Keeping Cosy With Very This Winter

There’s no denying it now, we’re officially into the autumn and winter season. Not just because of the million leaves scattered across the floor or that the clocks have gone back an hour (which has left Cameo in a right little mess with his sleep!) but it’s been Halloween and Bonfire Night!

This year has been a really special one for us. It’s the first time Cameo can appreciate what’s going on, even if it’s just a little bit. We’ve moved to Nottingham this year and it’s the first time I’ve ever participated in Trick or Treat. (I kid you not). While I lived in London, I didn’t have one single trick or treater; that’s right in over 30 years I’ve never had to dish out sweets on October the 31st. But fear not, I made up for it this year! We had decorations on the windows and a pumpkin on the porch. I was pretty impressed with my pumpkin carving skills, to be honest. Cameo tried to eat the pumpkin… as an almost 2-year-old would. Marlo just looked at me like “What the heck is this orange mess?

Cute kids halloween t shirts - pretty big

V by Very curve and kids review - pretty big butterflies

Both boys are a little bit too young to get fully dressed up and in the party spirit. I attempted to dress Cameo in a witch’s hat but he soon threw it on the floor and shouted “No!” Fair enough. Point taken. He was, however, happy with a wobbly headband that we nicknamed Spooky, so mama still won. I finally got things my way and dressed them in matching Halloween themed t-shirts from the V by Very kids range. I love that they’re great quality t-shirts and although they have a skeleton on and fit in with the season, they can both wear them throughout winter with lots of layers. Including underneath the check shirt they both have which I LOVE! It makes them look So smart I can’t even deal with the cuteness.

cool matching kids outfits - pretty big butterflies

The V by Very kids range is actually pretty affordable for an online retailer and I can really feel the quality of the pieces. Plus, from one mum to another… they wash up so well. Which means they’ll become hand me downs for sure. I also feel like I can keep the boys comfortable, warm but also fashionable. I’m not about making them look like they stepped off a catwalk, but it’s nice to make a change from the mix match stuff I let them chill out in at home. (We all do it. Admit it!) The one thing I’m loving them both in at the moment (because yes, I am still dressing them the same) is this camouflage tracksuit.

What to wear on bonfire night - pretty big butterflies

The tracksuit is quilted so it’s warm and super soft. Cameo can run around in it and climb in it; proof within itself. Marlo was fine when I popped it over his head because if the poppers on the shoulder. I can’t even lie, it’s so so so cute. (I secretly want an adult version!) I managed to match them on Bonfire Night and created my own ultimate squad goals! Ha! The Very Curve range has this super soft camo longline jumper that fitted in perfectly with the boys. It’s so comfortable and fits perfectly. This is one of those must-have pieces in your wardrobe that you’ll basically wear ALL the time.

The best plus size winter coat - Pretty Big Butterflies

Over the past month, I’ve really been thinking about our move from London to Nottingham. It might sound silly but the way the neighbourhood all got involved in Halloween and all the Bonfire Night fun. I think we made a really good decision, especially for the boys. (PS – if you’re looking for a plus size winter coat – this faux fur parker is THE one for you) Cameo called me a hedgehog when I had the hood up the other day. I take that as a compliment.

Have you enjoyed bonfire night and Halloween? What’s keeping you warm and cosy at the moment?