How to Choose the Right Clothes to Give You a Confidence Boost

Beauty is skin-deep — but often, confidence can be only clothes-deep. Finding the right clothes for you can boost your self-esteem. But it can do so much more! When you’re feeling confident, it’s like an internal glow. Almost like positivity seeps out of your skin. It might sound dramatic but I know it’s true. I used to wear dark baggy clothes. Anything to make me hide away. I used to buy as much cheap clothing as I could in the hope that something – anything- would make me look smaller.

Around 5 years ago – or something along those lines. I started my blog and realised that the real way of being happy wasn’t losing weight or trying to make me look smaller. It was about wearing what I love, what made me feel great. That meant I stopped buying just loads of cheap rubbish that I never wore and treated myself to a few staple bits occasionally that made all the basics in my wardrobe pop. This Curvissa jumper is a prime example. It’s a gorgeous dark mustard colour and it’s a crochet oversized knit. It’s perfect to layering, fits right into any autumn wardrobe and is a bit of brightness on any dull day. Add to that the fact it’ss stupidly comfortable and it’s an absolute winner in my eyes.

How To Choose The Right Clothes To Help Your Confidence


The right clothes can make you confident in your own skin

If you’re worried about a weirdly-shaped skirt, feeling like your blouse might gape open at any moment or are constantly distracted by bunions on your feet, chances are you’re not going to be 100% focused on whatever else you’re meant to be doing. Find clothes that fit you (I know this can be harder than it should be when you’re plus size. But more and more brands are adding bigger sizes to their collections. Plus, somewhere like Curvissa stock a range of brands who do larger sizes. When I say fit you, I mean that they’re comfortable — even when you’re moving around — and you’ll instantly feel much better about yourself and perform better.

The right clothes can make you confident in your own skin

Boost endorphins

For an easy way to increase your confidence, wear a colour that you love. Step outside our comfort one and try mustard, red, pink, green… whatever! Take a walk on the wild side. It’s amazing how colours can change your mood. Even prints can perk you up and a great for wardrobe staples too. This grey Curvissa leopard print shirt is the perfect example. So opt for a bright outfit and get those endorphins going.

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Express yourself

There’s a reason personal style is so important — it expresses to the world exactly who we are and what we stand for. If you wear clothes that are really ‘you’, it can help you feel accepted in your identity and therefore more confident about expressing yourself in other areas, such as making new friends or asking for a pay rise. If you try and wear clothes that you feel uncomfortable in that will bleed over into feeling uncomfortable in general and lead to a decrease in confidence. It’s OK to be whoever you want to be.

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Look and feel in control

No matter how chaotic your life is, if you take 2 minutes to plan your outfit the evening before you need it, you’ll feel so much better about your choices. Plus, you’ll know you’ve got something great to wear, putting the stress of trying 10 outfits on in the morning well and truly to one side. You’ll feel put-together and in control. When you look in the mirror and feel awesome, you’re much more likely to have a great day.

How to boost your confidence

These things all take time. I didn’t just wake up one day, put on a bright pink dress and feel confident. If only it was that simple! But take small steps. Start with some bright earrings or pair of shoes. Play around with what you already have in your wardrobe and mix things together that you think would never work.

Finally, treat yourself to something lovely this autumn. You deserve it!