Nuby Natural Touch Feeding Bottles – 100% Recommended

I’m a strong believer that in the big scheme of things, it doesn’t matter whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby. As long as they are being fed and both parent and child are happy, that’s the main thing. Both of my boys have been bottle fed. The first time wasn’t out of choice but the second one was. I’m really happy with my decisions and I salute every woman out there who breastfeeds too. When we realised that I couldn’t breastfeed Cameo, (we were both poorly when he was born), we had to quickly change our mindset on to bottle feeds. I didn’t even know where to start with bottles, there seemed to be so many. I can’t lie, our choice of bottles for Cameo seemed like a good idea but he really struggled. They were the most popular choice at the time and being a new mum I obviously went with it. In hindsight, we should have changed bottles.

Nuby Natural Touch Feeding Bottles

Well, I didn’t make the same mistake with baby number 2! Marlo is now four months old and feeding really, really well. We’re using the Nuby Natural Touch Baby Bottles which have been brilliant. They come in a set of 6. The easy latch teats are super soft and stretchy so that they mimic breastfeeding – perfect if you’re combination feeding. The big thing for me is that the bottles are a really great shape. They are just simple and let the milk out easily – so the last ounce or two doesn’t get stuck at the bottom of the bottle because you can’t lift it high enough. The shape will also be really easy for Marlo to hold as he gets older.

The best new born baby bottles - pretty big butterflies

In terms of cleaning, they clean up so well and don’t have any tricky areas where milk sticks. I would say that when the lids are on… they are ON! That’s not a bad thing because they don’t leak, but before you pop them in a bowl of soapy water to clean make sure the leads are off the teats because they’re impossible to remove otherwise. But like I said, not a bad thing at all.

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I like that these bottles have a little design on them that says I love you to the moon and back. We’re 4 months in and it hasn’t rubbed off yet which is great. This set also comes with a free soother and a little cuddly toy which is a lovely little bonus.

We upgraded to medium flow teats at 3 months which was nice and easy because we bought them from the Nuby website. But you can also get them from places like Amazon, Mothercare, Asda and Boots. So you can pick them up when you’re out and about too. Marlo adjusted really easily, no spluttering or anything.

Nuby bottles review - pretty big butterflies

I have to say I’m a big fan of Nuby and until I had a look through their website I didn’t realise that they did bottles. I thought they just did toys and weaning stuff. But no way! They do SO much. They’re now my first point of call for anything baby related. I trust them which is a massive thing when it comes to your baby. They haven’t let me down yet.