Snacks For Little Ones – Organix Jammie Monsters & Pea Puffs

When Cameo was weaning onto solid food I didn’t know where to start. I was so anxious and it was a complete minefield. But we did it, pretty successfully and now he is 2 and pretty happy eating almost anything he can get his hands on. One brand we really relied on for things like finger foods and snacks was Organix. They have a No Junk Promise when it comes to their food and that makes me feel like I’m being a better parent, making better food choices for them. But still keeping it easy for me!

Organix Jammie Monsters

Snacks For Little Ones - Organix Jammie Monsters

The healthier option biscuit for 2 year olds

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Cameo has a sweet tooth now, which makes snack time difficult. He isn’t one for chimping on carrots or cucumbers no matter how many times we give them to him. He loves fruit, cheese and biscuits. Sweet biscuits may I add! He has just turned two and loves a little snack of nursery or after his dinner. Other than fruit, flapjack bars and sugary biscuits it can be hard to know what to give him, to be honest. I’m not going to restrict foods because I don’t want him to associate things with being good or bad. I just want him to have the best options. That’s one reason why I’m a huge fan of the new Organix Jammie Monsters. Almost as much as Cameo!

Their jammy biscuits are a healthier alternative to mini jammy dodgers (20% less sugar). The inside is a 100% apple and strawberry fruit filling and contains no added salt and no artificial colours or flavours. One of the things I love is that they are individually packaged. So it’s easier to say just one or to take them out as an emergency snack. They also have their own cartoon monster tribe. There’s Bubbleberry,

Flapjackamelon, Kiwisquish, Gobblegrape, Appleops and Octopear. As well as a monster design on every biscuit, each little monster has its own collectable card – and there’s two in each pack. Cameo isn’t bothered about those yet, he just wants the yummy biscuit. Cameo adores these biscuits. He took to them instantly and they don’t crumble too much when he eats them. We’ve yet to find a missing one under the sofa (trust me… it happens!)

They’ll start appearing in supermarkets (Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose) and Ocado from March, plus Sainsbury’s from April, and will be in Boots by June. so easy to grab when you’re out and about too.


Organix Pea Puffs

Organix Pea Puffs review

Finger food snacks for 6 months old - pretty big butterflies

Next up, on the new list from Organix (it’s great that they keep bringing new products to the market too!) are these brilliant Pea Puffs! If you’re weaning your little one or about too, my advise is to try and offer them savoury stuff as often as possible as those are the hardest flavours to get them to enjoy. These Pea Puffs are brilliant finger food snacks for ages 6 months and up. Baked (Organix never fries any of its corn puffs), the puffs are made with just two ingredients – 80% organic pea and 20% organic corn. Talk about making it easy for parents huh?!

They’re melt in the mouth and easy to hold puffs that actually don’t get that messy. Marlo can pick them up easily and can out the end into his mouth easily. He tends to suck and bite down with his gums on the puff but he definitely enjoys them and you can see him actually eating them now. These are brilliant for on the go. They can keep little ones entertained as well as ward off a full-blown hangry moment. Perfect!

Find out more about the range at #FuelTheirWonder


*I was gifted these items to review. All opinions are my own and the boys!