Review: Youngs Seafood Simply Bake Cod Fillet

Let’s break my home life down a little. With a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old to look after, a house to run and a full-time self-employed person… it’s almost a wonder how I actually make it through each day. Sometimes when Cameo goes to bed and Marlo has an evening nap I literally sit on the sofa almost stunned. Before going to clean the milk bottles, tidy the toys away and then getting out the laptop to work. This isn’t a one-off thing. This is pretty much every day. So guess what I’m sometimes guilty of? Oven food. That’s what.

What do I mean by oven food? I mean chicken nuggets, fish fingers, potato waffles… whatever is left in the freezer will be shoved in the oven. Not because I love it! No. It because it’s quick, easy, fuss-free and sometimes all I have the brain power to do once the boys are in bed. (Or there’s the takeaway option of course!) But we decided this year we’d try and eat from home as much as possible. But there’s oven food and then there’s OVEN food. I’m talking about Youngs Seafood Simply Bake. Let me explain…


Review: Youngs Seafood Simply Bake Cod Fillet

Review: Youngs Seafood Simply Bake Cod Fillet - pretty big butterflies

Youngs Seafood Simply Bake is a new healthy, low calorie, quick and easy complete meal. I gave the Simply Bake Cod Fillet, Cherry Tomatoes, Red and Yellow Peppers, Grilled Courgettes and Sundried Tomato and Garlic Butter Wrapped in Baking Paper a go! It took 50 minutes in the over which was perfect. It meant I could shove it in while doing the bedtime routine and by the time that’s done… voile! Dinner is ready! It’s a real fuss-free dish. You literally pop the wrapped fish and veg on a baking tray, leave it and then unwrap it (carefully) 50 minutes later!

The cod itself was cooked to perfection and the vegetables were perfectly soft. It was cooked spot on. It also tasted delicious. The garlic butter wasn’t oily or too overbearing. It was subtle and seriously tasty. Especially on the vegetables. It tasted super fresh and when you compare it to having nuggets and potato waffles… well… there’s no comparison really. In terms of the portion, I’d definitely have it with new potatoes or microwave rice (yes… time-saving!) if I wanted something a little more substantial.

Quick, healthy and easy fish meals - pretty big butterflies

quick meals for parents - pretty big butterflies

These are the things we want to start incorporating into our dinner times. Simple, tasty and healthy food. No fuss, that’s the main thing. It means we can still do the million and one things that a parent has to do in a day and still have a yummy dinner to look forward too.

Youngs Seafood also has a Simply Bake Basa Fillet too which is next on our list. Oh and their Youngs Simply Steam range which you can just pop in the microwave for 8 minutes. We’ll basically be trying them all after how tasty the Simply Bake Cod fillet was!


*Youngs sent me vouchers to purchase products for this review. All views are my own.