Hollie’s Pregnancy Diaries with Bump it Up

If you follow me on social media you may have seen that a couple of weeks ago I announced a really amazing collaboration with Bump it Up Maternity. Bump it Up are a plus size maternity brand that can be found through the fabulous plus size brand Yours Clothing. They cater for pregnant women between sizes 16 & 32. Seriously, they really are breaking the mould. Try and find this in another major brands collections I dare you. (See you in 20 years… maybe!) I just wanted to explain a little more in depth why I’ve decided to do a pregnancy diary with them.  No one has made any negative comments, so no need to worry about that. But I just wanted to give the project a little more depth and clarification. There are only so many Instagram posts you can do without getting blocked!

Bump it Up Maternity review - pretty big butterflies


I understand that all pregnancies are stressful. But having a plus size pregnancy, IN MY OPINION, is more stressful than your average pregnancy. Mainly because of the box ticking exercise that happens when you head to the midwife or antenatal clinic. It’s stressful because the type of care you receive based on your size is hit and miss. It’s stressful because you’re made to feel like a bad mum before you’ve even had the chance to become one. You usually get consultant led care, which feels, quite harsh and serious. Plus, try finding someone who understand what you’re going through without being like WTF? I wanted to give some support to other plus size women going through the same stresses and strains I went through. I want to let you know you’re not alone and that while every pregnancy is different, you’re doing a great job.

Plus Size Maternity Wear - Pretty Big Butterflies


Seriously. Other that one Facebook group that I found, there really is nothing but horror stories on the Internet about being plus size and pregnant. Maybe it just feels that way because there is so much focus on what can go wrong if you’re plus size and pregnant (and it’s often not mentioned that all women can have difficulties in pregnancy and labour). I wanted to share my story that actually, I really enjoyed being pregnant and now have a lovely 1-year-old son.

I want other plus size women to know that it is possible to conceive, regardless of your size and that it is possible to have a healthy pregnancy. It is possible to have really lovely, fun and bright moments while your baking the bun in your oven and while it might seem you have A LOT to deal with (injections, taking medication that seems pointless, hundreds of appointments, constant food talk) that being pregnant can be FUN regardless of those extra stresses.

Hollies Plus Size Pregnancy diaries


I also want women to know that even if pregnancy doesn’t agree with you, if you get every ailment going during those 9 months. From gestational diabetes to high blood pressure, I want you to know that it doesn’t make you a bad mum or a bad person. I want you to look after yourself mentally. As well as physically. I want you to have somewhere you can go to talk about things without being judged. You can message me ANYTIME. I might take a while to get back to you because bed times with Baby C are a struggle right now. But I promise I will get back to you.

Bump it Up Maternity


Bump it Up is one of the very few places where you can get plus size maternity clothing. So I want to support it! If we don’t support it and just complain about the lack of stuff out there, how will brands like this last and expand? Exactly! The Bump it Up and Yours Clothing teams have been so supportive of my pregnancies. They’ve included me in campaigns knowing I’m a new mum. They’ve been really proactive in trying to be diverse in their campaigns. I salute them for this. Plus, we all deserve to look and feel good when we’re pregnant. Even if at times you feel like a sack of potatoes walking on pigeon legs. I know you can relate!

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