Bettie Gets The Big Guns Out

You might have guessed that I have a little swimwear addiction at the moment. I haven’t been to a beach yet this year but I did go to a spa thing this week. This consisted of swimming pools, hot tubs and steam rooms and I strutted by stuff in my swimwear feeling great. I’m telling you, the moment you forgot what others think, you’ll FEEL amazing as you look. Well, to share even more swimwear love I’ve been introduced to Bettie by Big Guns which is exclusive to ASOS and it’s a fun and quirky litte range of plus size swimwear.

I thought I would share my faves with you. Not only are they pretty cute but the cuts, in my opinion, look really great for curves. I know what I like. I like quite bright pieces with a little detail which makes the piece a tiny bit unusual. I like high waisted bikini bottoms or a swimsuit that isn’t boring. They are a little 60′s inspired and have fashionable plus size swimwear covered!

What do you think? Plus size swim wear is far from where it used to be! 

Bright Side Of Life

On Saturday I went to Curvy Convention 2015 in London.  It was a really great environment for plus size ladies and gents to get together around everything fashion related. There was lots going on with a catwalk, brand stands, massages and music, plus lots of my blogger babe friends were strolling around which always makes for a good day. It was also one of the first real summer days we have had here in London so I went all out to brighten up the streets and wow did I feel good!

Plus Size Summer Outfit - Pretty Big Butterflies

You know when you put on an outfit and you just think YES! I feel good. Well this was one of them. If I could wear it every day then I would. The fact the sun was out just added to the brightness to be honest. I love this coral crepe blazer from Evans. It’s super bright, comfortable and light. They are literally milking this piece in every colour you can imagine so I need to get my game on before they sell out, i’m wearing a 26 in this because the sleeves were a little snug in the 24, so if you know you usually have arm issue, definitely size up. The light blue acid wash jeans are also from Evans. Really good sizing actually. I’m wearing a 24 and considering the stretch and how light the fabric is they are a super fit.

Plus size blogger - Fatshion - summer outfit

White Summer Grab Bag - Hotter - Pretty Big ButterfliesThe slogan T Shirt is from River Island and is an oversized 18. It’s obviously supposed to be loose but it fits like a normal T-shirt on me. No rules as far as I’m concerned! To keep it super fresh I garnished this outfit with a gorgeous white grab bag from Hotter. It’s really comfy to hold, light but large and it has a lovely little clutch purse which pops in (securely) to the front. It just sets the outfit off in my opinion. Wearing white was a risk but it remains fresh, scratch free and mark free. (Even after resting in the plant pot!)

Pretty Big Butterflies - Plus Size UK Blogger

I also wanted to add a little experience I had on the tube on the way to Curvy Convention. I was walking on the underground changing lines and I realised I was dressed really bright compared to everyone walking next to me. (Did I mention I had my ‘Glitz’ shoes on again from Jones Bootmakers? yes they were super glittery in the sun!) Anyway, as I was walking a young woman around my age, maybe a little younger was walking towards me, going the opposite way. She looked up at me under her drawn eyes and for a brief second I thought she was giving me a distasteful look. This woman was also plus sized and dressed really indiscreet. I went to turn away not wanting any self-doubt to creep into my head about the way I looked, but I didn’t do that. Instead I looked right at her in the eyes as I walked past and I smiled. A big, warm hello smile and she did the same back as she carried on walking. That maybe 3 second encounter completely struck a chord with me. It really did. I then continued to smile for the rest of the day.



Surprise! Fun Ways to Show Your BFF You Love Them

We’ve all seen those things where you get an opportunity to give a friend a surprise, to thank them for being there for you. Sometimes they’re on TV or run by a radio show. They’re a brilliant idea, but you don’t need to wait for one to come along. If you want to show your best friend how much you appreciate them, you can do it whenever you want. Whether you give them something small or concoct an elaborate surprise, they’ll love you even more for showing them how much you love them. Give your BFF a wonderful surprise with one of these fun ideas.

Flowers and Chocolates

Sometimes it only takes a lovely bunch of flowers or a box of choccies to show someone how much you appreciate them. Small gestures and gifts don’t take up much of your time and money, but that one thought about your friends happiness is worth a lot more. Not many people take the time to get something for their best mate “just because”. Don’t wait until it’s their birthday or Christmas to get them something. Next time you think about how much you love them, get them a gift to brighten their day. It’s easy to order something for delivery using sites like So you have a good selection, instead of a bunch of supermarket flowers. Send it to their office to surprise them at work or to their house to cheer them up at the end of a long day. If they don’t appreciate chocolate or flowers, try a candle, some sweets or just a coffee on you.



Feed Them

Everyone enjoys a good meal. The best way to show someone you love and appreciate them is without doubt to feed them. It doesn’t matter whether you make them a home-cooked, take them to a fancy restaurant or even just to a mediocre restaurant. They’ll love being treated to a meal on you, plus all the other fun that goes with an evening with your bestie. In fact, having dinner is great for doing with all your friends, in case you feel like lavishing them all with love and affection. Have a dinner party and a night in at home or have a posh dinner out and a night on the town.

Take a Weight Off Their Minds

Small, thoughtful things can be most appreciated, and they don’t have to be gifts in the traditional sense. One of the things you can do to support your friend is to do a task or chore for them, so they don’t have to. You could do their washing up after you’ve had dinner with them or take their dog for a walk when they’re ill. Or maybe you could have some shopping delivered when they get back from their holiday. These gestures are especially appreciated when your friend is going through a rough time, and daily tasks are more of an effort than usual.

Write a Letter

Telling your best friend how much you love them outright is about direct as you could get. But instead of just saying it out loud, why not write them a note? If you put your feelings down in words and give it to them (or send it in the post), they’ll have something they can keep forever. Tell them all about what makes them special to you, but be specific. Mention the times when you were glad when they were there for you, whether it was to help you move house or to commiserate over a breakup.


Liz West

Give Them a Holiday

Everyone needs some time away from their everyday life now and then. You can help your best friend get theirs giving them a holiday. You don’t have to go away together, although that’s one way to have some amazing bonding time. You can also help them get away by taking care of things at home for them. You could babysit their kids for the weekend, or look after their house, popping in to collect the post, feed the pets and water the plants. You could even give them a lift to the airport. And, of course, you could go away together. Take a road trip, spend a weekend at a spa or jet off to somewhere sunny for a while.

Celebrate a Success

If your BFF has recently achieved something big, make sure you celebrate it. Even if it’s not a huge achievement, it’s always a pleasant surprise to have it recognized. Maybe they aced a project at work, ran their first 5k or learnt to do something new. You could send them a gift, leave balloons or flowers at their desk, or make them a card to congratulate them. Celebrate the small things, as well as the life-changing ones.

Surprise Visit

Got a best friend you don’t get to see too often? Maybe they live too far away, or you both just have very busy lives. Why not drop in on her unexpectedly? If she lives elsewhere, you get a holiday out of it too. It might be best to check with friends or family first to make sure your surprise visit will be a welcome one. You don’t want to end up dropping in on her when she’s going through the busiest week of the year.

Think of Something Amazing

There are always gifts, whether they’re experiences or physical things, which will shock and astound your best friends. Maybe there’s a band they’re obsessed with, and tickets to see them live would make their year. You could try and get their favourite author to sign a book for them, or take them to the one place they’ve always dreamed of going. You know your best friend inside and out, so you’re sure to think of something that would amaze them.

We all need to take some time to show our friends and family how much we appreciate them. And the more you show them, the more they’ll return the favour. It’s always good to show a little love now and then.

1 Black Dress – 3 Ways #DressUpWithGeorge

There are some staple pieces that everyone should have in their wardrobe. One of them is a standard black midi dress. I have this one from George at ASDA and it was a bargain at £10.00 AND it’s available in sizes 8 – 24. The perk of this jersey dress is that it’s light and comfortable for summer but so versatile. I thought I’d show you 3 ways that a simple and stylish dress like this can fit into 3 simple outfits… what’s even better is that everything in this post is from George at ASDA. Trust me, they have really upped their game in the fashion sense lately.

- WORK -

George At ASDA - Black Dress review

Plus Size blogger reviews George

This dress is super easy to wear underneath any jacket or blazer.  It’s a great length on me, just above my knee (I’m just under 5″6) and it light so I don’t get too hot. The dress is sleeveless so I don’t have to worry when it comes to layering. This look is perfect for work. smart but casual. I love a basic jacket and this Aztec Blazer from George is a great match with the dress. Smart and casual is perfect for the office. Wear with heels, flats, tights or bare legs. so versatile!

- REST -

3 Ways to wear a black dress

George Review - plus size

There is nothing like having a casual outfit that makes you feel good on a weekend. No matter what you’re doing… meeting the girls or just cleaning the car. I still like to feel good! I decided to wear this gorgeous cream embellished vest top (which has had ALOT of compliments actually because the material is lovely!) over the dress with some leggings. However, because the dress is jersey and stretchy I’ve pulled it up a bit and used it as a long vest. Perfect for when I want my leggings to be trousers but I don’t want to flash my animal print knickers! It’s really casual but pretty trendy and I love that the dress works in another way! (These gorgeous shoes are also from George, are £6.00 and fit my wide feet!!!)

 - PLAY -

Plus size Fashion

pretty big butterflies - George clothing review

Yes, you can just wear the dress by itself, add some jewellery and ta da! Party time. But George had this vibrant oversized woven top in a bright coral colour that was calling my name. it actually comes with the necklace (which I’ve also worn in look number 1). It’s super comfy and actually looks like it’s a double layered dress. You wouldn’t know they are separate. it also means you can make the dress as long or short as you dare.

2Plus2 Goes 2 Piece

I’ve been on a bit of a bikini mission lately. (It really is time I start looking at booking my holiday!) But this is something special. It’s another (Long awaited I know) 2Plus2 collaboration post with myself and the super gorgeous Katie from ToodalooKatie. We really wanted to show that wearing a bikini really is possible, no matter what your size or shape. Yes, it is about ‘getting a bikini, put it on… bingo… you’re bikini body ready’. BUT, being someone who has been on my on self acceptance journey, I know it isn’t always that easy. So we wanted to help you on your bikini ready way with a couple of tips and how we manage to feel confident.

Plus Size Swimwear - toodalookatie & prettybigbutterflies

The best practical advise for me was getting a high waist bikini. It works for me because it bridges the tummy area gap that is what I was really self-conscious about. There is nothing wrong with having stretch marks, a large tummy or any other distinguishing feature you think you may have. Show it, flaunt it and love it. But for my stretch marks, and me I like a littler more coverage and these bikinis from Forever 21 are perfect for me.

plus Size swimwear

I think the super bright colours with the extra detail actually enhances the look and instead of making me think OMG I STAND OUT, it makes me think… yeah, I got it, fashion, I got it… you have to giggle right? But it’s true! Don’t hide away, you’re far to beautiful! That’s what you need to tell yourself because it’s true.

Plus size Bikini

The Forever 21 plus bikinis are bright, colourful and playful. If someone looks at me on the beach it will be because they are jealous of my bikini. Yes, I’m serious! The one I’m wearing has caged bikini bottoms which are pretty high waisted and because of the detail it oozes confidence but effortlessly, the bikini top for me, gives my bust a great shape and I love the caged effect again. I’m wearing a 3XL but I could have done with a 2XL in the bikini top, as it’s quite generous.

Toodaloo Katie

Katie looks super amazing in her tropical print bikini and the cut of the top is so pretty. We wanted to have a bit of fun with our pics and I think it works really well. It’s all about confidence and I think we show that you can wear a bikini and feel great, no matter what your shape or size.

Plus size bloggers do swimwear


10 Things People Love about Ray-Bans

As an industry leader and trendsetter in sunglasses, Ray-Bans are sold worldwide and are always amongst the bestselling shades on the market. If you are looking to find the perfect pair of sunglasses and have chosen to start by investigating the benefits of Ray-Bans, you might want to start with what others are saying about them. Here are the 10 things people love about Ray-Bans.


Photo by thelittleone417

1) They’re Cool

Because of their iconic status over the years, Ray-Bans are considered to be ‘cool.’ (As in trendy, not as in climate control although that would be nice on hot summer days!) In fact, they’re so cool the term ‘ray bans’ even made it into the urban dictionary. Now that’s cool!

2) State-of-the-Art Lens Technology

One example of just how innovative Ray-Ban technology is would be their G-15 green lenses that are able to filter out as much as 85% of blue light. What does this mean? Greater protection for your delicate eyes without hindering your ability to see. Even so, all lenses developed and used in Ray-Bans are cutting edge technology and sure to perform.

3) Long History of Excellence

Dating back to 1937, Ray-Bans have a super long history of excellence both as a company and as a technology. If you haven’t read the history of how Ray-Bans came to be as a result of special needs pilots had back in the day, check it out. It makes for some interesting reading.

4) Worn by Celebs Everywhere

From Audrey Hepburn way back in the day to Tom Cruise to Will Smith, celebrities wear them everywhere, not only in films. You can just do a quick search online to see literally hundreds of today’s top celebs sporting their Ray-Bans which should inspire you when choosing the shades you’d like to own.

5) High Profile in Films

Back to Audrey and Tom, Ray-Bans are the number one sunglasses chosen by celebs and directors when it comes to films. Do you think it’s only the celebs that choose what shades to wear on-set? Guess again! Directors often use them as a prop for certain aesthetics they are after in a given scene.

6) Classic Styles Never out of Fashion

Going all the way back to the original Aviators, Ray-Bans have classic styles that just keep on keeping on. Aviator and Wayfarer are so fashionable that other wannabe’s in the industry copy their style, but never with the success and finesse of Ray-Ban. If you want to see some of the hottest selling Ray-Bans, try visiting to see what’s trending at the moment.

7) High End but Affordable

Yes, Ray-Bans are high end but they are also affordable. Unlike some designer shades that hike the price way, way, way up because of their brand, Ray-Bans can be found that even an hourly worker can afford. Look for deals online to get an even better price!

8) Sexy

Just look at the long line of today’s celebs seen in Ray-Bans and there is no disputing the fact that they are sexy! The science is sexy, the technology is sexy and the celebs like Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) and Rachel Bilson (Heart of Dixie) are also too sexy for words in their Ray-Bans.

9) Top-of-the-Line in Sporty Shades

When it comes to sunglasses, what would they be if not sporty? From playing on the fields to being the field, there isn’t a player alive who doesn’t need a classic pair of Ray-Ban shades!

10) Simply Put – They’re Ray-Bans!

And to put it simply, why Ray-Bans? Because they’re Ray-Bans! There isn’t another brand that can come close to Ray-Bans as far as brand recognition so that’s why people love them. Want to be in style? Go for Ray-Bans, always a trendsetter and always superior.

Love Feeling Blue

It was only a few months ago that I took part in the shoot for the new Scarlett & Jo spring / summer range. There were gorgeous dresses of all colours and shapes and they really are beautiful. If you haven’t already, you NEED to try one on. Seeing Scarlett & Jo pieces on a website or hanger just doesn’t do them justice. Trust me. The biggest example I have of this is this gorgeous, just gorgeous vintage print skirt. It’s so pretty and feminine with that perfect elastic waistband which gives it that prom effect… and of course helps create a smooth silhouette. When I saw it online, I thought it just wasn’t me. It seemed a little… flat and maybe a little too mature for me. (Yes I’m getting on but let’s keep that a secret shall we!) But I was incredibly wrong!

Scarlett & Jo Skirt

Well, I tried the skirt on and it has that instant twirl and shimmy effect. I wanted to waltz around the front room and shimmy down the corridor. It’s a fantastic fit (I’m a 24) but because if the fab elasticated waist, you can fit in the size down or up if necessary. It’s also a really good length. I am just under 5″6 and it’s just over my knee. For me that’s a great length. The colors… oh the colours! Once again, you need to see the pretty blues in real life. The print is busy but actually really versatile. Where with a block colour top (I’m wearing a Boohoo plus body suit), try a stripy top, or even a lacy one. The choice is yours; the skirt lends itself to anything.

Scarlett & Jo at Evans - Pretty Big Butterflies

I shouldn’t be surprised. Scarlett & Jo have a way with really feminine pieces that just have a little VA VA voom. Everything from the cut to the material is carefully considered and it really shows! This skirt, and the rest of the Scarlett & Jo range is available at Evans.

pretty big butterflies - plus size blogger UK

I also wanted to just share the love for these gorgeous glint ballet pumps from Jones Bootmakers. They belong in the Land of Oz I’m sure! They are silver but with a pearlescent effect to them in the light and when it gets a little darker they look glitterier. I also love the ‘v’ style to the toe of the shoe, which I find not only flatter bigger feet but makes for a comfier shoe too.

Jones Bootmakers glint shoes

Now, these are NOT wide fit. So I sized up from a 7 to an 8. To be honest, I thought they were going to be super narrow but they really weren’t. I’ll be putting a little footpad at the bag so they don’t slip but I have wide and flat feet and could have stuck to my normal size. Pretty impressed and I think they look perfect with the Scarlett & Jo skirt.


#WeAreTheThey – What I ‘Shouldn’t’ Wear.

I’m sure you have heard of the #WeAreTheThey campaign? It’s taken social media by storm and has branched out into newspapers and magazines all over the world. It’s in response to some uneducated comments from someone in the spotlight. I’d rather not give her any more publicity than she has already had and I hope she reaps the percussions  of her words. Jamelia stated that people should feel uncomfortable and ashamed if they don’t fit the ‘norm’ in terms of high street shopping. I’m sure if you google it you’ll find what she said word for word.

Look, it’s very simple. As a fat girl society has provided me with rules that I should follow in order not to offend, threaten or glorify obesity. (Apparently). These rules are verbally, visually and sub consciously beaten into us from such an early age that before you know it, your whole life seems to be about trying to change yourself. I did that. For years. Ost weight, put on weight, went on a diet, starved myself, binged ate, felt like I was so WRONG! That I couldn’t show my arms, that I should be ASHAMED, that there was something wrong with me for being TOO big. This is obviously what Jamelia  and other ignorant, immoral and bloody rude people feels is the right way for people of certain sizes to feel. (big or small may I add). Because I’m a certain size I shouldn’t wear a certain item of clothing? Is that REALLY true. Come on. I am not here to please people. IF you don’t like my arms… well I won’t be giving you a hug anytime soon mate.

Well, to this, myself and hundreds of other people are saying #WeAreTheThey. I will be happy in my skin, following my own rules, breaking theirs and feeling as amazing as I should feel and how YOU should feel. Wear what YOU want to wear and feel as amazing as YOU want to feel.

Fat girls can’t wear stripes… Watch Me.

Plus Size Scuba Dress for Wedding

Fat girls can’t wear bikinis…. Watch Me.

How to wear a bikini? Take a body and pop it in a bikini.

How to wear a bikini? Take a body and pop it in a bikini.

Fat girls can’t wear sleeveless tops… Watch Me.

Hollie - Pretty Big Butterflies - Plus Size Blogger

 Fat Girls Don’t Deserve Love…. Watch Me!

Plus Size Awards_164

#WeAreTheThey and we deserve to be confident, happy and fashionable regardless of size, shape… regardless of anything!

Check out the hashtag on twitter for lots more inspirational, body confident posts and messages. These are just a handful of people you need to check out…

Pandora Does Daisies

I have a sweet spot for pretty jewellery and as I’ve grown a little older I’ve branched into the slightly more long lasting brands and pieces. What I mean by this is occasionally getting a piece of jewelley that is timeless, will last and isn’t just costume. You know what I mean! Well, Pandora is fast becoming my favourite. I got myself a bangle last year, and this year I’ve already obtained a birthstone ring and now this absolutely gorgeous dazzling daisy bracelet.

Pandora Daisy Bracelet

I got this rope style bracelet from Joshua James, which is a lovely UK jewellery store who (officially) stocks everything from Pandora to Lovelinks and it’s nice to be able to look at everything in one place and make easy comparisons. I adore this bracelet, it’s incredibly pretty and sterling silver it will go with any outfit! The charms are already attached and it’s from the Spring & Summer Pandora range. That’s a great thing about Joshua James, it has the new, up to date ranges so you’re completely up to date, not being sold old stock.

Joshua James Jewellery

Joshua James also do various sizes, just like Pandora do and they make it super easy by putting the measurement with the product and letting you know if it’s in stock. I have large wrists but I know that the biggest Pandora size bracelet fits with ease. (21cm for reference!) and the bracelet didn’t disappoint.

Pandora Daisy Bracelet - Pretty Big Butterflies

So not only do Joshua James provide pretty pieces like this, but they also offer a price guarantee, 21 days returns, next day delivery and everything comes gift boxed. So my bracelet came in an original Pandora box and bag. Perfect for a gift (to myself of course!) My bracelet came super quick and in perfect condition. I’ll definitely be using them again when it’s time for my next Pandora purchase!

Winning Trousers

Trousers! When was the last time you wore a pair of trousers. Were they black? How about Grey? Were they boot cut? Too Tight? Too Loose? Made you feel frumpy? I’m guessing most of the answers to these questions will be yes! Yes! Yes! Because when I used to wear trousers, they unfortunately ticked all of the above. But recently I went outside of my comfort zone. These floral print, slim leg trousers were calling my name from the Yours Clothing website and no matter how many wish lists I included them in I HAD to try them. I’m so happy I did.

Yours Clothing - Trousers - Pretty Big Butterflies

These trousers are simply amazing. Let me firstly talk about the fit because that’s the most important aspect here. They feel and fit perfect. Seriously, I have never had a part of trousers that work so well for me. I’m a size 24 on the bottom with my problem usually being the dreaded camel toe and digging in around the tummy area. Well, first up these trousers feel like trousers. Not leggings. They feel like trousers are supposed too with a soft sateen texture.  The waistband has elasticated sided. This is so important. Why? Because when the whole waistband is elasticated I feel like I’m wearing granny pants. (True talk) but they are only stretchy on the sides but that gives the perfect amount of stretch for fit and comfort. Especially for the ‘spread’ that happens when you sit down. You know what I’m talking about ladies.

Plus Size Trousers From Yours Clothing

They are actually quite generous size wise. I bought a 26 thinking I need to size up in these sorts of thing. But I actually exchanged them in my local Yours Clothing store (hooray! A plus size shop on the high street!) And the 24 fitted perfect, all be it still a little generous. I’m 5”6 and the length is great, just above my ankle and below my calf. The material has slight stretch to it but it doesn’t look like it so they don’t come across as leggings like I said.

Hollie - Pretty Big Butterflies - Plus Size Blogger

As for the colour, they have a gorgeous multi coloured floral print, which can be work with almost any colour. I paired it with of Yours vests that they have in almost any colour you could want. I genuinely love these trousers and at £23.00 they are really good value for money. The trousers are available in sizes 14-26 and is available in black and white. Plus I found out from the lovely Yours Clothing at their press day that these will be coming in a white and blue colour in June. Baskets at the ready!

- Shop The Look -