How to Choose the Perfect Fragrance for Work

If you work around other people, your choice of fragrance is just as important as the clothes you wear to work. In fact, sometimes it’s even more important! If you are looking for the perfect fragrance for work, consider the following advice.

Find Your Signature Fragrance

Before going any further, the one thing you should do is find what is often referred to as your ‘signature fragrance.’ This is something that embodies who you are as a person but also something that wears well on you. Have you ever noticed that some people can wear a certain fragrance well while that very same perfume smells hideous on you? Did you know that your body chemistry affects how fragrances react on your body? Just like some lipsticks get ultra-red on you but remain cocoa on others, the same thing happens with fragrances, so choose yours wisely based on your body chemistry!

Wear Something Light

How many times have you been seated at a restaurant when a guest at a nearby table has applied cologne so strong it gags you? This is a common occurrence, and if you don’t want to be spoken to by your superiors and shunned by your coworkers, always keep your fragrance light. This isn’t always referring to the actual scent but often it’s all about how much you apply. A single dab behind each ear is probably sufficient as well as a light dab on the inside of each wrist. There is no need to spray your entire body. Not only is that a waste of a fine perfume, but it becomes obnoxious as well.

Dealing with Allergies and Sensitivities

Can you remember the last time you visited your doctor or walked through a hospital? There are signs everywhere about refraining from wearing scents because so many people are sensitive to them or have allergies. Actually, you can get away with wearing fragrance if you choose wisely and apply it sparingly. The one thing to remember is that cheap perfumes have so many chemical additives that these are what most people react to! Try a high-quality designer perfume and use it sparingly. Yes, they do cost more but you can find really trendy, top shelf perfumes at a fragrance outlet online. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t wear a fine perfume, it’s better to wear nothing at all.

Ask a Friend for Their Opinion

As one final step to ensure you are choosing the best fragrance and wearing just the right amount, consult with a trusted friend or family member. Ask them to be honest with you when seeking their opinion. However, be ready to hear something you might not want to hear! Just because you think you smell fabulous, doesn’t mean others will have the same reaction, so get them to tell you what they are smelling. Are you wearing too much and does that particular scent smell good on you? Just remember that not everyone has the same taste in fragrances, so that should be considered when seeking their advice. By choosing a good product and applying a very small amount, you can probably get away with wearing just about anything at work. Just remember the old cliché – too much of a good thing is too much no matter how you look at it.