You Say Selfie, I Say Celfie

I love  a simple logo t-shirt. some call them cheesy but I love the literal statement or irony that some of them make and have. Plus they are so easy to pop on and go! This one from Yours Clothing particular is pretty awesome. I’m a blogger and I love a selfie. (Just check out my instagram if you don’t believe me!) and this somewhat ironic plus size ‘Celfie’ t shirt is great. The term was created by Kim Kardashian herself and the Celfie is the new Selfie. Just with a bit of attitude thrown in.

Plus Size Celfie T Shirt - Pretty Big Butterflies - Yours clothing

Plus Size Celfie T Shirt - Pretty Big Butterflies -

I’ve seen these tops around quite a bit but I’ve been worried about the quality of the material. I just dont’ want it to feel really rubbish and fit badly because I just won’t wear it. But I have to say, considering how affordable this top is (£10.00 and available in sizes 16-32!) the material is surprisingly great quality. It’s 100% cotton and has a bit of stretch. there are small things about this t- shirt that make it an absolute winner. The sleeves have very small pleats on the shoulder and the top itself actually has some shape to it. It comes in at the waist slightly before coming over my hips with a small dipped hem at the back so just you don’t feel like you’re showing your back. It’s a small dipped hem not a huge off-putting one that makes you look odd. Before I forget, it’s also a PERFECT fit… if anything it’s a bit generous.

Yours Clothing Celfie T Shirt

Plus Size Celfie T Shirt - Pretty Big Butterflies - Yours clothing

I love that Yours Clothing are doing fashionable pieces like this and that it’s available in a range of sizes. Fast and Affordable fashion. It makes sense why they won at the British Plus Size awards!

I Won! British Plus Size Awards 2014

What a weekend! The British Plus Size Awards happened on Saturday night and thanks to you guys I was shortlisted in the Best New Blog Category. Even better… thanks to you guys… I WON…..



I am officially the winner of the British Plus Size Awards 2014 Best New Blog

Plus Size Awards - Best New blog Winner

I seriously cannot thank everyone who voted for me enough. The messages of support I received before and after the awards is amazing. From friend, family, blogger babes and just people wishing me good luck that reads the blog or follow my social media. I won’t harp on… you know the journey I’ve been on and why the plus-size community is so important. Self-acceptance and loving yourself for who you are is the strongest and most important thing you can give yourself. So do it now… look in the mirror and realise you are ok… you are more than ok… you are bloody amazing.

Plus Size Bloggers - British Plus Size Awards

British Plus Size Awards - Winning Couple

I thought I’d give you a brief recap of the night along with some not bad iPhone snaps taken throughout the evening.  Firstly, let’s discuss my dress. It’s from Lovedrobe at Simply Be. It’s very rare that something looks better in real life than on the computer screen, but this dress was amazing. Not only did it get some lovely comments but I felt really great wearing it. It was comfortable but pretty. Sometimes hard to get the two together in the plus size world. I did have to size up x2. If you go for anything Lovedrobe I would definitely say size up by 1. The shoes were from Simply Be and I have to say are probably the most comfortable wide fit heels I have EVER worn.

Plus Size Awards - Simply Be & Lovedrobe

Plus Size Awards - Best New blog 2014

At the awards we were greeted with flowing champagne while waiting to be seated and then served up a 3 course meal. The menu was ok. It’s always difficult with set menus because you can’t please everyone but it was nice enough. I was sat at the table with my lovely girls and fellow nominees Lucie and Katie who both looked gorgeous. I was also sitting next to my lovely other half who even donned a suit and tie for the night. Not bad… for the first time in 5 years!

Curvy Kate - Plus Size Awards 2014

There were lots of great nominees and amazing winners. Great performances and the host, Matt Johnson was brilliant. We were gifted with goody bags and a pretty good evening to be honest with amazing company.

Plus Size Awards - Pretty Big Butterflies Hollie - winner

Once again… a huge, mahoosive thank you to everyone that voted for me. You’ve made me a very happy lady!

Check out all the winners over on the Plus Size Awards website.

#VCSWAPSHOP Blogger Party

Last week I went along to my 2nd VoucherCodes blogger swap shop party and it was just as good (if not better) than the last one! The November 2014 swap shop was held at The Music Room in central London. A lovely and bright gallery space which meant there was lots of room for drinking, eating, balloon blowing and clothes swapping! (Plus more!)

vouchercodes blogger swap shop party 2014

Clothes Swap Voucher codes PartyI’ll take you through the evening. Firstly after bumping into some gorgeous blogger friends including Katie, Tara, Emma and another lovely Katy, I stumbled over to the amazing balloon art lady Twistina who was there again this year making her awesome creations. She seriously knows how to pull out the balloon stops and nothing was too demanding!  I went and got myself a little Monty Penguin hat made. (You must have seen the John Lewis advert right? Never mind… that’s a WHOLE different story)

Pretty big Butterflies - Hollie - voucher Codes Blogger Swap Shop

toodaloo Katie Pretty Big Butterflies #VCswapshop


Then there was some gorgeous macaroni cheese on offer to get you ready for the dash to the clothes rails. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say Anna Mae’s Mac N Cheese street food was the BEST macaroni I’ve ever had. Just look at it! This, washed down with a gorgeous English Garden cocktail was enough to keep me refreshed for evening. If that wasn’t enough, there were glitter lips being created, Sew Over It embellishments tutorials and an Instagram booth to get your pictures printed off to keep. Plus a tower of macaroons to indulge yourself on. Sorry, did I forget to mention that it was a great evening? Silly me.

Anne Mae Macaroni cheese

Macaroons Blogger Party #VCSwapShop

Blogger Swap Shop Cocktails

Then on to the main event! The rails were full, the clothes were hung and accessories were glistening. 3, 2, 1 – go! Literally the crowd went slightly wild and things disappeared before my very eyes. But there were lots to be had and there were a variety of sizes and styles to suit anyone. I did find that I ended up swapping most of my items with the people I came with! But, I guess that’s the joy of it. You never know what you’re going to find. I ended up walking away with some Junarose jeans, a Zara top and some other bits. As well a great goody bag including goodies from Dorothy Perkins and Boden. Even better, is that the team donated all the left over clothing to Save the Children charity shops.

voucherCodes  blogger Swap Shop 2014

Voucher codes blogger Party

Over all I had another great, fun filled, fashionable evening. A massive well done and thank you to the Voucher Codes team and I’ll see you at the next Swap Shop Bloggers Party! have also uploaded a rather cool video of the evening which I wanted to share. Take a peak… you know you want to!

*All Pictures courtesy of vouchercodesUK Flickr

Stories… By Kelly Osbourne – Chapter One – Part 2

Hi All! So yesterday was part one of the collaboration post between my gorgeous friend Katie and I.  Introducing Stories… By Kelly Osbourne and her first collection Chapter One. We had such a great response from you guys and I want to say a massive thank you! It’s great to get such positive comments and even more amazing that plus size fashion is making waves. Plus, the fact Kelly herself popped a lovely comment on our instagram picture… well… what can I say. I told you yesterday she has such a passion for fashion equality and a real good spirit. That one comment alone means so much to us.

Stories... By Kelly Osbourne

Moving swiftly on, Katie and I are now bringing you our Chapter One, Part two post! As well as the super fashionable t-shirts we showed you yesterday, we also opted for another item each and I have to say I love them both.  It was really hard to not show you these yesterday but it was just too much excitement for one post!

Chapter One - Pretty big Butterflies Wearing Stories By Kelly Osbourne

I opted for this light heather grey crewneck sweater. It may seem like an ordinary jumper that anyone can get. But NO! It’s brilliant for so many reasons. Just how I explained yesterday that getting a decent plus sized basic T shirt can be a mission, it’s the same for light weight knits too. They are either too baggy, badly fitting, rubbish material or too restrictive. I love wearing a shirt underneath a knit, BUT being plus size that’s another style that can be a struggle. Just finding the right materials and fit that doesn’t make you feel like you are wrapped in parcel tape! Well, Kelly has it ON POINT! This jumper actually comes with removable collars. I kid you not REMOVEABLE collars. Black and white. You wouldn’t know it but there are secret buttons under the hem.

Plus Size blogger Pretty Big Butterflies wearing Kelly Osbourne

So this jumper is fast, versatile fashion. I can wear it with a black collar, white collar, no collar or both collars! A versatile work wear item or increase the statement with a bright necklace. The joy of versatility is one that will never get boring. The jumper itself fits well, once again it is a generous size and I could have gone down one but I love knits that are not totally fitted. It’s also a fab length so I don’t have to keep pulling it down.

Katie opted for the really stylish green and navy plaid jacket.  It suites her perfectly and although it was a really generous fit, she just pulled it off so well. It was a lovely, lightweight, soft texture and I was almost tempted to grab it and run off with it myself! She just looks so divine in this jacket. It had side pockets and a button to the front. It’s one of those classic, keep for years type of jacket and Katie rocked it!!

Toodaloo Katie wearing Kelly Osbourne

Blogger toodaloo Katie

Just like the T shirts yesterday, this was imported from the US and purchased from Blufly. All customs and charges were included in the price so no nasty surprises when it’s delivered. I also want to say a massive thank you to Tara who took our pictures for us in central London on a busy weekend morning. She was patient and a complete professional. Please grab a look at her blog with the links below.

Plus Size removeable collar

Well, What more can I say? Stories… by Kelly Osbourne really has given Katie and me a story of our own to tell. I can’t wait for a second range. Simple, versatile and fashionable pieces. Fashion is for everyone.

All hail Kelly Osbourne!

Don’t’ forget to follow myself, Katie and Tara for all the pictures and updates on the Chapter One collaboration.

Tara - Blogger & Photographer: Twitter /  Blog 

Stories… By Kelly Osbourne – Chapter One

You know Kelly Osbourne right? You know her story right? But do you know her stories?  No? Well let me explain.

The gorgeous and empowering Kelly Osbourne has finally launched her fashion range. Stories… and my lovely blogger friend Katie and I decided we wanted to branch it out and get London involved! This is her first collection, suitably named ‘Chapter One’.  We know that Kelly has lots of Love for London and we wanted to give some back to her… as well as trying out the range ourselves.

Stories... By Kelly Osbourne

Chapter One Graphic T Shirt

So we waited patiently and finally made a little order from Bluefly who ship to the UK. (A round of applause please) We couldn’t help ourselves, Katie and I decided to go all out and really show some London love into our posts today. To say we were super excited about trying the range and doing this post is an understatement. So we picked up our Stories… By Kelly Osbourne pieces and headed to the sight-seeing icon that is Tower Bridge. I have to say, the reason I was so excited about this line is because I know Kelly has had body confidence issues herself though out the years and I genuinely feel like she knows how it feels to feel crap about yourself because clothes that fit you are crap. (Just being honest). Yes, plus size fashion is making leaps and bounds but knowing that the person behind the range gets the really influence it has makes a huge difference, and it shows in the collection.

Pretty Big Butterflies - Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne Fashion Range - London UK

First up, is the Ivory and Black ‘Kelly’ Chapter One Graphic T Shirt. Firstly I have to say the fit is brilliant. If anything, it’s a little generous. It goes up to a 3X which is a UK 22/24. This is the size I got and I would have been happy to size down. Considering the issues I always raise with my large arms I’m so pleased this was a great fit. It’s also a contemporary design. Sometimes when you buy a T shirt, it sometimes feels really drab and slack. But this graphic T-Shirt has the structure that smaller sizes usually have. You know where it tucks in ever so slightly at the waist. The crew neck isn’t trying to suffocate me and the turned up sleeves stay turned up! It’s also light weight without being transparent and I feel like I’m wearing a woman’s top not a man’s sports top! (I know my plus size girls will be nodding their heads at these things!)

Pretty Big Butterflies - Hollie

I’m a massive fan of graphic tops. They are one of the simplest ways to make a statement.  Both Katie and I paired the top with a skater skirt, but it would go so well with some skinny jeans and a duster jacket, leggings and boots, paired with pencil skirts, patterns, basics, the list is endless with tops like this. A massive hooray to Kelly for creating some capsule versatile pieces in a range of sizes. Her tag line is that everybody deserves fashion and I couldn’t agree more. It would be great to see the next range expand into even more plus sizes but for now Kelly you seriously rock!

Pretty Big Butterflies & Toodaloo Katie

Plus Size Fashion By Kelly Osbourne - Bloggers

As a little hint… tomorrow post will be another versatile piece from the Stories… By Kelly Osbourne range.  One of the items which I have been coveting for a while and for so many reasons! See you then!

Tara - Blogger & Photographer: Twitter /  Blog 


Heat Protection for Bonfire Night

 I’m sure you’ve heard the bangs, whizzes and pops already, but this week brings us bonfire night! As suspected the temperature has dropped and if you want to keep your gorgeous locks safe and looking good this time of year, I thought I’d put together my ‘heat protection’ must haves for firework night.

Heat protection for firework night

Every firework night is a late one and to keep my hair looking straight and frizz free for as long as possible I use John Frieda’s Frizz Ease range. That’s heat protection right there!

 A simple embellished beanie hat will help to dress up any casual outfit. Whether your hair is up or down, you’ll be truly protected from the wind and rain.

 This flower stone headband is so pretty. It will dazzle the crowd before the fireworks even begin.

These really pretty floral hair bows will keep you looking cute and cool when the temperature starts to heat up.

 Oversized Fedora Hats are super stylish and I love them. It will keep your hair well and truly protected from all the elements and is one hot hat for this season. Use Frizz Ease as mentioned above to ensure your hair stays super stylish and sleek throughout the night.

 Finally this grey knitted owl hat is an attention grabbing piece but there’s something stylishly quirky about it.

So those are my top picks to help protect your hair when the bonfires are burning and fireworks are exploding during bonfire night.

A Sequin Delight

It’s party season! That means its dress shopping time. This year I’ve decided to really go for it. Whether its sparkles, bodycons or just all out in your face colour. I shall not be a wall flower this year. It was an obvious choice then when I saw this dazzling emerald green sequin dress from the new Claire Richards range at Fashion World. Its ticks the boxes that’s for sure. Bright (tick), Bodycon (tick), Sparkly (tick) and basically something which will definitely get my back off the wall.

Plus Size Sequin Dress

I have to say, it’s great that Claire and Fashion World have created such an eye catching piece in plus size. It’s available in sizes 12 -32 and I’m pretty sure 5 years ago it would have been almost impossible to find a piece like this. So a massive thumbs up for that alone!
Moving on to the dress, it really is stunning. I did size up because it’s body con and I wanted to be able to strut my stuff on the dance floor. It did mean it was a bit generous over the bust area but obviously if you’re gifted with large boobs then this won’t restrict you at all. I love the v neck and back which shows off the chest area. It’s perfect to wear with a statement necklace but I thought the dress was a statement within itself. The dress has a bit of stretch to it so I don’t feel like I’m in a straight jacket.

Claire Richards for Fashion World

Claire Richards Sequin Dress

It definitely has the mermaid appeal with the emerald green sequins. You might find one or two pop off when you put the dress on or take it off but I couldn’t tell you where they come from because it never looks like a single one is missing. It’s the perfect length too, I’m 5”5 and it’s just under the knee and the 3/4 length sleeves are right in my comfort zone. The dress ticks all the boxes.
Obviously it is a body on and while it doesn’t exactly hide my belly (lets be honest here) it’s one of the dresses that still makes me feel amazing when I’m wearing it. It did take me outside of my comfort zone but if I feel amazing then that’s all that matters.
This plus size sequin number is the perfect party dress. With Halloween just passing and everything coming up from Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year (and even Valentine’s Day is only a few months away!) I can see this dress getting quite a bit of action!

Claire Richards For Fashion World Sequin Dress

Cut For Evans – The Sequel

Last week was the launch event for the second Cut For Evans collection. Hosted at the Evans Flagship Marble Arch store in London it was packed full of fashion editors, fabulous plus size bloggers and fashionistas alike. The champagne was flowing, glitter lips were sparkling and of course the Cut For Evans range was on full display.

I had the pleasure of meeting the two lovely designers of the new collection, Ellie Northway from Nottingham Trent and Eve Turley from Kingston University. The two gorgeous ladies were lovely to talk to but I HAD to ask them why they turned their hand to plus size designs when, them themselves wouldn’t fit into the range.  But their responses were awesome. They explained how creating curves within designs and really looking at pushing colours and patterns against what’t already out there with plus size fashion felt empowering, and they want to empower all women, regardless of size. Can I get a hell yeah!?

Cut For Evans Designers Eve Turley, Ellie Northway and Pretty Big Butterflies

I love that this collection embraces colour and pattern but really has pieces that can be worn every day. The designs from Eve and Ellie entwine with each other to pretty much create a capsule wardrobe of blues, reds and purples. One of my favourite pieces has to be the Purple Digital print bomber jacket. It’s such a versatile piece and the print is mesmerizing. It’s one of those pieces that can be dressed up or down and it will never leave my wardrobe.

Cut For Evans Jacket

I wore an Evans bright orange crepe swing dress to the evening. It was super comfortable and it’s amazing how orange is actually a really versatile colour. It’s just about giving it a go. It’s available in store on on the Evans website and it’s one of Look Magazines favourite pieces this season.

Evans Bright Orange Swing Dress

It was a party filled evening, really celebrating the new range and plus size fashion in general. Evans are making waves not just in the Cut For Evans range but across the board. It’s an exciting time for plus size fashion and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!

What do you think of the new Cut For Evans range?

It’s Getting Steamy With Birds Eye – AND You Can Win A Microwave!

Is it me or is life super busy right now? I sat on my sofa today and realised that was the first time I’d sat on it for around 4 days! Yes, having a full time job, running a house and writing a blog is rewarding but very time consuming.  So if I can cut a corner somewhere to help me save time, I’m there!

These Birds Eye steam fresh bags have become my best friends recently. They are basically bags of fresh vegetables that are popped in a microwave for a couple of minutes. I use them for dinner when I get home late and I sometimes take them to work. It’s so easy but they still come out fresh and crunchy. Well Birds Eye have added 2 new tasty products to their steam fresh range and they are celebrating!

Birdseye Pintrest

Birdseye Pinterest

Over on Birds Eye’s Facebook page, you can Create Your Steamfresh recipe. All you have to do is choose 6 ingredients and  pop them on to the virtual chopping board. If you create the perfect medley you could win some amazing prizes including weekend breaks, microwaves and more.

Birds Eye - Pinterest

Birds Eye – Pinterest

As an extra special treat Bird Eye are offering one of my lovely readers the chance to win a fabulous Samsung Microwave so you can get your Steamfresh well and truly on! The microwave is compact with an ceramic enamel interior that is easy to clean.

Samsung Microwave

All you need to do is head over to Birdseye facebook page (opens in a new window) and have a go at creating your own Steamfresh. Then enter my rafflecopter below. Good luck and don’t forget to read the T&C’s.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Glorious Calves & #24hrShoes

Calves, glorious calves. How I love your firm, solid structure, the way you stand proud and the fact you’re so independent you hate being restricted to boots. But, ALAS, I’ve found some boots that WILL tame you.  (Insert evil laugh here).  Well after hearing about the Evans #24hrshoes campaign, I thought I’d see if they lived up to their claims. Well, let’s get straight to the point, these long slouch boots from Evans are brilliant for so many reasons. I have super wide calves and really struggle to find knee high boots. I’ve got 2 pairs that have seen me through the last 2 years and I really needed some more, there’s only so much mud that one pair of boots can take. These wide fitting boots are black leather with a size zip and have a stretchy back panel which isn’t hugely obvious. I was apprehensive BUT they zipped up NO PROBLEM! They were in fact so stretchy (because of the panel at the back) that I could actually tuck my jeggings in. Hooray!

Evans 24hrshoes Outfit Of The Day With Pretty Big Butterflies

Evans #24hrshoes

Talking about this jeggings, they are some of the best I have had actually! They are specifically made for pear shapes. I’m supposed to be an hour glass shape but I have large thighs and hips. These jeggings have a seriously roomy waist band and while they aren’t super skinny on the leg, it makes them really comfy.

Evans Plus Size Jeggings

I was surprised at just how comfy the boots were. They literally were made for walking and I could walk in them for days if I needed too. You know when it’s an effort to take shoes off because they are THAT comfortable, well yes, these tick that box. What I like about the simple design of slouch boots is that they can be worn with anything for almost any occasion. This outfit for me can be for anything from a shopping trip with the girls to a dinner date with the boyfriend. The boots look pretty sharp and are a MUST HAVE for anyone. If you have large calves like me, then these boots are 100% for you. They are a real investment.

Evans #24hrshoes Wide Fitting Knee Length Boots

Plus Size Outfit Of The day - Evans clothing - Pretty Big Butterflies - ReviewThis outfit is one that I wore ALL day. I thought as I’m putting their shoes to the test I might as well put the Evans clothing to test as well! The burgundy crepe jacket is gorgeous and a perfect colour for autumn. I wish I had sized up as it’s a little snug but I love it. The ivory swing vest feels lovely against the skin. If you have a larger bust I would say to size up, if not then it will fit like a dream. Then there is the GORGEOUS oval stone statement necklace. The colours are so versatile and go with all the autumnal tones that are gracing wardrobes at the moment. As soon as I saw this I had to have it.

Plus Size Blogger - Pretty Big Butterflies - Evans Statement Necklace

Wearing this outfit for almost 14 hours I have to say all the items past the test, but the boots were incredible. Really soft soles and lots of space for my toes meant I didn’t feel restricted at all. They didn’t rub because of the soft leather and like I said, these will be my staple boots for the winter.

Roll on the rain, snow and sludge. I’m ready for you with my comfy but trendy #24hrshoes. Well done Evans, you win!