The Gifts That Keep Giving

I’ve been working with Very celebrating their curve and mini V by Very range over the last few months and this month it’s all about gifts! I’ve been so impressed with the range of Christmas gifts at Very that I decided to write a little gift guide. This post isn’t a part of my campaign contract – this is just me genuinely loving the products and wanting to share them with you. We all need a little gift inspiration at this time of year.

The Very Christmas message is all about #LoveGiving. Finding those gifts for people that helps them find their gift. It’s funny but I’d never really thought of that before. It’s always been about what would they use, what they need, or what they wouln’t buy for themselves. But this year I’m really thinking about the gifts we choose and the lasting impact they have on the individual. It doesn’t mean I’ve gifting people a university degree! (IF only), it just means we’ll put a little more emphasis on what the gift is actually about.

Here are the top gifts I’ve spotted and have been using from Very UK and how they could be the key to sparking something in the person you’re giving them too. I’m not labeling them for her or for him, or even for age ranges – because I always think that’s not important. Everyone can love everything.

Kate Spade Large Spiral Notebook

There’s something about stationary which always makes it a good gift. Not just because everyone needs somewhere to write that emergency shopping list but a new notebook is pretty magical. If you’re like me, or if the person you’re buying for is like me, opening a fresh notebook is amazing. It’s like a new chapter, a whole host of possibilities. If you have a budding writer in your life, this Notebook is pretty much the epitome of must-have stationary. It’s beautiful. Yes, I’m calling a notebook beautiful. Because it really is. Who knows where gifting something as stunning as this could lead? Next JK Rowling or Maya Angelou.

LeapFrog 2-in-1 LeapTop Touch Laptop 

I work from home a lot which means Cameo is obsessed with trying to type on my laptop. It’s funny to watch but not so funny when he deletes an important document! I love that he is intrigued by what I’m doing but at the same time,e I don’t want him perched in front of an iPad for hours on end. So this LeapFrog Laptop is the perfect solution.

It looks like a little laptop but has the ability to turn into a tablet too. It plays music, goes through the alphabet, numbers and sings songs. There’s a puppy on the screen that talks Cameo through everything and I’m quite surprised that he has already started picking a few things up. It’s really robust too so when Cameo decides it’s time for the tablet to hit the floor, it doesn’t fall apart!

I think this is a great Christmas present for anyone learning to read and write, or if you want to keep your little ones busy but actually learning. I feel like the future is all about technology so I’m happy for Cameo to jump right on board from when he is a toddler. He could be the next Bill Gates… who knows!

All That Glitters Slogan T Shirt

I love a good slogan t-shirt. No matter the time of year! This is a great Christmas jumper alternative because it can be worn all through the year. Imagine the sun hitting that sparkle! Exactly! I might be a bit sad but I find slogan t-shirts and jumpers really empowering. Like a little reminder. This one is a reminder to think about everything that makes you happy. I also think it’s a fab little pick me up for someone who maybe doesn’t enjoy Christmas as much as I do. This is a fab little gift and is all about making someone remember how fabulous they are.

Fisher Price Little People Helping Others Fire Truck

Cameo is obsessed with Fire Man Sam, so anything fire truck related he absolutely loves! This really cute and affordable fire truck makes sounds, has flashing lights and two little characters. Cameo has named one of them Tom, I have no idea where that came from! I love that the ethos behind this toy is helping other people. I think that’s what I’m trying to do with Cameos toys. Make it fun, and something that he loves but with a little-hidden message. This one is all about helping others and I really like that message. If it’s one tiny way of embedding something positive into Cameo then I’m totally here for that. Plus, if it means he wants to be the next real life Fire Man Sam, that’s not a bad thing either.

Fireman Sam Helmet review

Fireman Sam Helmet

While we’re talking about all things FireMan Sam, this helmet is pretty epic. It looks like a real firemans helmet and has a little button that says captions from the tv show and has songs that it plays. Honestly, Cameo loves it. He’ll sit there just pressing the button for about 20 minutes. The helmet is a little heavy so he won’t keep it on for long but it’s a gift that will last him ages. I can imagine in 6 months time he’ll be wearing it to the nursery! Just like I said before, it encourages him to want to be someone who helps others, I’m all for it.

There you have it, a few of our favourite gift ideas from Very that could spark something a little special in someone this Christmas! Stay tuned to my Instagram because as part of my campaign with Very I’m about to bring you one of my favourite Christmas outfits… EVER!