Let’s get rid of those party wear hang-ups!

It’s almost party season. From office celebrations to family dinners – it’s the season for shimmer and sparkle! Sounds great right? Hmm I tell you’re not fully convinced. As a plus size women, I understand that this time of year can be a little bit more stressful than usual when it comes to finding the ideal outfit. It’s party season and there’s so much to think about. We don’t want to feel like we’re covered up, we want to have those sparkles too. But at the same time, we don’t want to look like a large embellished Christmas tree. Am I right?

I’ve helped Simply Be with their Perks rewards programme for a while now, and they recently asked you to submit your party wear hang-ups. Well, fear not my beauties! Simply Be customers asked questions to their favourite bloggers and influencers for inspiration and I’ve got a couple of ideas to help you get over your party wear problems.

I Feel like I’ve lost my sense of style, how do I get my sense of fashion back for the party season?

plus size party wear - pretty big butterflies

Sequin Jeans From Simply Be - pretty big butterflies

I can relate to this party wear hang up whole-heartedly. After I had my sons (who are both under 2 years old) I felt like I’d completely lost my sense of self. Not just my confidence, but also all my favourite clothes seemed to have lost their appeal. I just lost my sense of style. Almost overnight. It can be hard to get yourself feeling great about fashion again, but it’s 100% doable! If I did it so can you. Firstly, experiment! Honestly, you’re going to have to throw yourself out there and try some things.

Simply Be have a host of party options this year in sizes 12-32. So mix and match things, try different sizes and look for things that you wouldn’t usually even dream of. You don’t have to opt for a regular party dress – if you’ve already got 5 in the wardrobe that isn’t cutting it for you then look for alternatives. Usually a block colour person? Try print. Usually a floaty top kind of wearer, I dare you to try some fitted pieces. For example, this pink animal print top is pretty, bright and eye-catching. It’s bang on trend and it has the same ‘in your face’ effect as a top full of sparkle but is a little bit less flashy. It fits perfectly, just like a t-shirt and can be worn under an array of jackets or coats. It’s perfect if you’re trying to build your confidence again because it’s so easy to wear.

plus size pink animal print - pretty big butterflies

Another tip is to find something similar to your old favourites but with a twist. I’m in love with these plus size sequin jeans. They fit like a glove and from the back, look like a classic pair of skinny jeans. From the front, it’s a whole different ball game. A side of black sequins means I am party ready! This is what I call being comfortable but totally party practical. If you don’t have a browse of the new in section of Simply Be occasionally, you’d never know things like these jeans even exist. So take a bit of time out, look at the new in section often and experiment. That’s all it takes. Be brave, make your order, try it on at home and mix things up a bit. I promise, give it time and your sense of style will come back. This leopard print top and sparkly jeans are a winning combo in my world. They’re casual pieces but with some real sassiness to them. It’s that effortless kind of outfit that will make all those people pulling down their dresses and fiddling with their party dress straps green with envy.

I love the sparkly clothes that appear in time for Christmas and I see lots of lovely dresses, however, I really hate my legs so I never wear them. I often see maxi dresses, but they seem too formal for parties. What would you recommend for a pear-shaped person like me who doesn’t like their legs on show?

Another thing I’m passionate about is being confident in your outfit. I’m certain that SO much of that confidence comes from being comfortable. Not just in your own skin, but in the clothes that you’re wearing. Yes, party dresses are gorgeous and are the standard when it comes to the festive season. But, the dreaded thigh rub (or chub rub as I lovingly call it) is real. That’s my bugbear about dresses, but I know fellow babes have other issues when it comes to getting their legs out. Not everyone is a fan of having their legs on show but at the same time, they don’t want to cover up. I totally get it. I get the contradiction and it totally makes sense to me. So I’ve got a way to not only beat the thigh rub, but also, still feel dressed up and party-ready without having to wear tights or jeans. Jumpsuits! Yes! But not just any jumpsuit….


Cropped legged jumpsuits. They literally tick every box. This black and silver foil print jumpsuit from Simply Be should be seen at every party this year. From Christmas Eve to New Year’s day, this is the item of clothing that will see you through. It covers just enough of your legs so that they’re not fully on show, but it shows just enough so that you don’t feel like you’re hiding. It’s comfortable so you can dance until the clock strikes midnight and still walk home if you miss the last bus! Yes, it’s black but those sparkly silver details will glisten in the light and give your outfit just the right amount of party vibes. But can I let you into a secret? I don’t plan on just wearing this to the Xmas shenanigans. No way, it’s far too good for a one time wear. I’ll be popping a fine knit roll neck underneath and donning some white trainers to keep this a nursery run friendly outfit. Or if you really want to get your money’s worth, wear it with a large, oversized knit for a cool and casual look. This is the jumpsuit that will see you through more parties than you’ll remember.

Yes, you’re right, it is a strapless number. But come on, if there’s one thing Christmas lets you be, it’s over the top. So I’m pairing it with the softest faux fur jacket I’ve ever worn. It’s absolutely stunning. So warm and comfortable. This is a must for any outfit this party season. Keep warm and look great. Isn’t that the dream?

In the words of Simply Be. This season I challenge you to Be Free, Fierce and Fearless. You only live once. Wear what you love and wear it with pride. Have a fabulous party season!