Glorious Calves & #24hrShoes

Calves, glorious calves. How I love your firm, solid structure, the way you stand proud and the fact you’re so independent you hate being restricted to boots. But, ALAS, I’ve found some boots that WILL tame you.  (Insert evil laugh here).  Well after hearing about the Evans #24hrshoes campaign, I thought I’d see if they lived up to their claims. Well, let’s get straight to the point, these long slouch boots from Evans are brilliant for so many reasons. I have super wide calves and really struggle to find knee high boots. I’ve got 2 pairs that have seen me through the last 2 years and I really needed some more, there’s only so much mud that one pair of boots can take. These wide fitting boots are black leather with a size zip and have a stretchy back panel which isn’t hugely obvious. I was apprehensive BUT they zipped up NO PROBLEM! They were in fact so stretchy (because of the panel at the back) that I could actually tuck my jeggings in. Hooray!

Evans 24hrshoes Outfit Of The Day With Pretty Big Butterflies

Evans #24hrshoes

Talking about this jeggings, they are some of the best I have had actually! They are specifically made for pear shapes. I’m supposed to be an hour glass shape but I have large thighs and hips. These jeggings have a seriously roomy waist band and while they aren’t super skinny on the leg, it makes them really comfy.

Evans Plus Size Jeggings

I was surprised at just how comfy the boots were. They literally were made for walking and I could walk in them for days if I needed too. You know when it’s an effort to take shoes off because they are THAT comfortable, well yes, these tick that box. What I like about the simple design of slouch boots is that they can be worn with anything for almost any occasion. This outfit for me can be for anything from a shopping trip with the girls to a dinner date with the boyfriend. The boots look pretty sharp and are a MUST HAVE for anyone. If you have large calves like me, then these boots are 100% for you. They are a real investment.

Evans #24hrshoes Wide Fitting Knee Length Boots

Plus Size Outfit Of The day - Evans clothing - Pretty Big Butterflies - ReviewThis outfit is one that I wore ALL day. I thought as I’m putting their shoes to the test I might as well put the Evans clothing to test as well! The burgundy crepe jacket is gorgeous and a perfect colour for autumn. I wish I had sized up as it’s a little snug but I love it. The ivory swing vest feels lovely against the skin. If you have a larger bust I would say to size up, if not then it will fit like a dream. Then there is the GORGEOUS oval stone statement necklace. The colours are so versatile and go with all the autumnal tones that are gracing wardrobes at the moment. As soon as I saw this I had to have it.

Plus Size Blogger - Pretty Big Butterflies - Evans Statement Necklace

Wearing this outfit for almost 14 hours I have to say all the items past the test, but the boots were incredible. Really soft soles and lots of space for my toes meant I didn’t feel restricted at all. They didn’t rub because of the soft leather and like I said, these will be my staple boots for the winter.

Roll on the rain, snow and sludge. I’m ready for you with my comfy but trendy #24hrshoes. Well done Evans, you win!

Feel The Fur

I leave the house at 8am, it’s chilly. By lunch time the sun is shining and it’s pretty warm. When we get to the evening it’s feeling chilly again. Trying to work out what to wear in this weather could take a day in itself to decide! But I love this outfit. It’s perfect for the roller coaster temperature (as long as you have an umbrella nearby!).

NEXT Faux Fur Gilet Plus Size

Ridley Ripped Jeans

Firstly the faux fur gilet from NEXT is my statement piece. It’s a gorgeous cloudy grey and feels SO soft. Honestly whenever I wear it I end up gently stroking myself (strange but true!) The texture is just unbelievably indulgent. Yes it is a gilet but believe me when I say this fluffy thing is warm! It’s lined as well which stops the faux fur sticking to you. I love it. I have to say thought, it’s really big! I know in the colder weather I’ll be wearing my black PU jacket underneath for a super stylish but snug look. If you don’t plan on doing some serious layering I’d say to size down.

Pretty Big Butterflies

Fur gilet with pockets - NEXT

The jeans are the Ridley busted jeans from ASOS curve. I love ripped jeans and it’s only been the last few months that they seem to be readily available in plus sizes. These ones in particular are high wasted (which is great) but I found them slightly too tight on my calf meaning the tear doesn’t quite sit on my knee.  As they are super soft I thought they’d be fine, but they are just slightly too tight for my liking. I’ll be buying another pair for sure but I’ll either size up or grab the Ridley busted thigh and knee skinny jeans.

Ridley ASOS Skinny Jeans - #OOTD

Plus Size #OOTD

The black basic jersey top is from Simply Be. Purple point shoes are Dorothy Perkins and the silver statement necklace was a thrift find.

NEXT Fur Gilet

 How would you style a faux fur gilet? On another note… this wall art is pretty cool right?

Hair Removal Routine: Which Method is Right for You?

Whether you choose to remove some of your body hair, all of it or none of it at all, there’s no denying that there are a lot of different methods to choose from. Everyone seems to have their favourite way of getting rid of hair on their face and body, but which one is the best? The truth is that there is no ultimate hair removal technique. Some methods might get rid of hair better or for longer, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will like them. Each method has its pros and cons, and each woman has her priorities as to what they’re looking for in the experience. You can decide which hair removal method could be right for you using the guide below.


Shaving might be the most common form of hair removal, and it’s also one of the easiest. It might sometimes take a while, but compared to some other methods it’s really quite quick. Shaving is also completely painless (unless you accidentally cut yourself). As long as you don’t mind shaving fairly regularly to stay silky smooth, then shaving isn’t too much of a hassle. It’s quite cheap, in the short-term at least, and it’s easy to decide not to shave if you can’t be bothered.


Waxing is longer lasting than shaving but, unlike shaving, it’s not pain-free. However, waxing is quick, and the pain is fleeting. You get used to the sensation, and it can be worth it to not have to bother with shaving any more. Waxing also makes it much easier to reach awkward places, like your bikini line. It might sting to wax your bikini line, but many women see it as preferable to trying to shave. You don’t have to wax as often as shaving, and you can even do it at home now. Plus, you can get waxing strips for your face, to tackle your eyebrows, chin and other problem areas.


(Photo by Dr. Braun)

Laser Hair Removal

If you want a more permanent form of hair removal, you can try laser hair removal. Although it’s not necessarily a pleasant feeling, most people describe the sensation of laser hair removal as a mild discomfort, rather than pain. It’s great for targeting small or large areas and removes hair semi-permanently. Although the hair might grow back later, usually you only need to have a few sessions of laser treatment to get rid of it. However, you should weigh up the cost of laser hair removal against other methods. It can be a bit costly but will probably save you money long-term.

Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal cream is another at-home method that some people love. However, you do need to be careful with it if you have sensitive skin. But if you don’t like the effort of shaving or waxing, you might prefer hair removal cream. You apply it, leave it on to work its magic and then wipe it off. Hair removal cream won’t cause nasty ingrown hairs, like you might get with shaving or waxing. Like shaving, it’s painless, as long as you don’t have a reaction to it or leave it on too long. However, as with shaving, you do have to use it quite often.

The DIY Eyebrow Game

When I was around 15 my friend plucked my eyebrows. They went slightly dodgy and hurt like hell. But that was the day that changed my life,even if I didn’t know it at the time. Since then I’ve been in on the eyebrow game. From plucking, threading, waxing I NEED, yes NEED, my eyebrows to remain neat and tidy. I can do the no make up, messy hair thing no problem. As long as my eyebrows are on point I’m good.

Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper

The problem that comes with this is time. It takes all of 10 minutes to get my eyebrows done. I’ve one threading for a while but I love the feel of wax… (am I weird?). The issue is when you work all day Monday to Friday it’s hard to find the time. Don’t get me wrong, I’d happily get them done every other day if I could! but by the time I finish work, the beauticians have also finished. But I’ve found a little gem which is really making my life and eye brow game stay as strong as possible. It’s the Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper. It genuinly is one of THE BEST products I have ever used. So good that I received it as a PR sample and I’ve actually gone out and bought another one, and I’ll be buying another one once this has finished. It’s THAT good.

Nad's eyebrown wand slimtip precision

The Nad’s eyebrow shaper is super easy to use, give excellent results and is great value for money. In the box is the wand, some Nad’s facial wipes and cotton strips. You then do what they would usually do in a salon and it really is as easy as A, B, C. The wax is washable, so it’s fine if you make a mistake. It won’t just stick to your hair! It’s also suitable for sensitive skin AND you can use it on the upper lip, chin etc.

How to Use The Nad's Wand

Twist The Precision Wand

Use The Nad's Facial wipes To Clean Eyebrows.

Use The Nad’s Facial wipes To Clean Eyebrows.

Firstly you wipe the eyebrows with the face wipes which are nice and soapy, wait until brows are completely dry. The wand has a slim tip which allows you to apply the wax with precision. The wax melts due to your body heat and because it’s green it’s easy to see where you are applying! You literally twist the wand, (bit like a concealer) and draw the wax on. Then you quickly take a cotton strip (which is nice and large) you press firmly on and then pull off in the opposite direction of hair growth. I did have to brace myself and count to 3 but after the first wax there was no pain. In fact I quite liked it! (Maybe I am weird?)

'Draw' The Wax On

‘Draw’ The Wax On

Quickly apply the cotton strip on to the waxed area.

Quickly Apply The Cotton Strip On To The Waxed Area.

Then Pull The Strip Off In The Opposite Direction Of Hair Growth.

Then Pull The Strip Off In The Opposite Direction Of Hair Growth.

In terms of the results, they are exceptionally good. Obviously nothing will be as spot on as when someone else does it for you. But it’s great for a quick eye brow fix, when you might not have the money for a full on brow session or if you want to do it in the comfort of your own home. It’s perfect for me. The results are excellent as you can see! It’s the perfect beauty item to keep be going during those busy weeks.









Nad's Eyebrow Wax Wand Results

Results – A bit gross but shows you it works!

The wand EASILY gives you 4 or more applications. That is such a bargain, I pay between £5 and £10.00 PER eyebrow shape depending on where I go. The Nad’s eyebrow wand is between £7.00 & £10.00 depending on where you shop. Boots currently have 25% off Nad’s (at time of writing).

This has to be one of the best products of the year. It’s fast and works. Keep that eyebrow game strong with Nad’s.

Fashion Must Haves This Winter

This is the perfect time of year to stock up on new clothes and accessories. After all, winter’s on its way so you’ll need plenty of cosy garments to fend off the chill. Also, Christmas isn’t too far off and it’s important that you look your best for all those festive parties and events. Here are some must-have items for this season.


No winter wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of leggings. These comfy trousers are among the most adaptable items you can buy. You can wear them under skirts, dresses or long jumpers. You can also team them up with regular tops. If it’s really cold, you can even wear them under a looser pair of trousers. We won’t tell anyone if you don’t!

Black is the most flattering colour and these leggings also tend to go with a greater variety of other garments. However, if you’re planning to splash out on a few pairs, make sure you get different colours. This will give you more styling options.


Plenty of layers are a fashion must when temperatures drop. While one big, thick woolly jumper might be ideal while you are trudging through the snow outside, it can be uncomfortable when you get indoors and into the warm. If you layer up lighter garments, you can simply start to remove these if you get too warm.

Thinner jumpers, vest tops, cardigans and shirts are ideal for creating layers.

Hats, gloves and scarves


You won’t get far this chilly season without a stylish hat, scarf and pair of gloves. Try to stick to darker colours. White or pale cream versions can look great, but they quickly get marked and stained when you’re out and about. Also, bear in mind that these winter warmers provide you with the perfect opportunity to add some colour to what may otherwise be drab winter ensembles.


A decent pair of boots is a great investment for colder weather. Make sure you get a pair with plenty of tread. This will help you to avoid those embarrassing slips and slides on the snow and ice. When you’re choosing these items, make sure you go for a slightly larger size than you do when selecting other shoes. This will mean you can wear extra thick socks on really cold days.

Some Jewellery

It’s also a good idea to stock up on some jewellery and accessories before the cold really starts to bite. This will cheer you up and also ensure you’re ready for all your festive parties with friends, family and colleagues. As well as getting some sparkly earrings, necklaces and bracelets, you might want to invest in a chic new watch. You can take your pick from a selection of different materials and styles. Perhaps a leather watch band will catch you eye, or maybe you’d prefer a metal timepiece. The choice is yours.

By investing in these garments and accessories now, you can rest assured you’ll be set for the winter.

The Cosy Living Room Edit


As I said the other day, I spoilt myself over the weekend and went all out on a new bed and bedroom furniture (when it arrives I’ll show you!) and I created a little luxe bedroom edit of some of my favourite styles and luscious items. As the temperature has literally dropped over the past couple of days all I keep thinking about are warm and toasty evenings at home. So, I thought I’d create a Cosy Living Room Edit. I’m thinking autumn colours, comfortable surroundings and simple but classic furniture pieces. I know you’re with me. Let’s get snug.

The Cosy Living Room Edit

Cosy Living Room Edit

1. Firstly I have to have a large cosy chair, big enough for me to stretch out in or for 2 of us to cuddle up in. Luscious fabric and lots of cushioning and the deep berry colour is perfect for me.

2. I went and bought a lamp purposely to make my front room cosier and I’ve realised that after many comments from my lovely friends, they were so right. A lamp is vital to a warm, comfortable living space with ambient lighting.

3. A coffee table. It may sound simple but a simple small table like one of these from the Tesco range, is perfect. The dark brown is perfect for autumn and it’s the ideal way to stop clutter ruining your peaceful environment.

4. Candles have a unique energy and a way to make any room tranquil and smell gorgeous at the same time. Especially as we lead up to Christmas, those festive fragrances are a must.

5. Finally, it has to be luscious fabrics. Whether its warm toned cushions or deep fluffy rugs. Textures and fabrics not only keep the heat in but add style comfort well as style.

I already want to cuddle up now and hibernate through the cold weather. There’s something lovely about being snuggled up at home while the wind and rain is howling outside. I can imagine living in a little cottage somewhere, with marshmallows on the fire. But I’m perfectly happy with my mallows and hot chocolate here in London with sound of traffic and chatter sending me to sleep.

What makes your perfect cosy evening?

Clash Of The Monochrome, War Of The Print

Who says that you can’t mix prints? Well I quite like doing it and I think this combo from Junarose and Simply Be is a great example. I love monochrome and I think it’s a safer option when experimenting with mixing prints together. First of all the Junarose Lana Cardigan is a perfect autumn cover up. It’s a long length and is so versatile it can be work with almost anything! It’s soft and light weight and is great to pop on and wrap you up in as the evening gets colder. It has an almost aztec Jacquard print too it. Quite simple but still a statement piece. Everyone needs some knitwear like this in their wardrobe. (It’s also available in sizes 14 – 26)

Junarose Cardigan

Junarose Friends

Junarose Knitwear - Pretty Big Butterflies

Last year I was a mega fan of shirts and skater skirts. It’s so easy for me to wear to work but makes me feel good and is pretty good on the style stakes. This is the new printed ‘crackle’ shirt from the LOOK Magazine collection at Simply Be.  (I did a blog post on some of the new range recently… it really is awesome!) It’s actually really soft and comfortable. I wore a black cami underneath and tucked it into my PU skater skirt also from Simply Be perfectly. It would really match some black skinny jeans and is an instant splash of stylishness. the perks of this shirt is that because it has a softer feel the buttons don’t pull and gape so much. I would say that the fit is on the snug size and I would personally say to size up if you have larger arms like me. I really like this shirt with the sleeves rolled up… it’s just one of those things!

Look Magazine for Simply Be - Pretty Big Butterflies

Plus Size Stylish Shirt

I love how easy this outfit is and it’s almost a small capsule collection within itself. Just throw in some jeans and that a couple of days outfits right there!  On another notes, I am seriously loving autumn. The colours just seem to be amazing this year. I’d be quite happy if the seasons stopped and just left me here.

Crackle Print Shirt - Plus Size Blogger

Pretty Big Butterflies - autumn Outfit

The Luxe Bedroom Edit

I had a pretty epic weekend guys. I have to admit I went a little crazy and I’ve sort of order a whole new bedroom! (Almost) I had a good excuse though, my bed broke (Ask no questions I tell you no lies!) and I really needed to get a new one. So I thought I’d go all out and I’ve ordered a Super King size bed. Woohoo! I’m currently just sleeping on a mattress for a week until it’s delivered but I’m going to feel like a queen when it arrives! It has a huge soft charcoal coloured headboard and it’s quite majestic. Of course I chose an epic mattress, I was considering a memory foam mattress from Dormeo so I can feel like the princess and the pea, without being uncomfortable! I also accidentally ordered some beautiful bedroom furniture in a vintage cream design. I ordered a large chest, a mirror which turns it into a dressing table and some bedside drawers. I can’t wait for them all to arrive. Obviously I know can’t help but look for bedroom accessories. I plan on turning my bedroom into my sanctuary.  So here is my luxe bedroom edit.

the Luxe Bedroom Edit - Pretty Big Butterflies

1. Pink Magnolias From Next – My flat is too hot for real flowers, they literally wilt overnight, so these faux flowers are perfect.

2. Bird Parade Gold Fabric – Hillarys do these amazing fabrics and I’d love curtains and pillows to be made out of this. How gorgeous is this print!

3. Catherine Lansfied LOVE cushion – It is a bedroom after all! Argos always has little quirky things like this cushion and it’s these small details that I love.

4. Maddie Table Lamp – This shabby chic lamp is just gorgeous. It’s from House of Fraser and would just lift the room. Would work lovely with the fabric above as well don’t you think?

5. Ivory Chateau Chair Willis & Gambier – Now this is a little piece of luxury from Debenhams. Imagine sitting on this peacefully reading a book, or in my case scrolling through instagram. A little piece of heaven I’d say!

6. Mirror Framed Rose Next– This is a set of 2 and I think this wall art would complement the room beautifully. The soft floral drifts around the room and these would just add the finishing touch.

7. Blackberry & Bay Jo Malone Home Candle – I have to have a lovely fragranced bedroom. It makes walking into the room a delight in itself and like I said, this will be my sanctuary.

Other than my bed which has already been dismissed from the house, the other stuff I need to get to my mums. I was recommended Eco Movers as a man and van type thing. So I may give them a go (recommendations welcome folks!) I love getting new furniture; everything is so fresh and clean. Almost like a new start. I’m going to use it as a way to really minimalise and sort out everything I have. (I’m a hoarder for clothes and make up!)  Plus, it means I get to window shop and do things like this luxe bedroom edit. I want it all!

Clothes Made To Measure – RAUES

Most people would love a celebrity lifestyle. I mean everything is a perfect fit when you’re a celeb right? Your food is cooked to the highest standard with the best ingredients, your wine is the finest and your home incorporates the most luxurious of items. That’s not without mentioning the custom, made to fit clothing that they are privileged with. If only…. Well hold on a second. Maybe it IS my time to feel like a celebrity with the help of RAUES. Let me explain, RAUES are a US based online custom clothing company which ships worldwide. That means while I’m sitting in London, I can be getting an outfit made especially for me. Even better, the prices are great, the service is amazing and the end result, well it’s pretty perfect. Let me explain…

Plus Size Blogger - Pretty big Butterflies

The process of ordering from RAUES is REALLY simple. At first it looked a bit daunting, but you soon get in the swing of things and it takes 10 minutes max. You have to create an account and input your body measurements. They ask for everything, as they can’t be there in person, you obviously need to provide this. You then choose which item you would like created to fit your body measurements and then the BEST part for me, is that you can choose the design options! You can let them know what length sleeves you would like, the length of the item, the neck line, the fit and the list goes on.

RAUES Custom clothing

 I chose this gorgeous Chloe top because the print is bright and perfect for autumn. I liked the zip design and that it’s a peplum shape. If you read my blogs you should know that my problem area is my arms. But knowing that this top was made to measure, it fitted PERFECT. The jersey fabric was soft and fits like a glove and the length is perfect for a peplum. If you are taller you can order a longer length, if you’re petite you can make it shorter. This is the joy of tailored clothing. I quite like the Chloe top because I can mix it between a top and a jacket and did I mention it fits like it was made for me!

Made to measure clothing UK

In terms of delivery, RAUES state 4-6 weeks. But I have to say, mine arrived super quick, it actually arrived within a week! No being funny, but I can order standard clothes from the UK and it takes longer!  The standard shipping price to the UK is $20.00 via Fedex which is actually incredibly reasonable and they offer free returns to a UK address so you don’ need to worry about expensive postage if you need anything changed. You can check the FAQ here which gives you more information. The top came delivered in a gorgeous package. Wrapped lovely which made it even more exciting and the box (inside a box) wasn’t even dented considering the fast delivery.

RAUES Delivery

The overall experience of using RAUES was really beyond compare. The top tha I received really did fit like a glove, it was made to a great spec, I’ve washed it a few times now and there have been no loose stiches or glitches. Plus their customer service is spot on!

RAUES made to measure clothing

If you want to feel as special as a celebrity (and you SHOULD feel that way) then you can get a very nice 15% off. All you have to do is like the RAUES facebook page and then register on the site. They’ll then send you your code! 

Keeping Up With The Dickins & Jones

I don’t know about where you are but London has suddenly hit rainy season. It hasn’t stopped pouring down for the past few days. I know autumn has hit us relatively quickly but I feel unprepared for the rain! The one thing that could easily save you from the traumas of rain is this rather preppy Dickins & Jones Parka Jacket. It’s that perfect light weight but warm jacket that’s perfect for the transition in seasons as well as looking sharply casual. It also has a hood which is great for bouncing the rain off but is light so doesn’t make you feel like you’re in the midst of winter. Just what I needed this weekend!

Dickins & Jones

House Of Fraser Plus Size

It’s a really soft coat that has a cute navy blue and white spot print on the outside with a gorgeous padded forest green on the inside. Lots of drawstrings for added comfort. This is my relax, get up and go everyday style jacket. A pair of ripped jeans and trainers are just the perfect pairing. This jacket only goes up to a 20, I would have loved it to go to a 22 but considering, it’s quite generous. I can do it up fine and I have lots of space to move around. Usually my arms are an issue but not in this parka.

Plus size rain coat

House Of Fraser rain coat

This jacket is available from Dickins & Jones at House of Fraser; they have some lovely items which are perfect for this season. The pieces in their range vary from size 8 to 26.

Plus Size Parka coat

Dickins & Jones House Of Fraser

A perfect autumn savior, warm, light, comfortable and great with jeans and trainers. You know this is going to around for a while!  A parka always floats my boat!

What coats or jackets are floating your boat this Autumn?