….(don’t tell the boyfriend!) but it’s quite cool. It’s something I’d get for my sister etc. It’s quite funny actually. Definitely a talking point.

5. The Scarf Hanger - this is a funny one. You never actually think about where you’re going to put your scarf until you’ve bought it. I love the design of this almost dress like hanger and it would fit perfectly into any wardrobe.

6. The Pug Eye Mask is a light hearted gift. It seems people are pretty pug crazy at the moment, and as girls need their beauty sleep, this is perfect!

I could keep doing this for hours! I love window shopping for fun and quirky Christmas gifts. So I’m sure there will be a couple more before the big day arrives.

What do you think of my choices…. good for the girl that has everything?

You Are Not A Fingernail

For as long as I can remember the word FAT has consisted of a huge dark cloud of dread. It’s been THAT word that no-one wants to be called, the deep cutting insult that turns my cheeks red and made my tummy toe itself into the toughest knot going. Fat has been the word that makes me want to look in the mirror and smash it to a million pieces, and is the word that makes me want to cut chunks of myself off in order to be…. what I thought was ‘normal’. ‘right’…. who knows?

What is a normal body? - Pretty Big Butterflies

Picture credit – pinterest

But over the past 18 months I’ve somehow made a miraculous discovery. FAT is NOT an insult. I know, I know… like what I am talking about right. I must be crazy… lost the plot or just someone trying to fight back against the apparent obesity crisis. Well NO to all the above! FAT is NOT an insult. You know why? Because I’ve taken ownership of the word and I’ve looked at it for what it is. An adjective. A descriptive word. The same as… red, bright, hard… the list goes on.

Stop Body shaming

If someone wants to call me fat, it’s an obvious statement of a visual tangible thing. So yes, I agree. I have fat, that’s ok. Because I DO have fat. Fat is classified as ‘having too much flabby tissue’. The word flabby makes me laugh, but moving on. Yes, to those that notice, I do have fat. No matter what I wear, how I stand or any other technique one may try to use. That fat as there and it really isn’t going anywhere at the precise moment someone wants to use it in a negative term.

So after say, 25 years of fearing the word fat how have I managed to take ownership of it by literally pull the sting of venom from the word? Well, it was definitely catalyzed with this comment.

You are not a fingernail

Picture credit – pinterest

Go on… have a little giggle to yourself. I’ve just checked and I’m definitely not a fingernail.  Like really, I’m not, neither are you, trust me on that one. Claim it back. Claim the word fat back and YOUR right to not be threatened by a word with no power.  The reason I wanted to write this was just to kind of get it out of my system I guess and to try and share a little bit of my own insight and how I’m managing to slowly be more confident and body positive.

 I’ve read so many things this week that has made being seen as ‘fat’ as the worst possible label one could be left with. I read in one article ‘I received a tirade of abuse, his fans told me they were going to rape and beat me… and that I was fat, among a plethora of other vile insults’. This sentence IS horrific, the threat of rape and violence is worse than disgusting; it’s the nightmares that nightmares have. But in with two of the worst things a woman could be threatened with was being called fat?? Really?? Are we actually saying that being fat is as bad as being raped? I can’t comprehend that.  Listen… I need you all to listen. Having fat does not make you a bad person and does not mean bad things should happen to you. You should not be excluded, extradited or deemed any less of a person . It isn’t an airborne disease that once the word is said you’re doomed for eternity. I’m not saying it’s the nicest sounding word (I also don’t like the words snog, shag or phlegm for that matter!) but don’t let it negatively affect or hurt you. Don’t give the word any power over you. You are not a piece of fat.

You are not a fingernail

Picture credit – pinterest

I’ve sure you remember the playground chant ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’. Embed this in your mind. If you feel as though you are fat or feel threatened by the word in any way shape or form. Take ownership my dear. For when you do, those 3 little letters no longer overshadow the rest of your day.

I also want to make it clear that body shaming anyone is not acceptable. ALL the perceived  ’derogatory’ terms for women of any size are not acceptable.

Remember. YOU are not a fingernail. 


You Say Selfie, I Say Celfie

I love  a simple logo t-shirt. some call them cheesy but I love the literal statement or irony that some of them make and have. Plus they are so easy to pop on and go! This one from Yours Clothing particular is pretty awesome. I’m a blogger and I love a selfie. (Just check out my instagram if you don’t believe me!) and this somewhat ironic plus size ‘Celfie’ t shirt is great. The term was created by Kim Kardashian herself and the Celfie is the new Selfie. Just with a bit of attitude thrown in.

Plus Size Celfie T Shirt - Pretty Big Butterflies - Yours clothing

Plus Size Celfie T Shirt - Pretty Big Butterflies -

I’ve seen these tops around quite a bit but I’ve been worried about the quality of the material. I just dont’ want it to feel really rubbish and fit badly because I just won’t wear it. But I have to say, considering how affordable this top is (£10.00 and available in sizes 16-32!) the material is surprisingly great quality. It’s 100% cotton and has a bit of stretch. there are small things about this t- shirt that make it an absolute winner. The sleeves have very small pleats on the shoulder and the top itself actually has some shape to it. It comes in at the waist slightly before coming over my hips with a small dipped hem at the back so just you don’t feel like you’re showing your back. It’s a small dipped hem not a huge off-putting one that makes you look odd. Before I forget, it’s also a PERFECT fit… if anything it’s a bit generous.

Yours Clothing Celfie T Shirt

Plus Size Celfie T Shirt - Pretty Big Butterflies - Yours clothing

I love that Yours Clothing are doing fashionable pieces like this and that it’s available in a range of sizes. Fast and Affordable fashion. It makes sense why they won at the British Plus Size awards!

I Won! British Plus Size Awards 2014

What a weekend! The British Plus Size Awards happened on Saturday night and thanks to you guys I was shortlisted in the Best New Blog Category. Even better… thanks to you guys… I WON…..



I am officially the winner of the British Plus Size Awards 2014 Best New Blog

Plus Size Awards - Best New blog Winner

I seriously cannot thank everyone who voted for me enough. The messages of support I received before and after the awards is amazing. From friend, family, blogger babes and just people wishing me good luck that reads the blog or follow my social media. I won’t harp on… you know the journey I’ve been on and why the plus-size community is so important. Self-acceptance and loving yourself for who you are is the strongest and most important thing you can give yourself. So do it now… look in the mirror and realise you are ok… you are more than ok… you are bloody amazing.

Plus Size Bloggers - British Plus Size Awards

British Plus Size Awards - Winning Couple

I thought I’d give you a brief recap of the night along with some not bad iPhone snaps taken throughout the evening.  Firstly, let’s discuss my dress. It’s from Lovedrobe at Simply Be. It’s very rare that something looks better in real life than on the computer screen, but this dress was amazing. Not only did it get some lovely comments but I felt really great wearing it. It was comfortable but pretty. Sometimes hard to get the two together in the plus size world. I did have to size up x2. If you go for anything Lovedrobe I would definitely say size up by 1. The shoes were from Simply Be and I have to say are probably the most comfortable wide fit heels I have EVER worn.

Plus Size Awards - Simply Be & Lovedrobe

Plus Size Awards - Best New blog 2014

At the awards we were greeted with flowing champagne while waiting to be seated and then served up a 3 course meal. The menu was ok. It’s always difficult with set menus because you can’t please everyone but it was nice enough. I was sat at the table with my lovely girls and fellow nominees Lucie and Katie who both looked gorgeous. I was also sitting next to my lovely other half who even donned a suit and tie for the night. Not bad… for the first time in 5 years!

Curvy Kate - Plus Size Awards 2014

There were lots of great nominees and amazing winners. Great performances and the host, Matt Johnson was brilliant. We were gifted with goody bags and a pretty good evening to be honest with amazing company.

Plus Size Awards - Pretty Big Butterflies Hollie - winner

Once again… a huge, mahoosive thank you to everyone that voted for me. You’ve made me a very happy lady!

Check out all the winners over on the Plus Size Awards website.