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  • Ninja Foodi Recipe – Teriyaki Chicken & Coconut Rice

    Ninja Foodi Recipe – Teriyaki Chicken & Coconut Rice
  • Snacks For Little Ones – Organix Jammie Monsters & Pea Puffs

    Snacks For Little Ones – Organix Jammie Monsters & Pea Puffs
  • Review: Youngs Seafood Simply Bake Cod Fillet

    Review: Youngs Seafood Simply Bake Cod Fillet
  • Food For Fussy Kids – Young’s Cod With Vegetable Chips

    Food For Fussy Kids – Young’s Cod With Vegetable Chips

2019 – The Year I Keep it Together – including the toys!

2018 has been a crazy year for us as a family. So much has happened that I can hardly believe it. I’m sure I could write a book on the trials and tribulations of 2018… if I had the time! It’s been super busy and I can’t see 2019 slowing down if I’m honest. It’s not a bad thing though, don’t get me wrong. We moved house, and cities, in March. Then we had baby number 2, my little baby boy Marlo in July. And me and my fiancé both started working for ourselves. Pretty epic, huh? One of the…

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Treat Yourself to Confidence This Christmas

You might have read my blog post a couple of weeks ago about finding the gift that keeps giving. I talked about buying things for other people that were a little outside the box and could spark something in them that could lead to them being the next Bill Gates or JK Rowling. But there’s one thing I missed out. What about that perfect gift for yourself? Yes, YOU! You’re allowed to treat yourself this festive season too you know. The Very #LoveGiving campaign that I’ve been working on is all about what I’ve said above. Gifts that give a…

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Fireman Cam To The Rescue

We’re about to reach Cameos 2nd birthday and although he has definitely reached the terrible two’s early, it’s also been a really funny couple of weeks. His imagination has just started to blossom. He is pouring himself imaginary tea from teapots and driving cars along the sofa. It’s so amazing to watch. His absolute favourite thing right now is anything fire engine related. Cameo is absolutely obsessed with all things fire engines and Fireman Sam. He’ll walk around saying ‘Call Fireman Sam’ or ‘Cool and Calm’ (some of Fireman Sam’s well-known sayings if you didn’t know!). So when Hape told…

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Why the midi dress is winning this winter

It’s all over catwalks, high streets and your wardrobe. The midi dress — long seen as a garment best left to old fashion aunts and nuns — is now the hottest style this winter. I am actually in love with the midi dress, and I’ve suddenly acquired a load of them! Here’s why it’s winning, and why you should embrace them too. Every colour, every pattern The best thing about midi dresses at the moment is that they’re available in almost every colour and pattern imaginable. This mustard floral midi is from Evans and is just absolutely gorgeous. I’d size up…

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Nuby Natural Touch Feeding Bottles – 100% Recommended

I’m a strong believer that in the big scheme of things, it doesn’t matter whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby. As long as they are being fed and both parent and child are happy, that’s the main thing. Both of my boys have been bottle fed. The first time wasn’t out of choice but the second one was. I’m really happy with my decisions and I salute every woman out there who breastfeeds too. When we realised that I couldn’t breastfeed Cameo, (we were both poorly when he was born), we had to quickly change our mindset on to…

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