Turn Your Dreams into Money Course Review

What is the Course?

I’ve followed Emma Drew for years. Her Aldi to Harrods blog always fascinated me, because I used to do loads of the things she writes about. Emma’s a money blogger based in Cambridgeshire and focuses on loads of ways to earn cash from your computer and smartphone. Surveys, paid review writing and all of those kinds of things were part of my life until I got way too busy to fit them in. I found that blogging fitted in a lot better with my lifestyle, made me even more money and most importantly I loved doing it!

After years of writing, Emma managed to quit her job from the success of her blog. She decided to apply her experience to give a comprehensive guide for everyone else to do it too. The Turn Your Dreams into Money course is designed to help people earn a full-time living from their blogs. Trust me when I say it takes a lot of effort to get to that stage. A lot! I have friends who managed to achieve it, and there was a stress, tears and chased invoices along the way. This course teaches you how to cut through all of the distractions and ensure that you’re on the path to success. I already considered myself on the cusp of being able to go full-time from my blog (and a few other things I have going on).

When Mr C told me the course had launched, I have to admit I was reluctant, just because I’d learned so much myself and I was basically there. Then I saw a couple of parts in the curriculum I’ve completely neglected, and decided I needed the help of an expert to show me how to make my vision a reality.


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How Long is the Course?

The course had a total of 21 modules (plus some bonus bits). Each covers a different aspect of blogging. It’s in a text-based format, with a printable workbook and a couple of screen share videos included. If you’re going to go through it properly (taking notes, creating a few things up as you go, etc) it will probably take an experienced blogger 3-5 days to get through all of the content. New bloggers will probably take longer, because a lot of the earlier things cover set-up, and that will take a few days. It’s easy to pick up and read a couple of modules on your phone when you have a spare hour.

The way it’s broken into small chunks makes it convenient to learn bit by bit. I think parents and people working full-time will really appreciate the format, because the structure means you can keep coming back to it if you can’t get through loads of it in one go. Trust me, as a new mum I know time is precious. The best thing about it is that you have it for life once you’re in. The content is always going to be applicable, so feel free to take your time with it.


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Is This for New or Experienced Bloggers?

This is absolutely for both. I don’t know a single blogger that wouldn’t benefit from the information in the course. My first concern when I read the curriculum was that there’s a lot of content for brand new bloggers, and if it was value for money for a slightly more experienced blogger. In reality, there are bits in the course that I completely overlooked when I started my blog. I’m glad that I had the chance to get a full explanation of them, so I knew why they would make such a difference. Plus, blogging changes when you go from a hobby to making money. That’s where this course helps.

There were some parts that I knew I had to sort out, but never got around to it. Other parts were complete revelations to me – especially around Pinterest – and I now know how to get them started. I think the main thing for people that already have a blog (and may be making money from it) is that it validates what they’re already doing, offers new perspectives on how to do them better and shows how if they keep going, it can lead to some serious cash. For new bloggers, you’re in for a serious treat.

I promise you will be blown away by the level of detail found in the course and how it will take you from a novice to a money-making machine. I have to stress that you shouldn’t start a personal blogging purely with the intention of earning a steady income from it, because you may get annoyed at how long it takes. Passion comes first, and then you can concentration on the monetisation.


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What Blogger Niches this Suitable For?

Honestly, it applies to anyone. Emma’s a money blogger and talks about both saving and making money. What she taught can be applied to my plus size fashion, lifestyle and parent blog. The course leaves it quite open for anyone to apply what they know to their own style and audience.

For example, my favourite affiliates probably wouldn’t be suitable to Emma’s core readers. Whether you’re a fitness blogger, dad blogger, baking blogger, travel blogger or anything else, you will definitely find value in this course. It will help you on your way to figure out how best to maximise your earnings. I thought about it a couple of years ago, but taking the course has made me feel even more inclined to start another blog. It may even inspire you to do the same.

The same goes for YouTubers without blogs. They may be doing OK from video content, but would be able to do much more if they put together a blog and add this extra outlet to their repertoire.


What are the Drawbacks of the Course?

As much as I wanted it to be, it can’t all be perfect. But then again – it’s hard to pick out things that are missing. The thing with the course is that it’s so in-depth that you can’t really find gaps. There’s a helpful PDF for how to set up a blog, there’s a template for media packs, a video tutorial for using Google Analytics to find your best-performing posts. There’s just so much.

The only area where it’s a bit short is the affiliate marketing section. Considering this and advertising is the most effective way to make a passive income from your blog, it would have been nice to see more visual things to do with it (especially for people new to it) but Emma still gives a thorough explanation of what they are, and a few of her favourite affiliate platforms.

Beyond the course, there’s also the exclusive Facebook group filled with like-minded people, who are willing to chip in with their own ideas about to make more money from their blogs. If the course doesn’t answer all of your questions, someone in that group definitely will.


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Ready to Make Blogging Your Full-Time Gig?

There’s only so much you can learn about blogging on your own. After four years, I thought I knew a lot. This course fills in a lot of the gaps I either didn’t think about or completely neglected. For new bloggers, this teaches you:

  • How to set up your blog
  • How to narrow down your niche
  • What jargon to be aware of
  • How to find blog opportunities
  • The importance of having a game plan

For experienced, the main things you will learn are:

  • How to manage your time
  • How to keep focused
  • How to diversify your blog income
  • How to grow your audience
  • How to optimise your best posts
  • How to price your skills
  • How to sell more effectively

Everyone using the course will understand:

  • Every way to monetise a blog
  • The importance of having a tribe
  • How to boost your views with social media
  • How to get the most out of Pinterest
  • How to have a kick-ass blog!

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The course costs £197 – but until the 25th August you can use my Turn Your Dreams into Money Course discount code – PAYJUST147 to get a £50 discount, meaning the course is just £147.  One simple change I made from taking the course meant I earned back my investment in just two days.

It contains all of the information you will ever need to make a full-time income from a blog. It fast-tracks your progress to make serious cash from what probably started off as a hobby. If I had this when I started blogging, I would have done things so much different. This shows you how Emma managed to adapt hers from a hobby outlet she did on the side to something earning her six figures.

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PLUS… If you sign up through my link – Turn Your Dreams into Money Course – I will give you access to my own exclusive paid blogger opportunities via a private Facebook group. I will also get my Influencer Marketing Manager partner to audit your blog and give you tips on how to optimise it for brand collaborations. Drop me a message once you’ve purchased the course!

Have any questions about the course and if it’s for you? Just email me.


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