Moccis – The Cutest Baby Shoes In Town

Having a 19-month-old is pretty interesting most days. Every day Cameo learns something new and seems more like me. It’s become very apparent that just like me, he hates wearing socks or shoes (unless he is going for ‘big walk’) If you put socks on him, he sits and yanks them off. If you put shoes on he’ll pull them off at the first chance. Just like me! I’m a barefoot princess that’s for sure. I don’t doubt that Marlo will be the same. 6 weeks and counting, he is a right fidget with his toes. Let alone when he starts crawling and toddling! When babies start to crawl it’s hard for them to keep socks on anyway. Plus, I’ve always been worried about them wearing baby shoes too early. I want their feet to grow and be comfortable. It seems pointless restricting them so early!

Moccis - The Cutest Baby Shoes In Town

Something that helps defeat all the above is Moccis, the hand sewn Swedish moccasin. They’re like sock shoes and are really pretty amazing. They are skid proof with a leather sole, making it soft on little one’s feet. Plus, the sewed in double elastic at the sock ankle prevents the moccasin baby shoes from falling off. Woohoo! It means they stay on, keep comfortable and look cute. What more could you ask for?

hand sewn Swedish moccasins - Review - pretty big butterflies

Well as a mum, I want them to be machine washable. CHECK! Moccis are machine washable in 40 degrees and can be hang dried. This is music to my ears. Cameo would walk through cow dung and not give a hoot. Moccis are made with Ecotex certified yarns & natural leather sole. I was concerned about getting them on, but they’re really easy! Just think thick socks and that’s how they fit.

Moccis review - pretty big butterflies

To get the best fit, make sure you measure your little one’s toes. We got a pretty good measurement. Marlos’ fit perfectly. Cameos’ are a little bit but his feet are growing so fast right now it’s not an issue. I feel like Moccis are perfect for autumn and winter. Especially those cold mornings when the floors are freezing. Cameo won’t keep socks on but I feel like Moccis are a little more difficult for him to take off.

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I can’t lie. They are SO SO cute! The different designs are adorable. We opted for a matching set because it’s cute. No other reason! Moccis Founder, Anna Wetterlin has children herself so I feel like the design is really made with little ones in mind. Not just how cute they look, but comfortable, hard wearing and functional. Everything a parent looks for. Each collection is available for a limited time and they do adult versions too.

With winter on its way, these are great gifts for all the family. So get rid of your crummy slippers and slippery socks. Moccis are what your household needs to be wearing this winter.


*Items are gifts but opinions are my own or my sons!